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AZ Waterfall Hikes Map

It’s a very popular hike here and suitable for many levels of hikers. The falls are beautiful! Several water crossings which is always fun! Make a day out of it.

Excellent way to spend the day. Hike takes you through a canyon along a creek. Great views. Hiking time 3 hours - 14km from parking lot and back. Some areas are not marked well so keep your eye in the trail.

Make sure you take a right when you get to the fork on the trail. Left for spring (top of waterfall) right for dam (bottom). Took about 7 hours pacing myself and spending time at the waterfall. Hiked in mid April and water was great!

This was much more my speed as a beginner vs the longer hike to the upper falls via Flume trail and in my opinion just as pretty. The only negative comment I have is the amount of people trying to drive Hondas or Prius. It's about a 30-45min drive down a rough dirt road. They didn't let the Jeeps like us and 4x4s pass and we saw a few get stuck. Common courtesy let people with more suitable
off-road vehicles pass.

Use these directions to the falls and save yourself confusion. Driving down E. Wolf Creek Rd, (eventually gravel) watch for trail mrkr384- marked on both sides of the road. The trail to the falls begins at a single swing gate on your left. Follow it downhill. When the trail opens up, do not continue to follow 384 signs. The falls are to your right when you hit this opening- you’ll see the top of the rocks and eventually be at the top of the falls if you continue right. We went mid-April and it was just a small drizzle of water over the rocks but still fairly scenic.

Havasu, Mooney And Beaver are all beautiful!
Definitely worth the hike.

Check out my videos of the hike and the camp ground.

Youtube account: Melissa DC Gomez

Went this last weekend with my husband and friend- was absolutely stunning! Easy hike and well worth it! So many swimming holes! We were in a Kia and the ride down was a little nerve racking but slow and steady and you’ll be ok!

Hike is great and family friendly! We love coming here. But brought family from out of state to hike today and it was closed. Make sure you check to see if the trails are open again before you go because it is totally worth it.

Hike this everytime we come to Tucson. Love it! Oh... and jump in the water at 7falls!

Was absolutely worth the wait and yes although a tough hike, with plenty of water, proper shoes, snacks & laughter from friends, recommend this hike. Get permit and enjoy.

Some of the path is hardly marked so it's easy to get lost. However it was beautiful I highly recommend!

Do you need a pass or reservation to hike this trail?

Nice hike in, long, and fairly intense but manageable on the way out. Only real
Shit part is that first mile back up, it’s the steepest. Swimming hole totally worth everything! I encourage anyone who is a good swimmer to go into the toilet bowl. So fun. Bring good swimming goggles. Fill your water bladder up at the beginning of the springs, where it’s filtered. It’s clean water, straight from the earth. Enjoy

No water in the falls in early April but the Sagauro’s everywhere were insane!! A totally alien experience for someone who’s never been to the Arizona desert!

9 days ago

A great medium difficulty trail! It was a cool, breezy day—just perfect. If you’re there in the summer, try to get there early in the morning. Although there are many benches to rest on, there is very little shade.

So how bad are the roads exactly? I have a mini van, would I be able to make it?

Amazing! Definitely not easy on the way back up but it’s tolerable! It was my first longer hike in many years, and i felt extremely accomplished when I made it back to the top.I can’t wait to go again! One thing... bring A LOT of water! I brought 5L and had my last sip as I got to the car.

Great hike!

13 days ago

Reall really great trail, however the turnoff for the falls is quite easy to miss. This trail shares a trailhead with the longer, Reavis Ranch trail. The left split-off trail is around 2-3 miles from the trailhead, after the meadowy hills. Even if you do miss it, there is some awesome country out there, but the falls are worth the trip.

love the new experience

17 days ago


Where do you get the permit?

absolutely breath taking!!

So great!! About a 13 mile drive on a dirt road with tons of rocks but kind of manageable with a compact car. The waterfalls were super pretty super easy hike and lots of fun.

Family fun hike! Recommend going down, through, and up the other side (not just down and back up).

The beautiful views! The rock formations are amazing. I enjoyed this hike very much.

The hike back up is difficult.. the view at the bottom is worth It!

Please research how these people treat their animals before paying the astronomical permit fees to visit. The waterfalls are nice, but not worth the suffering that the animals endure bc of the tourists. And please, for the love of god, carry your own things and DO NOT HIRE HORSES.

Living in Carefree I have logged 5000 miles on my dirt bike on every motor vehicle trail up here and hiked quite a bit. This hike is better from the parking lot under the power lines just before Sears Kay Ruins. You can hike many of the horse trails on the hills or the blue wash trail. I prefer the up and down single track trails better than the sandy washes. If you do come from Camp Creek Wash on Bartlett Dam road you need to stay right once you get towards the end. Another poster made the easy to follow left that took them to the green water coming out of the ground area which is West of Camp Creek. You know your going the wrong way when you see the green rusty poles and foundations used to keep jeeps out of the trail. Plus its very sandy, the camp creek wash has more rocks. The waterfall flows pretty much year round and you can climb past it and hike along the creek if you want. But at some point you need to turn back or you will hit Sears Kay Ranch which is private property.

One of the few hikes close to phoenix that has running creek and water.

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