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1 mile hike to trail from the north entrance. Then, elevations and smooth hiking trail, not very rocky.

It was worth it, great workout

Great hike with a 5 y/o and 12 y/o...good views and wash crossings and really nice large saguaros to see. Easy hike but keep an eye out for horse poop on parts of the trail...

This is a review of this trail only (and not Deem Hills Ridgeline). This trail is good if you're trying to add length, but it puts you off of the actual mountain for at least a mile and a half, which makes it a real dull walk for that span. I recommend the circumference to ridgeline. Great trail!

Awesome Trail. Really enjoyed

29 days ago

We really enjoyed this trail. The huge amount of large saguaros was breathtaking. No road noise. Trails very well marked. We went on a cool day (64 degree high) and there was a breeze, so that made this almost easy. We also loved the amount of benches to stop and take it all in, take a water break, have a snack. The only reason this isn't rated as a 5 is the large amount of loose rocks on both the ups and the downs. Wear good hiking boots, and bring your sticks!

1 month ago

Quiet hike on a Thursday afternoon in November. I honestly feel as though I am the only person on the planet right now...ahhhhhh...

1 month ago

Especially beautiful when water is present in Cave Creek. A great variety of shady and sunny trails and scenery.

1 month ago

This is an easy trail. It's a walk, not a hike, and it's definitely not moderate. There are some side trails where you can extend the length of the walk, which we decided to do. Pleasant enough. We did not see a lot of mountain bikers, but there were some who were extremely nice. It was a Sunday, so we did expect crowds, the further out we got, the fewer people.

trail running
1 month ago

We run this trail often. It has the right amount of hills, flat and down hill sections to get a nice run in. It has bathrooms and drinking fountains at the main parking lot. At mile 3 there is a Ramamda and it has a drinking fountain too. Nice trail.

Nice easy 4 mile sunrise hike with pretty views of surrounding mountains! Enjoyed 11 Hot Air Balloons in the area too. Bathrooms on site, no fees :)

on Spur Cross Trail

1 month ago

Went after the storm, the creek was running and the hiking was a completely different experience. Highly recommend before the creek dries up

It was the first cool weekend of autumn and the hikers were out in force. It was difficult to find a parking space in the west parking lot. I decided to start going north and instead of taking the Circumference Trail the entire way, I branched off to the Basalt trail to Palisades and back to Circumference Trail for a total of 5.7 miles. Steady incline and very rocky in places, so a good workout. Scenic views were average and I felt that the Basalt trail had the best views.

Great trail to hike with some nice views.

I think this is not an easy trail but moderate. maybe its easy if you are an avid hiker. the trail was very rocky and mostly steep; I did the loop clockwise. my device measured 5.3miles and took me 2 hours to complete the loop. 5 min before I arrived I asked myself why I drove 40mins for a trail thats has no shade, but then I started to see so many air balloons on the sky. They were lots bigger seeing by eyes. they were there early in the morning till around 7am. I also saw a big rattle snake was rattling and camouflage on the ground but he was climbing up on the mountain not on the trail. Overall this trail does not worth the drive but worth for one time experience.

Decided to hike this trail for the first time on Labor Day. Unfortunately, got a late start and it was HOT. There is no shade to speak off - only the partial shade of a few Palo Verde trees along the way. I would recommend this trail if you want something close to the Phoenix metro area where you would get a decent workout. However, the views are nothing special and not much variety in plant life...mostly cholla, saguaro, and Palo Verde trees, with an occasional cactus barrel and ocatillo.

3 months ago

My mom (58) and I (39) do this hike on a regular basis because it is a great mixture of challenge and amazing views. Be sure to have some cash ready when getting to the park as there is a entrance fee. Pick up the park map and decide which of the trails you are up for. Right now there is no water in the creek but we have seen it flow a couple of times in the beginning of the year. Make sure to have enough water as there are no stations anywhere on the trail but they do have multiple benches where you can sit down and rest if needed. The trail is not heavily trafficked and you can hear and see wildlife all around you. Watch for rattlesnakes! I highly recommend good hiking shoes as the terrain is very rocky and slippery at times. This is a great hike for anyone that is in good physical shape.

Nice parking lot and bathrooms! Also have dog bags ready if you forgot. We brought our golden retriever on a fairly hot day. Didn’t hike too much due to the heat but it was a very easy trail to follow!

4 months ago

This trail had a lot of variance - desert, open vistas, creek crossing, and woodland. Because of that it's one of my fav's. It's special to walk along that creek - just lovely.

4 months ago

An absolutely lovely little hike among the cottonwoods, along Cave Creek. Lots of wildflowers, grass, trees, and, bonus - SHADE! ...a rarity on Phoenix trails. This little hike was very dreamy because of the vegetation and the trickle of the water. But be warned, snakes need to drink too - I saw a diamondback twisting and bending around the roots of a cottonwood, slowwwwwly lowering its head down into the water. Very elegant to watch, but for those of you who don't like snakes, beware.

Set out this morning to do the desert tortoise loop, accidentally took the turn up the hill. Not even mad! This trail is gorgeous, with beautiful vista views. Even with the clouds I got a great view of the sunrise over the mountains. Saw 3 other people the entire time, and it was on our way down the loop. Watch out for cholla cactus on the trail, there are definitely *a lot* of them, and if you're hiking with your dog like I was, you're not going to want any of them in their pads. Easy enough to avoid though.

First time there yesterday. Great hike for rehabilitating my knee. Good workout and great views. It’s going to be a regular for me.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Nice little loop for single speed.

5 months ago

This is a great trail for kids with the pond and plenty of wildlife. It is one of my all-time favorites!

One of my favorite scenic trails. It’s about 2 hours and a good steady hike and it’s quiet.

This is a great trail for beginners.

This is a top 5 hike for me right now. Great views, good mix of incline and flat. Not too crowded, well maintained site with bathrooms at the trailhead. Good hike for 1.5 - 2 hours.

A great and well marked trail that took us about 2.5 hours to complete with a few breaks to hydrate. We started at the park trail head (West) at 6 am. A lot of beautiful desert scenery on this moderate-easy trail including a view of I-17 and the CAP canal.

horseback riding
7 months ago

Great trail for horses!

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