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I wouldn’t recommend it for people not in good shape and comfortable climbing. And please leave you 1 year old and your dog at home. Not appropriate for canines and babies.

Breathtaking. Fun for the entire family.

A bit steep for us- but even 3/4 if the way up is quite a view. I’d choose Templeton over this just because the scramble is too treacherous for me!

on West Fork Trail

1 day ago

Great hike with awesome scenery, plenty of river wading for the pup, and a secluded lunch spot if you wade around bend after the trail ends.

Spectacular hike with a variety of steep and very steep parts. This hike is a good workout and requires either loads of photo breaks or a strong heart.

My favorite hike in Sedona!! Well marked trail. Breathtaking views when you arrive at the top. Can be challenging for some in a few spots.

Very nice trail. The trailhead opens at 8am and I’d suggest getting there early or you’ll need to wait for people to leave. Be prepared for a bit of accidental splashing and possible damp feet. It was worth a couple of damp toes.

on Cathedral Rock Trail

4 days ago


Loved! Very scenic, a little crowded in am. Parking is pretty good if you get there early.

6 days ago

Extremely hard but worth it for the views. When you feel like quitting just keep going and you’ll be so happy when you see the end of trail sign!

The only reason I would rate this as moderate would be because it’s long and the hike up to cathedral. The loop is all flat with lots of mountain bikers but super pretty. Bring water not too much shade!

Nice views!

Did not go all the way but it was extremely beautiful. Lots of climbing midway thru first part.

Unbelievable at sunset- we were up there with only three others and were treat to an incredible experience. Windy at the top!

This is one of my top 10 trails! Absolutely beautiful! Canyon walks change with every turn. Went beyond the end point for extra scenery. It was amazing.

Great short hike with moderate to difficult vertical climb mid way up to the summit. Spectacular views. One of my favorite hikes.

12 days ago

Great trail.. well marked and beautiful at every turn. Be sure to go on to the very end of the Canyon. There the walls of the Canyon surround you and the creek runs through. Soft trail with some climbing and navigating of creek crossing. Crossed the creek 28 times in all.

Always hard to get a parking spot, and never a disappointed hike!

12 days ago

Very beautiful hike featuring Sedona’s iconic red rock cliffs, gorgeous riparian areas, pine trees, and flowing water. The only bummer is the wait to get in and the crowds... so be early. It’s fabulous from beginning to end! My gps clocked 7.5 miles but we went a little past the end of the maintained trail, which I would recommend doing if you wanna see more beauty of the creek and narrow red rock walls. Super easy hike to do for all ages and dogs. Took about 4 hrs with frequent stops for pictures.

Go early as soon as the gate opens at 8. Excellent views of the rock formations from all degrees. Be sure to stop at the Mesa. Lots of rock steps as part of the trails. Well marked in most places. Just follow the footsteps if you can’t tell which way to go. No bicyclists, jeeps, or casual hikers in sandals. Panoramic views everywhere!

Awesome quick trail with lots of fun climbing

14 days ago

Loved this hike! Crosses the very shallow creek many times and it's easy to get your feet wet, but that was my favorite part of the trail (as well as the very end). Make sure to wear shoes you don't mind getting dirty/wet and maybe extras to put on at the end. Keep in mind parking is very limited so you will probably have to wait for parking spaces to open up. Cash only entry.

14 days ago

Loved the hike. We went with our 6 year old and 14 year old and it took us a total of 6 hours to complete the hike at their pace. We enjoyed the multiple creek crossings and especially the end when it narrows and you have to walk in the creek to continue. Bring waterproof hiking shoes, it will make the hike more comfortable.

14 days ago

Fun hike for the family with a great view. Our 6 year old said this was her favorite hike of our trip to Sedona.


16 days ago

Amazing and popular hike. Short distance but steep and narrow at times and very crowded so can take a good coupe hours but place is full of good energy and people were gracious and polite even when having to wait for people on narrow ledges and 2 way traffic. We did the hike with a 7&10 year old and it tested their abilities but they were able to manage and felt great about completing it. Would recommend getting there early to get parking in the small lot there and to get going before trail get overcrowded. Views at different plateaus along the way are amazing and at the top is just beautiful.

16 days ago

Phenomenal height to view the sunset with a delightful setting to have an evening picnic. A wonderful moon glare upon the rocks to illuminate the pathway to descend at night fall. Moderate quick hike with a little agility required towards the top with foot holes:!)

Please don't bring flipflops, this is a scramble. Expect to use hands and feet for 3 steep sections. About 100 feet of class 3 terrain, otherwise a short hike for grand views of the area. Once at the top continue around left for views of the spire.

18 days ago

3 hour circuit. Tons of variety from plains to sinkholes and everything in between.

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