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1 day ago

Fun and challenging hike. Right around 5 mi round trip. I’m in pretty good shape and pushed myself to get to the top and back in just under 80 min for a workout (not running). Casually this hike is more like 2.5 hrs if you want to enjoy the awesome views. Best to get there before 8 am to beat the rush.

Great hike up and back with a lot of scenic views along the way. First mile is a little challenging but the reward is worth it.

Beautiful up and back on well maintained trail

2 days ago

The best hike I’ve been on so far! Absolutely stunning views, maintained trails and a bathroom on site!!! Fun incline workout, Loved it!!!

Wonderful hike!

Great quick hike. Took about 45 up and 25 down, ran most of the way. Good in the evening because it's mostly shaded. Good work out in 1.5 hours.

trail running
3 days ago

This was a great run. The first Mile is hard and really gets your heart rate up quickly. After that it levels off a bit to the top and has great views.

3 days ago

unbelievable sights and easy trail

Nice hike. Relatively easy.

Took the kids here first days. They did great! We went and looped around to the Church and then back to the parking lot. Kids 5,9,12 managed wonderfully.

Great trail with amazing views.

fabulous hike great workout

Nice steady incline and for sure more challenging after the first viewing point. So rewarding at the summit, amazing views. Didn't make it all the way up the first time, but paced myself and lots of small breaks and got to the top, well worth it!!

Not too difficult and fairly flat with gradual inclines

Beautiful hike, but much more challenging than i anticipated. Incredible views and very clean.

6 days ago

good workout and great views

I love this trail. It's small but yet challenging in some area's. Finally got to go down devil's stair case in the rain. Made my girls scream sliding down. The best!!

Good and moderately challenging hike. A few things though:

Directions: when I got the directions off all trail, it lead me to a private community. When you are heading down Happy Valley Rd., make a left on Alma School then a left on pinnacle peak pkwy. The trail head is in a gated parking lot at the end of the rd.

Also: I went on a Saturday morning and it was very crowded. Not so crowded that I couldn’t enjoy the hike, but if you are looking for quiet isolation, look elsewhere

Other then that, enjoyable hike with views of a very affluent community. It may not be full blown nature, but it’s a different kind of view, and still quit beautiful

7 days ago

Spectacular views! No wonder this trail is heavily used.

beautiful morning beautiful hike and views.

Awesome find! We went around 1pm and only saw two other people on the trail. Follow the tips from the review below. When you are close to the top there will be a turn off. The trail itself is very easy and I really didn’t think the ledge to get to the cave was scary at all. It was wide enough to walk. The cave itself has such breathtaking views. Enjoy!

Fun, beautiful, adventurous! This was an ideal morning hike. The hike was challenging and fun, requiring lots of rock climbing. The lookouts were worth the effort!

Sunday March 4th 1:30-3:30pm
My biggest advice to anyone is to either do this hike early in the morning or late late afternoon. It is extremely crowded and for the best experience possible, do it on an “off” time. Beautiful vistas and stunning scenery this is a short but moderately strenuous climb in the sense that it is mostly up. Lots of great areas for breaks, and it is absolutely suitable for all ages. I’d suggest wearing good footwear because the rock is a little slippery. A great climb.

13 days ago

Very well marked trail. It’s a busy area with many hikers and bikers. Everyone was considerate in the narrow areas. If it has rained or there is frost on the trail be careful walking on the slate. We had our dogs and they had some issues on the slippery parts. All-in-all, this trail is highly recommended.

I call this hike “a Walk In Heaven.” I have always hiked this in the wash. Caution not to do so during monsoon season for risk of flash flood. Large animal tracks - you won’t be alone! A very special place. Lisa B.

First trail in Sedona for me. Enjoyed it immensely. Good easy trail with a rewarding beautiful view at the end. Gr6time

14 days ago

Ain't no 4 miles folks! Took our family of four up this and it was awesome but much longer than expected. Made the mistake of bringing our small dog who did fine but rode downhill in our backpack! With kids, this is an excellent trail but realistically plan on 2 1/2 hours and bring plenty of water and snacks. The final mile up is easier than the first part which must be two miles (not one, no way, I don't believe you!). Well marked, well maintained with distance markers along the way with great views and opportunities to catch your breath. Hiking shoes, hats and CamelBaks very helpful!

14 days ago

Very dog friendly. Pretty well marked as well. Great views. For you coffee drinkers, there’s a bathroom at the parking lot. Don’t forget your parking pass. It’s not too steep at any one spot and for the most part there are not a lot of loose rocks on the path.

14 days ago

beautiful climb, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and still made it up the mountain. Got caught in a hailstorm but well worth it!!!

beautiful hike....the 1st mile is a kicker but the views from the top are outstanding. watch your footing on the way down as there can be some steeper declines with some loose gravel...wear good hiking shoes

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