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on Soldier Pass Trail

2 days ago

Great views! There is a large network of trails in this area and numerous trails that link up to this trail. Pay attention to your direction as you can easily start walking on another trail and not realize it. They are all great trails so can’t really go wrong, but you may end up on a longer hike than you initially planned on.
Great views and landscapes along the way! Love this trail!

very pretty, picturesque trail. worth going all the around the mountain.

3 days ago

Great trail. Moderate, easy and then sometimes butt burner. Keep in mind tho that the red sand is fine and if it has rained, which it had the day before we got there, it will be like clay and stick to your shoes or wheels, which for us having a new SUV we needed to get our horse brush out to clean them before putting in our vehicle.

Always fun to come play on the snow!! Very chilly up here but layered up before leaving the house!!

Loved it! Hiked the difficult Vault Mine side first. It's a challenge but so worth it!

13 days ago

Great views from this high up! Nice little hike.

Great and smoth

Parking space is extremely limited, due to this we did not do the hike

15 days ago

October 18- we hiked this trail in the afternoon. It had stunning views throughout. Tons of plants and animals to observe. It took us 1.5 hours. We parked at the trailhead since it had just stopped raining- but it can get pretty crowded. The highlight was listening to coyotes in the distance.

We followed trail exactly as mapped and logged 4.3 miles. Maybe if we turned to go up Peccary trail it would’ve been a mile longer. But map didn’t tell us to do so. Chapel Trail to Broken Arrow easy. After that, Trail is moderate - loose and/or semi-steep rock to climb down in parts.
However- Gorgeous views.

The fork that leads to the arches is 1.3 miles from the parking lot. The scramble up to the arches is well worth the effort!

very easy nice hike but I did get lost a few times

Good hike, don’t know about moderate rating through , mostly hard packed trails

17 days ago

Great trail--has a little bit of everything. The trail markers could definitely be improved though!

18 days ago

Amazing cave! Go all the way to the top✌️

19 days ago

Great views and easy hike! As with the other reviews, stay off the 4x4 trail and just go up and back on the hiking trail.

20 days ago

Nice easy hike but poorly marked. There’s a loop essentially but we got lost many times. We started on one side of the loop, got lost, and found ourselves continuing on the other side of the loop. Basically, there’s tons of areas that look like a path but aren’t.

We were trying to find the “arches” which we learned didn’t exist?? But we did find a hidden trail to a slot canyon which is what I guess we were trying to find! Anyhow, it was a really cool picture shot!

Went up via Old Badly trail and it was nice moderate climb, not to bad. In the shade of the mountain most of the climb so it was chilly especially at the top of the saddle. Came back down via Super Trail which is an easier trail and more scenic in my opinion. (I took more pics on the super trail) More sunshine more views of the valley below and a running stream of water next to the trail.

We loved it. Great views.

Pretty simple and easy trail. Nice rock formations along the way and few people.

Nice trail and nice views of Sedona

Love this trail so much! Such beautiful views!

25 days ago

The Jeeps are annoying, but the views are spectacular. Fairly easy hike, and like others I recommend climbing up via Twin Buttes and High on the Hog trails.

No way this trail should be classed as easy. Unless you stop to look out, your eyes will be fixed on the trail to figure out where to step next. You keep the same view for half the hike, then you are looking out over homes and a noisy factory. Lots of rocks and constant monotonous elevation changes make this a hard trail. NFS rates this as a difficult hike. Bikers are suppose to yield to hikers but they don’t.

If you have to park at top airport fee lot then it’s an extra 1.2 miles. This description doesn’t really indicate the parking differences.

on Paw Hole

25 days ago

I was able to get a permit on-line in advance. I parked at Lone Tree, right off of House Rock Rd, and walked up the sandy road to Paw Hole. I probably could have made it in my RAV4. Once you get up to Paw Hole, it's up to you where to go. There is a fenced in area, but I have no idea why or what the distinction is between what is inside and outside the fencing. There are some trails here and there, but basically you just wander around the amazing scenery, trying not to fall off any cliffs. I wandered far enough to need the AllTrails GPS tracking to find my way back to the road down to my car.

Around this time of the year there isn’t a high amount of water, but still enough that it makes it worth coming by. The pools are great to relax by, and some of the leaves are changing just a slight amount for the desert, so it’s very beautiful. We went for a pre-sunset hike, and it was gorgeous. Lots of climbing over rocks, so I recommend going only if you’re comfortable with that. We took a dog, but weren’t able to make it all the way to the 80 foot fall with him, so something to think about before going.

Beautiful little hike. Came across a few people but otherwise had the trail mostly to ourselves.

Easy hike around the airport perimeter. Your up on the Mesa, every turn offers a great view of the surroundings. I'd reccomend it just for picture opportunities.

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