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Highlight of our trip! If you love climbing and exploring, this trail is for you! A very easy 3 mi out and back trail that has a huge payoff at the end! Highly recommend climbing up into the rocks and exploring around. So beautiful and you feel like you’re on a different planet.

Easy walking trail mostly on red sand. Highly recommend climbing the rock wall at the end of the trail - AMAZING views of Sedona!

Good family hike. Trail was open when we arrived.

A little less fat now. Big rocks, little lizards, great times.

Absolutely loved my time here! It’s a beautiful oasis worth the wait and effort to go!

Easy hike through a dried out creekbed. No waterfall at the end.

10 days ago

perfect trail to get started on. there are some awesome views along the way!

Easy in/out , ending in the rock slide. If you go down into the dry creek, you. an go farther up the canyon.

Nice hike to get the blood flowing and give a decent workout! Lots of pretty trees and good views.

Excellent incline! Many great photo ops - great beginner hike! Take about an hour a moderate pace!

the app says it is 2.4 miles. the stats on my alltrails app after we finished said 5.6 miles. we did go off the trail where it was not well defined...got back on in 15 minutes. not a good hike for any with breathing problems or altitude sickness. the views and trials were very scenic.

Beautiful views along the trail.

This is a great quick hike to get the blood flowing! Amazing views of flagstaff at the top with some boulders to climb. I ate lunch on top of a boulder at the tip of the loop and the view was fantastic.

17 days ago

Beautiful views at the end. Go up the rocks after the end of maintained trail sign and you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of bell rock.

18 days ago

A nice beginners hike for our family. We have a 4 year old and a 1.5 year old. They loved it! We didn’t see a cave or waterfall, but had a nice resting area at the end of the maintained trail. Opportunity to climb up higher, but we were unable to because of our littles. Would love to come back again when the weather is a little cooler.

Awesome fall, supai permits required
Unless you are hiking in from the Colorado river.

21 days ago

Although this trail was easy (flat and 2.4 miles), it was perfect for me to do after hiking a longer trail the day before. The directions on how to get to this trail's parking lot were spot-on by both Apple maps & Google maps. The parking lot had 30 spaces, and a bathroom.
The only other hikers I saw on this trail, on a Tuesday in July, were 2 families - one with small children who never made it to the end, and another family who passed me on their way out. Even better, because this trailhead is about 8 miles from West Sedona, there was no sound pollution - no sirens, nor could I hear cars passing by the trailhead on the road in. That road was minimally traveled.
I don't expect this trail has a ton of traffic compared to some of the trails that are in-town, which is, imo, the beauty of this trail. Personally, I go into nature to avoid humans. :-)
To get to the trail, you cross the street. You're greeted with a sign identifying the trail, and a notice that the recent bear activity is now a non-issue because they had to euthanize the bear. The animal nature I encountered on my hike included whiptail lizards, squirrels, bluejays and robins. It was serene and lovely.
This trail is NOT open to mountain bikers.
The trail is powdery at first, and about 5-6 ft wide; but soon thereafter is a harder surface on which to walk. Occasionally the width reduces to 3-4 ft.
Because you're walking through a valley, your views are above and around you, but they are somewhat obstructed by the tree cover. This is exactly why I chose this trail - it was 50% shady for me on a 100-degree day. Although there was no creek water on the way, the shade made it easy to do because I had enough water.
There is a sign at the end of the trail, notifying you that the maintained part of the trail has ended. What faces you are the red rocks - an opportunity to scramble the rocks for a higher view. That scramble isn't hard at all IF YOU HAVE PROPER HIKING SHOES WITH GRIP. In some places, climbing those rocks is more like climbing stairs; but, there are other spots that are a little trickier, hence the need for grippy hiking shoes.
Overall, this trail was just what I needed - an instant fix of the beautiful majesty that is Sedona. I highly recommend this trail to all hikers of any level. For those who are less experienced, without grippy hiking shoes, or without enough water, I do not recommend you scramble the rocks for the higher views after you meet the end of the maintained trail, which is clearly marked.

on Fatmans Loop Trail

23 days ago

Great trails. Pretty steep and lots of opportunities to slip on loose gravel. Kids complained the entire walk. It’s pretty good gain in elevation. Many people we met on the trail seemed surprised by the trail’s difficulty.

24 days ago

Nice intermediate hike with options to connect to trails leading to Bell Rock or Chapel of the Holy Cross. Perfect distance. Partially shaded, but be sure to bring plenty of water.Great views!

25 days ago

Beautiful trail and nice weather!
Good to get the legs going. Humphrey’s Peak tomorrow!

Spectacular hike. Well worth it and totally doable. We were a group of moderately in shape adults and one 11-year old, and while it was definitely a challenge it was totally doable. Hike EARLY or LATE to avoid the sun, because it is brutal. We didn't use the mules or the helicopter and 100% recommend doing it this way! You feel so much more accomplished when you finish, and it's totally worth it.

We started the hike down at 5:00am and were to the campground at about 10:00am. The campground is great and there is plenty of shade and great places to hang hammocks (we were worried about this before, but we didn't have trouble finding trees to strap to). The spring water at the bottom is clean and doesn't require a filter, which is awesome!

We carried 4 L of water each down and up. On the way down we had plenty of water to spare, but on the way up we were cutting it close. We left about 4:20pm and hiked up waterfall to waterfall, making the distances in the sun short before getting to the next waterfall to spend a few last minutes in and immerse ourselves before continuing. We arrived at the village at about 7:00pm, where we filled our water one last time and began the final ascent, arriving to the parking lot a little before midnight. Make sure you have plenty of water and a good snack waiting for you in the car. Hiking in the dark wasn't bad and it made the weather perfect for the hardest parts of the hike! The trail is pretty easy to follow, as long as you are paying attention. Also the stars were spectacular, seriously maybe the best I've ever seen, so that's an added bonus to hiking at night.

We didn't see any snakes and only one scorpion on the way up, which I was relieved about. The squirrels are a real issue, just make sure you don't leave stuff out and you should be fine.

THIS HIKE IS WORTH EVERY MOMENT. I have never seen water that color before and it was just spectacular all around. YOU CAN DO IT.

Awesome all three times I visited this amazing place!

29 days ago

One word.... “Amazing”!

30 days ago

Trail was easy going, and refreshing.

30 days ago

Parked at the airport cost 3 dollars. .6 mile hike down to the airport loop and visited the vortex while there. Saw people in sandals having difficulties. I would rate this hike more moderate. Wear the right shoes, take water, all the additions about 4 to 5 miles. Weather changes rapidly. Started about 88 to ninety degrees finished with thunderstorms and hail! About 3 hours for seniors.

Not the best in Sedona but a fun relaxing one

Had a blast! Totally enjoyed the view and got amazing pictures!

1 month ago

Beautiful easy path through canyon. When you get to sign that reads ”end of maintained path” keep going. Once above the tree line you can see Bell Rock on the horizon. The path is than a bit rugged and a little hard but will get you to the back of the canyon.

1 month ago

Good hike for the family. There were scenic views once we reached the vortex. The trail itself only offers views of the town, thus the 3 stars.

1 month ago

Amazing views from all sides! I’d categorize as a moderate trail and make time for several breaks if you’re with inexperienced hikers (especially during warm temperatures). The distance was more than expected.

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