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Best hike ever! Totally breathtaking and worth it. But good gear and it will be all smiles.

1 day ago

Wonderful, but we did not finish it.

Does anyone want to buy my reservation? Oct 21-23 weather isn’t looking good and I’m not willing to take any chances. Did this hike last year and was reallly looking forward to it. 4802905744

Awesome Trail. Would have loved to hike further if we didn’t have time restraints. Took us about 2.5 hours. The way up was obviously a workout. It was snowing by the time we got back up. Saw a ram and a couple goats. It was also super foggy at the top, like no visibility. We contemplated not doing the hike but we got under the fog so it turned out okay.

Great views the whole way and a lot of wildlife out! Saw a ram and a few tarantulas in Mid October. Walk down was very easy and the hike back up was moderately difficult. There are two main stops for water and plenty of ledges for resting.

4 days ago

Such an awesome trail! Cairns are going to be your best friend on this trail, they mark when to switch sides and levels throughout the canyon. Definitely be ready to get a little muddy. Incredible sights around every corner. The best parts, in my opinion, are after the 30 ft drop. There are anchors if you want to repel down...but it is doable to get down without ropes.

late 30s, Fat (280-6ft) out of shape, backpacked and hiked probably 10 years ago..

Easy going down.. Murder coming up. did this OCT 13th 2018. weather was great

Great experience! Must do!

Elevation gain really did take its toll on me on the way back up the trail - glad I had been acclimated in the general region for at least a couple of days. Even still: what an incredibly beautiful hike. I got on trail by 630am and really loved escaping the crowds. By the time I reached Cedar Ridge on my way back up there were a large number of hikers so I appreciated the pretty quiet time I had on Skeleton Point by myself. I was only really passing through the Grand Canyon for one night so will definitely be coming back to do this trail again and explore others.

So I will be sore for the next 2 days, being a novice hiker, but it was so very worth it. It is tempting to stop at the halfway point, Cedar Ridge, but keep going! You can do it! It took us 2 hrs to get down and 2.5 to get back up, all with plenty of stopping and a snack break.
The halfway point does have bathrooms! But no drinking water so bring ample. We started at 1pm and got to catch sunset back at the top at 6pm. The sunset isn’t impressive at first (compared to other places like Zion) but stay with it and after the sun goes down, the clouds reflect crazy cool colors and the sky turns into a gradient.
If you don’t think you can hike it, rent a mule!

We started our hike in the morning around 6 and arrived at the village around 1. The hike was beautiful! The water is a beautiful blue or even crystal clear in some parts. We were expecting the water to be in the 70’s but it wasn’t due to the fact that we went in October. If you’re going for perfect weather hiking then go in the earlier or later months. If you want to go when the water is just right go during the hotter months.

Très impressionnant comme point de vue. Pas besoin de beaucoup de temps, se fait très bien.

Probably my favorite hike under 7 miles at the canyon. The views are incredible and there tend to be fewer people once you get past cedar ridge which is always full of tourists. Bring adequate water because there is NO water on this trail. Some sections can be slick so take your time and make sure you have steady footing.

Very touristy but if you’re okay with that then it’s breath taking... I understand why it’s filled with tourist because it’s easy to access off a main road, easy hike for the whole family, and beautiful views!

esta hermoso lo recomidiendo

I would call it a walk than a hike, its too crowded and very touristy. It's nice but too crowded, got a feeling am in Niagara state park.

Arizona’s own piece of paradise ❤️ it is a very tough hike. Mostly the distance. But well worth every ache.

Really cool trail and definitely a good challenge. The stone markers are helpful and you should be able to get through without wading through any big puddles. A word of advice: if it starts raining, even a light drizzle, get out of the canyon as soon as you can. My wife and I pushed a little further in when it started to drizzle and had a hell of a time coming back out. Everything gets slippery and it floods quickly. If you do get stuck, there are a couple places to climb out of the canyon and walk out to the road.

11 days ago

Amazing view! Slight overcast but still could see everything! Be patient with the parking because it can be a mess but once you get to the top it’ll be worth it!

even in the rain it's worth the time

Easy trail, well marked.
The trail wraps around one hill to the hanging garden, the other part you can climb the hill for more views

13 days ago

Great hike. Well worth the effort to get down to the river. Thanks for the markers.

Lots of people very hot. make sure to bring water.

on Cathedral Wash Trail

13 days ago

Wonderful trail. Great scenery. Thank you to people who left stone markers. Truly enjoyed the walk. A few spots where you need to find your way around puddles left by the rain. Would do it again.

Great hike! The views are so breathtaking, we were smiling all along. We didn't find any difficulty in it, even the walk up was pretty smooth compared to other hikes we have done before, but we did some pretty tough ones and are hiking regularly. We did pass a few people coming up who were struggling. Hiking poles are definitely a great thing to have, especially to protect the knees on the way down. It took us just over 3 hours to complete the hike, stopping a lot for pictures on the way down and a little less on the way up.

17 days ago

Super easy with amazing views. We hiked a little further up too. a couple great shots from a slightly different hike.

best trail I've done so far, so worth the long hike to see the waterfalls

18 days ago

this is one of the more enjoyable short Trails I've done in awhile. I know there was a lot of comments about difficulty finding the way down but it's fairly well marked if you take your time to look. That being said I did go by myself, which I wouldn't recommend. There was nobody else on the trail untill I actually reached the Colorado River. And then we all hiked out together, and got caught in a little bit of rain/wind right at the very end. I had gone ti Antelope before this to see that amazing canyon, but this "wash" was a more enjoyable hike.

This is a beautiful hike where you get to see the layers of geology through the years along the walls surrounding you. It is quite popular and although relatively easy to go down, remember you must go back up. I was worried about my fitness level so I will describe it later in the review for those who are also worried. It's hotter in temperature as you go lower. We both brought 1.8 liters of water in our packs and had to refill on the way back up. Beef jerky and rx bars are enough for your snack at the bottom at the rest house at 3 mile. Fitness level needs: I'm in moderately good fitness and am not overweight but certainly not "skinny" or "fit." I'm not too diligent about going to the gym but walk for a few hours every day. I'm also 35 years old - if that matters to those who want to gauge their fitness for this hike. I found the hike back up very do-able. You definitely get in the zone and accept that you will have an elevated heart rate, take breaks if you need to, and will be hot. Luckily it is quite dry there, (obviously) and your sweat doesn't stay on your body so it's not too uncomfortable. Note that there seemed to be less shade once it was past noon, so that's something to consider. Again, water, water, water. I brought blister blocks and band-aids, and needed them, as my heels and toes blistered on the way back up, despite my broken in boots and inserts. However, my feet tend to blister more than most.

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