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One of sedona's best hikes, but be sure to leave plenty of time.

there are really three parts to the hike to know and plan around. The first big climb up to the bench, part 2 to the summit trails, and part three which is typically a quick 10 min to the Sedona lookout, or another 30-40 min to the north lookout.

if you really want to explore the best parts of the hike, plan lots of extra time!

Great hike with great views. Hiked out to both overlooks. Got pretty warm on the way down

3 days ago

absolutely loved this Trail. A little more traffic than I thought it would have especially in July. Make sure you have plenty of water -there is no reliable water on the trail. I repeat- bring plenty of water, a cover for your head, and long sleeves. don't feel like I need to say it but make sure you bring sunscreen. The trail is pretty easy to follow there's one place within a mile up, go to your right although theTrail looks like it should go on the left-- that's the only hiccup

Nice short easy hike. Great view of the surrounding area.

7 days ago

Great trail. Tougher than we thought it would be, but we are fairly new to hiking. Bring more water than you think you’ll need! Ran into a few that ran out of water before they even made it to the crack. Loved the swimming hole.

You think you’re at the top. You in fact are not.

10 days ago

great views, well maintained trail, start early to avoid heat!

13 days ago

8 of us did this hike Sunday 8-5-18, it was fantastic. Pretty much no shade but it's an easy hike with only a couple moderate spots. The jumping rock is perfect and easy to use and the water is always cold. As many other reviews have stated the hike gets hot, bring lots of water. I brought an empty water gallon and filled it from the river for the hike out, half way back it was getting warm so I drenched myself, best decision.

14 days ago

Great workout! Love the elevation gain and the remarkable scenery from the trail. at top is only a hundred and eighty degree visibility. Brush and trees cover the top facing Sedona but you can see Thunder Mountain Through the trees if you work at it and scrape your legs up in the brush.

trail running
15 days ago

This is now one of my favorite trails. You get a little bit of every type of forest with every 500ft or so of elevation change, and the views are breathtaking. Well worth the effort to reach the top.

17 days ago


19 days ago

my wife and I did this hike. It sprinkled rain most of the day except for one point where the clouds cleared and the sun hit the trail and it was hotttt. Overall a fantastic hike and the treasure at the end as well worth the walk. bring your hiking hammock there are some great spots to hang it up near the water hole.

19 days ago

Beautiful scenery but disappointed by the end of the trail. It doesn't really go anywhere and just peters out to nothing. Well worth doing though. Also very few other people out on this trail which is a definite bonus!

22 days ago

Beautiful trail. Well marked just follow the white arrows on the rocks. It’s a workout but the views at the top are gorgeous!

feels a lot longer than 4-5 miles. amazing veiws of Sedona and Mingus and the surrounding area up towards the top. The trail itself it very beautiful and would be well worth the hike even without the views. It is more tiring than you would think given the distance, so plan accordingly

Went early and that helped with the heat. Very well marked trail.

Definitely bring lots of water, sunscreen and hat! Great views! Took us about 4 hrs round trip.

This hike was challenging but definitely worth it! There are a few false peaks and not much to see on the way up. But on the way down the views are worth it! Not much of a view at the top but it was fun to explore. I can’t wait to hike this again in the fall!

29 days ago

Beautiful back country. Not well marked, but you will be fine if you have a decent sense of direction.
Can’t beat the seeing both Bell Rock and The Buttes from every angle. Strong vibes here.

1 month ago

1 month ago

The final mile to half mile stretch is not worth going up. the difficulty is only rewarded with a mediocre view but the walk back does have alot of great views

Very nice, relatively easy, and short hike. Toward the mountain) or where you might loop back) it becomes a crap shoot as to where the trail goes. Bring the app to help guide you back. Quite lovely!

Great views, easy short trail. Definitely a must do!

1 month ago

Nice morning hike. Start early take plenty of water as it gets hot quick.

very easy, got kind of lost on the way back but fairly easy to get back on the trail

1 month ago

Challenging hike but well worth it for the views of not only Sedona but the surrounding areas. Difficult to run due to rocky terrain but I suppose it is a mountain after all. Lots of folks looked pretty miserable on the trail- not a lot of shade. Parking sucks but upside is there is less traffic on the trail.

This is a a favorite for hiking in Sedona. Easy to follow the trail.

I started this trail but did not finish. It’s relatively easy, but you MUST bring enough water on a hot day. We did not bring enough water, so we decided to turn back, also because we had just gotten off the plane and we’re pretty tired as it was, plus it was very hot. What I didn’t like about this hike is that, truly, it was kind of boring. It’s literally a loop around Courthouse Butte, so there aren’t many other sights other than Bell Rock. It’s also not very well marked, I found it to be confusing.

Easy enough hike assuming it isn’t too warm and the crowds aren’t too bad. We had fun exploring the area and taking in the amazing views.

Awesome trail!!!

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