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beautiful and peaceful

Nice work out due to terrain but easy to get lost. If you're a bird watcher you would probably enjoy this trail. We saw a downy woodpecker, two pileated woodpeckers and a barred owl. Next time I would bring binoculars as the forest area is thick so its difficult to find many of the birds. Trail signs would be helpful.

loved it! beautiful, peaceful, got to see some horsies, and wasn't too strenuous. perfect hike for beginners!

I’m visiting Washington so I decided to drive around Seattle in search of scenic views. I saw pictures of this place online and decided to check it out. Definitely a nice park and the view of Puget Sound is nice at sunset. Had the chance to see the train pass under the bridge so that was cool. Nice place to have a bonfire and relax.

Great for the entire family. went out on Saturday afternoon. Parking lot was full, but did not encounter a bunch of people along the trails. We will be going back often.

well maintained trail. no views in summer. could be very pretty in the fall, lots of deciduous trees. did not see anyone else on trail.

Lovely woodsy walk. Path has nice rolling hills and roots through out

Personal review: this is a magical place, and I visit as often as I can. The energy in the forest is pure and it washes over you when you enter so that everyone you meet is smiling. It is a very special place.

Practical review: This is my oasis from the city. It’s big enough that you there are choices of trails, but not so big that you could get lost. It is also well marked, and there is an interactive map online (if you, for some reason can’t use the AllTrals app), and yes, there is service throughout, but do try to remember why you’re in the forest...
There are trails for walkers exclusively, but the equestrians & cyclists are respectful of sharing the mixed paths. It’s clear of trash (pack it in, pack it out), and mostly free from noise pollution (sounds of traffic). There is fantastic tree cover, so even if it’s raining or hot out, the temp is moderate and you don’t get drenched. It is tethered-dog and accompanied-child friendly. There are berries growing on the path (I’ve seen blackberries and Red Huckleberries (ATTN: Please consult a nature identification source prior to eating anything you do not recognise; some red berries are safe, but some are poisonous. Better safe than sorry.)


23 days ago

Started/finished at library. Ok trail however one section has periodic sewer smells since it runs near or by the water treatment facility.

decent trails. solid walking, great for dogs, okay for biking. mostly trail riding for mountain bikes with 2 parks easy to get to if you follow the main trail, otherwise trails are full of uprooted roots.

27 days ago

Gave it a 4* rating for convenience to escape the hustle and bustle of the city

nice easy stroll in the woods. good for running too. so peaceful and green. I loved it.

Nice forest walk with well marked trails. Even my cat liked it.

Inner loop is really short and good for younger kids. I think the outer loop would be a better option if you want more than a 20mins stroll.

This hike was amazing, hands down my favorite one so far. The birds are everywhere and the trees were beautiful. Easy trail for anyone with very minimal elevation. The trails were marked well too. Great place!!

1 month ago

Smells fishy. Lotta beach slime. I was expecting a hike. Found a Geocache though! Overall okay time.

Overall great hike/trail walk, not hard at all. There are a bunch of different paths that you can go on. My dog had a fun time exploring, and most people leash their dogs which keeps it safe and friendly. The trail itself is pretty well maintained, but a heads up since it’s also a horse trail there’s lots of droppings everywhere, so wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Nice easy trail. Great for kids. Our 2yr old can walk on his own in most spots and the 5yr old had no problems at all. I like all that the trail splits off in a few spots so you can explore different paths.

I took my three boys, 17, 14 and 14 on this nice hike (very close to home, yet secluded and beautiful) I have lived near here for 20 years and didn’t know about this hike. Really enjoyable, great access, easy few hours of fun.

1 month ago

Hike this loop clockwise so you see the signs, as there are many smaller offshoots, though most are obviously just that. Only once or twice was there a confusing unmarked fork where we needed a map. The trail was lightly trafficked, with most people near the beginning or end of the trail where it overlaps with a shorter loop. The freeway road noise is strongest at the beginning and end of the loop, but it gets quiet at the back part of the loop. There was some horse poop here and there along the trail, but not an obnoxious amount.

Meh. Good for working out. Nice view of the sound and one stop. The trail is not clearly marked, had to make several choices along the way, got lost once.

This trail offers a super easy walk. There is a paved walk next to the river. In all, it is not too sketchy for being in the Everett area. Stroller friendly.

1 month ago

I took my three kids on these trails for the first time today and we had an amazing time! It was nice and long, without being so steep that they started complaining right away :) We will definitely be back often. It would be nice to have a real restroom rather than a port-a-potty, though...

1 month ago

Great way to get out on the trails if you live in Mukilteo.

Great day of hiking- 5-6 miles, flat easy trail. Sharing the trail with mountain bikers & horses. Close to town, shady with lots of greenery & wildlife. Recommend to families....

1 month ago

steep in spots. we parked at a
hotel and started there. beautiful!

Did the coyote loop, longest outer loop (roughly 6 miles), with the 5 & 6 year old. They loved it. Pretty flat, people riding horses, not overcrowded. Watch the stinging nettles along parts, we learned the hard way. Great trail.

2 months ago

6/16/2018 (Saturday) - As most people, we looped counterclockwise. The west half is wide gravel path between rail and creek (not an attractive one), and east half (longer) is a narrow meandering path with numerous ups and downs, some rather steep, plus numerous forks, mainly designed for mountain biking. So, in general, this loop is more challenging than an easy or moderately easy one, and there is no view at all. I must keep tracking the online map to prevent a wrong way. The muddy condition has almost come to an end.

2 months ago

Not a good trail as I hoped t would have been. Went with my fam and dog, started out beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful all the way, but somewhere in between the smell of sewers stenches the air real bad in one spot that kind of ruined the normal smell of nature I usually inhale when I hike. It’s a good workout. I don’t know if I want to come back.

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