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Really fun trail and hike. Lots of log stairs and a really good workout!

Ignore the power lines, and get a third of a mile into the trail and you will be rewarded with a heavily wooded lightly traveled trail area. Weekdays on the late afternoon offer an eerie low light secluded experience that has a bit of a Blair Witch feel to it...just not disappointing as the movie.

Nice and relaxing hike. Trail is wide open and clear. Would be perfect for mountain bike riding.

Beautiful wooded trail with enjoyable but tricky-enough elevation to keep you interested and smiling! I didn’t run into a single other person, which was surprising on a Sunday afternoon. The trail is fairly well marked but can be hard to follow at times because of the rocky hillsides. I will definitely go back!

Great hike.

7 days ago

It was a great trail. Not too crowded. I work out a few days a week and this was pretty easy. I would rate it Moderate, not hard. It is a bit rocky is some areas of the trail.

Love this trail!

Easy route, beautiful view of creek the whole time, and water is low enough to step across

My favorite. Can’t wait to get back.

Really solid trail. Well kept, and gorgeous. I’m a huge fan. Originally I was scoffing at the “hard” rating, but it’s an absurd amount of stairs - so be aware of that. I’d recommend starting 8820 Big View Dr, so you do the majority of uphill at the beginning.

13 days ago

Fun trail! I’d do it again

If you are ok with hanging out under power lines, this might be tolerable. However, that’s all I could see and the size and volume of power structures was a total turn-off when there are so many more places to go on a great hike in the area.

Great hike. Pretty busy on Saturday mornings, but very nice, well-kept trail.

This was a great hike! It's not super long, but the elevation changes make it more of a workout. We only saw a few other people out there. It was peaceful and beautiful!

This trail is not for someone who is out of shape. I go to the gym 4-5 days a week and hike on the weekends and I had to push myself. I’m still feeling it in my calves two days later. My dogs loved it and I want to keep doing it until it’s easier because I enjoy the challenge. Take plenty of water. I emptied my 2 liter Camelback.

Lots of climbing, and a creek along most of the path. Several benches and shade for breaks- lots of climbing and stairs but a great hike. Pretty busy on a Saturday afternoon but everyone was friendly and still lots of chances to feel alone.

on Bull Creek Trail

trail running
21 days ago

Sign said by permit only March - July.

Loved this trail! It was challenging and offered running opportunities.

23 days ago

Fantastic hike with beautiful views at the top!

Great hiking opportunity, a lot of boulders, I suggest some sort of gloves and watch out for poison ivy. But a fantastic, beautiful hike!!!

In Austin, I think this is the best trail for a decent workout! It is very well maintained as well!

This my favorite trail so far

It’s hard to get your footing at some points but the view were with it. The trail labeling needed some help too. But overall fun!

Great hike... a little busy... we are baby boomers in 50ies and 60ies and made in in. 2 1/2 hours... do doable if de entry fit... we also started at bottom
And walked up and back... well marked but no restroom or potable water... so be prepared

It’s a tough one. We did it last Saturday and took us 3 hours to bottom and then back up. 5 miles of hiking. Great leg workout!

This was my first time to go hiking and I loved it! My new favorite thing!!

Good one but route post/pillars are not much helpful

Well-kept, varied terrain & elevation, scenic trail in the middle of a suburb. Would give it a 5 but very crowded at noon on a weekday—of course, that’s a sign of its popularity, so just the price to pay for a good hike.

trail running
1 month ago

Awesome trail for elevation change, also the views there are spectacular.

trail running
1 month ago

So I actually parked at the Randalls between 35th and 38th St. So I have no idea where you could park at 29th St. The trail goes through a few parks which have rest rooms, benches, playgrounds, etc. And there are doggie poop-bag stations all along the trail. But as for the trail itself-

The trail goes from concrete to gravel to cracked asphalt to gravel back to concrete (not in that order). You're mostly surrounded by trees, a hillside, lots of grass, and of course Shoal Creek itself (which today was very, very low on the water level). There's a creek crossing, but there's also a smooth, new concrete path next to the creek crossing, in case you don't want to trapse across the rocks. There are several forks in the trail, most of them take you to roads, but some are just at parks where the trail circles the park.

At Pease Park, there is a fork in the trail, and if you take the fork onto the trail with all the wood chips, you get into some actual woods (though still you're in the city and it's noticeable), the trail has a few swithbacks, the trail gains some pretty good elevation and there are several forks, etc. It's like they took trail system from a big wilderness park, and shrunk it down to about an acre.

After Pease Park (if memory serves, today was my first time running this trail) you get into a more noticeable city environment, and you get right next to the creek but on a raised concrete trail. There are several road-bridges you go under with homeless people and graffiti (in open daylight it's completely safe). Around 5th St, the trail is barricaded, as they are working on the trail in that section, making is look new and swanky. That section was fun to me, though, because I had to search for stairs, a way across, ran across some bridges, etc A miniature city adventure.

The trail had plenty of people, but nothing too bad. I could see on a holiday it being very crowded. There where bike riders and dogs on and off leash, other runners, etc. All in all, for a typical city trail, it was pretty good.

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