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enjoy the trail

3 days ago

Perfect for hiking with my one year old on my back. Great scenery, clean trails easy with a small challenge:) we enjoyed a small snack after the hike by the offices.

This was my 3rd ever real trail to do. It was a blast but heed warning if your not a stairs person LOL. Took me 2:09 to finish, my group was proud I did finish!

Skill level: novice fat guy, hahaha

My first time on this trail was mid-October. The trail is mainly covered by trees which naturally created some wet areas to get around (but it was worth getting around them!) The trail ran alongside a river that had a lot of runoff- at the time. There were even rockwalls with trickling water dripping from the top.
Along the way were split trails. I took the path closest to the river, mainly taking lefts. After the first waterfall -about a mile(ish) or more in- the trail opened to a meadow of sunflowers. A little ways up, came another waterfall; much wider than the first. Lots of people swimming and playing in the sunshine. There were even kayakers paddling by at one point.
I was running and met up with a biker at the waterfall. I ended up passing them on the way back towards the end. It was well traveled and narrow. But the run way great! Enjoyed it and will most likely use it for another beautiful day!

Nice trail, mostly sandy gravel. Quiet in some parts, especially noisy and crowded the closer to zilker park you are. Only real complaint was proximity to traffic at certain points. Also, plenty of public restrooms should the need arise. Nice views of downtown Austin also.

13 days ago

Nice peaceful trail with scenic view, waterfall and creek. No pets allowed.

Great trail. I ran 4 miles and it was pretty tough. Be ready to put in some work if you are trail running

If you take the tire tracks down, the trail definitely gets tough. I had the pleasure of going on a foggy/drizzly day and the rocks were very slick. Definitely recommend having very grippy shoes on and waterproof wouldn't hurt either as one other trails traversed a creek. Will definitely be going back again and again.

This is one of my favorite trails in Austin. It's mostly shady and criss-crosses a creek multiple times. I usually only see a few people on the trail.

mountain biking
17 days ago

This is NOT a mountain biking trail. It is for hiking and dogs. The mountain biking tag shouldn't be on this.

Good parking in Mopac frontage at trailhead. There are no restrooms on the trail. Fairly easy with some rough rocky beginnings. Trail follows the creek. We passed 3 waterfall areas. Lots of water in the creek. Trail was well shaded. For a longer walk, continue on trail beyond Sculpture Falls.

Love it

about 3 hours round trip hike along the creek there are steps, but not steep. Will do it again for exercise.

trail running
22 days ago

Beautiful trail with a lot of stimulus to keep your mind busy when running. There are parts that are very difficult and steep and it can be slippery when muddy. Heavily trafficked on the weekends

Beautiful trail with plenty of wandering chances

1 month ago

Great if you have dogs or like dogs. It's an off leash park. I took my dogs. There are places to sit by the water and ponder but you'll probably be greeted by a wet snout. I kept my dogs on leash and they still had a good time. it's a short circle trail we made 3 trips around. Limited parking for sure... we went on a rainy day and got lucky finding a spot.

Not too bad but very crowded. Lots of stopping to let runners go by, lots of dogs off leash, lots of poop bags marking the trail. But a hike that gets the heart pumping and if you’re not getting run over by a runner, lots of pretty sights to see.

Pretty much my go-to trail. Multiple locations to park and start. Under Mopac is a popular site. Love the turtles and various wild life on the path eventho you're in downtown Austin. Many drinking fountians, a dog park, and even a small cafe on north side/Trinity St. that serves beer. Juiceland on the extreme west side by Mopac parking is a great stopping point. Weekdays are great for hikers. Weekends can get busy with bikers, sometimes aggressive, which you'll have to condend with.

Awsome view of 360 bridge and river.

Good trail but not a lot of scenery. Toughest Austin area trail I’ve completed.

Nice trail was pretty easy in my opinion vs moderate but a few small areas where it got Ricky/uneven.

Best part about this for us was that with the dogs it was pretty shaded-no water for now that we saw as we turned at about the 1.5 mike mark.

Nice and hard. Not 5 stars because the natural slope would be better than stairs.

This trail was more confusing than hard. Although the signs were not as helpful, we did enjoy the shade throughout the trail.

Unfortunately, no falls or water here in the heat of the Austin summer. Still, a great and challenging hike. Pretty comparable, on %incline, to Hill of Life, which we did yesterday. Time for some time by the pool!!

Awesome trail, about 2746 stairs one way and a good workout. Good elevation variation with lots of trees. It’s not the best trail for summer as in Texas heat you would get thrashed! Make sure you take lots of water and good shoes.

trail running
1 month ago

Nothing moderate about this trail - it's easy. Great scenery, plenty of space, and well groomed non-technical dirt trail. Some sections are engineered (boardwalk, paved). In addition, plenty of options to add on distance if you're looking for a longer day. I ran 7 miles out from Barton Creek Pool lot and could have completed the loop at probably 8-9 miles. Just note - if you park at the pool, there is a $5 fee after 8am.

trail running
1 month ago

Fun trail and well marked. Ran the first three miles during the early morning hours with light trail traffic. For runners, I would recommend trail shoes as some sections were a bit technical (rocks, roots, unstable footing). If you are looking for a trail where you don't need to watch your step, I'd recommend the Lady Bird Trail.

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