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Very good for hiking, but not for biking. Spent half the time walking or carrying my bike over the rocks. Also very muddy

4 days ago

First, the falls are wonderful and totally unexpected as this is in the middle of texas! The air is a bit tropical and humid, the climb down to the viewing area at the end of the trail is rocky and steep. I went in middle of August so it was very hot, humid, and miserable. Seeing the falls and the Colorado river was definitely worth it though.

The trail is mostly barren, minimal shade, and the ground is rocky so it's a little rough on the feet and ankles. Dogs are supposed to be on leash and pet owners are supposed to pick up after them however it didnt seem most people were following the rules.

This trail is difficult simply due to terrain being rocky, steep, and being shade less. It's a great hike with a nice reward at the end... only problem is you have to hike back!

10 days ago

Disappointed, mostly a gravel road. Did have an old stone cabin ruin, about 1 mile was a real trail.

You won’t be sorry. You can go right to dam or left to falls.

A nice, quick hike. It was pretty quiet when I arrived; I only saw a couple of other people. It had rained the morning I went out, and stretches of the trail were submerged or very muddy. Gorgeous views at the top; the only sounds out there are the streams nearby and the birds.

12 days ago

Very easy trail, scenic, some wet spots, lots of off trails.
Moderate foot traffic on weeekend.

14 days ago

disappointed. except for 1 mile the trail is a gravel road. It did have the remains of a homesteader cabin and a couple springs.

Great Views - moderate

16 days ago

loved it!!

20 days ago

This is just a flat out great hike. Beautiful views, some nice incline. A great hill country hike. Make sure to take the creek trail section of the trails as well (only .6 miles long). It's the best looking creek I've ever seen and arguably the best part of the hike. Hiked in late December, 2018.

Great views. Felt like you were not anywhere near the city even though we were. Great for kids and dogs.

very nice

Beautiful scenery went during the summer heat. they say being gallon of water per person and they have water stations throughout the trail. If you're going during the summer take couple gallons. Worth the hike.

This is quite an easy walk. Definitely can wear regular sneakers. Bring lots of water. There are a few nice views, and Jones Spring is a beautiful little stopping point. Really glad we did this in cooler weather; the trail is mostly unshaded, so I will avoid this in the summer! The first 2 miles or so are an old road, and as such quite wide and gravelly. This is more walking than hiking. We used Strava to capture as well: 7.9 miles!

Awesome hike!!!

My favorite trail around the area. Not very long, but always quiet and peaceful. There is are some nice narrow trails through trees, and also wide open fields with amazing views. Free to hike too- enjoy!

Great trail with a little of everything.

I hike/run at Pedernales State Park regularly to stay in backpacking shape and for overall conditioning. I noticed some people giving one star for the Wolf Mountain Trail because it is basically a dirt road without much shade. I intentionally stay off this trail as much as possible for the same reason. However, one star is too harsh for Wolf Mountain Trail in my opinion. Use the paper map or this app and try out the other trails like Juniper Ridge and Madrone if you want woods and shade. It’s not difficult to make your own loop using the map and avoid wolf mountain. These trails are more technical and beautiful at the same time.

Cool place with great views. Main trails are very wide and easy, but there are spots where the trail crosses wide swaths of granite where the trail isn't well marked. Due to recent flooding, we were unable to hike one segment of the loop, and had to take a trail through a canyon. This trail was quite rocky and rough.

Good hike inside the city. Great for swimming when we get enough rain.

This place is gorgeous. Some of the trails get overgrown a bit, but none of them are too tough. Several trails cross the water. So, if it’s been raining, expect to get wet. Will definitely be heading back.

The hike is worth seeing the falls. Like the description says it's gets a bit tough at the end, but most of the trail is flat and in the sun. There are bits of shade under patches of cedars, but it is mostly sun. There are not any picnic tables but there is a nice platform with bench seating. Bring lots of water, snacks, and good shoes. You cannot access the falls, but the Colorado River is very near. It is a bit strap and muddy to get down to though. Looking forward to my next opportunity to hike again!

We started this hike with a climb to the summit on the summit trail. Once we reached the top, we explored the opposite side of the rock and some of the rocks along the edge, eventually following the contour of the rock until we found a spot where we could safely make it down to the trail below.

Once we were on the trail we picked our way through the stones along a rough section of the trail until we arrived at the climbing area. From here we caught the base trail along the north side of Enchanted Rock until we hit the junction with The Turkey Pass trail We turned right and headed south with about 200 feet of additional elevation gain. This saddle between two higher points makes the perfect spot to cross back over to the south side of the rock. Once on the other side we went around Frog pond and caught the mail loop trail back to the car. Thankfully this last section had a little shade for as we finished out the hite;

Overall the majority of this hike is pretty easy with just a few locations with some elevation gain.

Great trail with plenty of shady areas! Family friendly even my 69 year old mom who sits behind a desk all day felt good afterwards.
The elevations are an easy ascent. We will definitely go back!

trail running
4 months ago

Fun trail and well marked. Ran the first three miles during the early morning hours with light trail traffic. For runners, I would recommend trail shoes as some sections were a bit technical (rocks, roots, unstable footing). If you are looking for a trail where you don't need to watch your step, I'd recommend the Lady Bird Trail.

4 months ago

Gorman Falls is pretty amazing. Most don’t picture lush green vegetation when you think of Texas.

I’d recommend going early in the morning (say, before 10am) because the light cuts through the trees and hits the blue/green travertine deposits just right.

4 months ago

falls were beautiful!! the trails were just rock and cactus.

5 months ago

It was really great, especially with my dog. There are quite a bit of rocky areas, but the trail is marked well. There is a severe drought right now, however, which made the river very, very low. The areas that were supposed to be river crossings were very shallow, and only one of the springs were active. Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves.

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