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2 days ago

Awesome trail, could use a few more trail markers

Backpacked this with a few friends. It is a nice trail with very little elevation. No super views but still pretty walking by the lake. Doubt I will do it again but is a good trail to train on for harder hikes. Most of the water is stagnant on this trail. Would recommend bringing most of what you plan on drinking/using. Starting from the eastern side it is 15 miles to the first campsites. Keep this in mind.

The water was quite low but saw 6 beautiful gators, turtles, cranes and so much more. It’s moderately trafficked so you don’t feel overwhelmed and can actually enjoy the silence and nature. Beyond the initial part, there wasn’t a telephone pole in site. The gators will bask anywhere so don’t be alarmed and just respect their space.

Fun point to point. Trail is very kind, elevation-wise. However, I didn't see anyone else on here mention hunting season (October to ???). Some signs suggested that you couldn't hike without orange clothes, some others said it was optional. I did hear gunshots on both mornings, more on the first day when I was close to West Dam.

Another note, looks like they are doing some road construction in Wildwood park that has impacted the trail. Right around the road crossings in the park they've felled a lot of trees and cleared a new roadbed. Unfortunately the new road cuts the trail several times, and no effort has been made to direct hikers clearly, so I lost the trail a few times in this area. I imagine they would reroute the trail so it doesn't cross the new road so many times like it does now, but at the moment it is somewhat confusing to follow the trail through the construction.

Decent hike but poorly marked. I liked how close you get to the river

Even tho it had rained the last few days the path was pretty clear of puddles. The dogs had a blast running around and I enjoyed hearing the rushing water

this trail has great diversity of plant life and landscape...a quiet hike through tall trees along a creek.

trail running
1 month ago

This is one of my favorite running trails in the area. It is about 5 miles in entirety, I believe, and mostly flat. There are a lot of other hikers, runners, and bikers, but it never feels too crowded. The trail is slightly wooded on a narrow island between the Savannah River and Augusta Canal. I find it both beautiful and serene.

trail running
1 month ago

Easy trail. Beautiful scenic pond to the right and guided trails to the left.

really nice hike. felt like the mountains!

2 months ago

Beautiful, quiet trail! Went in the morning and saw no one. A little slippery since it had rained the night before but loved the challenge. All downhill to the rapids. Definitely worth doing!

Alltrails shows this as a loop, but the trail disappears at the halfway point, around the old abandoned bridge. I marched on anyway through the woods and finally picked the trail back up at the point where it leaves the creek. But even then there were parts of the trail overgrown and hard to find.

This is our family's favorite place to come walk in the afternoons. It's an easy trail with a pretty little pond, a great place to get some exercise, have a picnic, do a little fishing, play volleyball, and for my daughter one simply amazing downward slope to coast on her skateboard. We absolutely adore this trail.

Really easy relaxing trail. Start at the North Augusta Greenway entrance once you get to the right area! Saw lots of turtles and wildlife!

Nice little trail to go bike riding with a kid trailer attached. A few hills but nothing bad. It was an easy, short bike ride. It was a nice board walk and ride along the creek.

I ride this about everyday to get from Evans to Downtown Augusta, fun and easy ride with beautiful scenery. On my days off I like to take advantage of the Mountain bike trails that are off the side at the Water Works station.

trail running
4 months ago

good trail. easy to follow. only stepped in water once, but it was on the way back with tired legs. it was a little over grown when I ran it but it has been raining a lot and not much time for NFS to do maintenance

This is my favorite place to ride my bike!

This trail begins as a lovely stroll with the Canal on one side and the Savannah River on the other. The scenery is something to take in. Many reviews mentioned that the trail is heavily trafficked, especially on the weekends. I visited on a Monday (late morning) and there were more folks than I anticipated. Good news, the trail is only moderately trafficked for the first 1.5 mile and then the crowd thins out a little bit. Even though the trail gets a lot of foot traffic, it’s still quiet. Anyway, the trail itself is not that exciting (it’s flat and straightforward) BUT it’s so beautiful, so the scenery makes up for the lack of excitement.

Nice trail! Wish it was longer but a lot of shade and clean!

Nice late morning hike. Saw turtles, millipedes, and lots of fungi. Beautiful view of the rapids.

Nice calm and relaxing trail. Great natural scenery including fish, Great Blue Herons, turtles, Hawks, Deer, etc.

I took my 4 dogs here today and it was completely empty. Trail itself was pretty and a fairly easy hike/walk. We got turned around a bit, it’s not well marked in some places but I just opened up google maps and found the parking lot and headed that direction. Overall, worth a visit!

A portion of the trail is closed, with no warning. Otherwise it's ok.

trail running
5 months ago

Awesome scenery, pretty moderate terrain, not to hard to run though.

trail running
5 months ago

great trail to run, mostly paved but does have some board walk over the creek. Watch were you step though, from the looks of it, very few people clean up after their dogs!!!

Easy trail with beautiful view of the quarry

Very easy hike to a beautiful lookout. Took us about 40 minutes. Watch out for spider webs!

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