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Absolutely stunning view. Went in the middle of November. It was chilly and icy. But soo worth it! My favorite so far

Hiked from Heather Meadows - lots of snow but still totally worthwhile and doable (note that there were lots of tracks from groups prior, so we never had difficulty trying to find the trail). Would recommend getting up there if the weather is nice, otherwise look forward to the flowers in 2019.

A clear October day and all the fall colors makes this trail one of the most gorgeous hiking experiences. If I were going to try to get a beginner hooked on hiking I'd start them here! The scenery payoff is huge for such a moderate hike. We started from the upper lot, but I'd recommend starting at the lower lot. It has a lake and picnic tables. A perfect spot to finish up!

Beware! There are two parking lots. The upper one, at Artist’s Point, was where we started. 4 hours later, when we got around to the lower one it was pretty demoralizing to find that we still had a ton of steep uphill to climb. Next time we will start in the lower lot and go counterclockwise so we get the uphill part done first.

My 12-year-old rates it as “moderate”. Her idea of “hard” is Mt. Si.

Views were incomparable. Dogs were off leash but friendly. People were also off leash but friendly.

This trail was simply amazing from beginning til the end. Felt on another planet. Breathtaking view. Not as hard as it seems

AllTrails doesn’t have Chetwoot listed here, but this seems like a good place to post, since these were the reviews I read before departing.
There are several posts that question the mileage, but trail running the length of the trail proved the mileage is pretty close. My Garmin watch just barely hit 10 miles when I arrived at Chetwoot. This includes little deviations at vistas and lakes along the way, and just a few times of losing the trail.
Overall the trail is very well maintained, the washout at the beginning looks great! Thank you to all of the volunteers! The climb up to Copper Lake has a lot of elevation gain, with some views of the valley as well as the waterfall.
We didn’t spend any time at Little Heart Lake. Comparatively speaking, it is less impressive then the others. Big Heart Lake and Angeline are magnificent. The trail along the ridge between the two has multiple locations to view both lakes. The deep blue color will blow you away. There were a few points where we lost the trail, but it was easy to get it back. The views before dropping down to Chetwoot are amazing, especially this time of the year, with just a little fall color left over.
The climb down to Chetwoot is steep, but only for a short while. This was a beautiful place to have lunch.
We climbed Iron Cap as well, following the talus to the east of the lake up to the ridge. Then followed the east/west ridge to the top. Some exposed areas, but reasonable. No ropes or climbing gear needed.
This hike gets better the further in you go. If I were to stop at Cooper Lake, it is a 3-4 star. But getting to at least the beginning of Big Heart, it easily becomes a 5 star.

Did the trail 10.21.18 and it was perfect weather. Clear skies, not too cold. I started early (8am) from the lower parking lot and went clockwise. Great scenery, lots of friendly people on the trails (and dogs too!) and the elevation gains were never too strenuous at any one point. I look forward to coming back! Really enjoyed this one.

25 days ago

I only made it 4 miles out. The stretch that I hiked was a nice shaded trail that ran alongside the Hoh River.

28 days ago

such a beautiful trail for relatively moderate amount of work. A must see. take your camera.

28 days ago

Jaw dropping sceneries starting from the 1st minute you get out from the car. The trail is easy for those who have average fitness level. Would recommend hiking clockwise starting with the Wild Goose Trail @ the Heather Meadows Visitor centre, then joining the trailhead of Chain Lakes Loop at the Artist Point. The trail had icy and muddy sections but nothing too technical. Hiking poles will help.

28 days ago

By far the best hike I’ve done, to date. You get the benefit of seeing both Snow and Gem lake along with a stunning vista of both once you get to the mountain top. You also cross several streams along the way that cascade over tiered levels of rock. The scramble up from Gem Lake to the summit can be a challenge due to the path not being obvious at times. The same goes for tracking the path back down.

Did this hike in a full day in the middle of October. The fall colors made the landscape even more breathtaking. We went first to Colchuck Lake and it seemed the best way to go for this trek. We started the hike at 8:50 and came back to the car at 18hs (given that we spent about one whole hour just enjoying the view at Colchuck Lake). If you like to take pictures, I would advise to check the time the sun sets behind the mountains so you ensure your great shots at both lakes.

29 days ago

This was a fantastic 3-day backpacking trip to Blue Glacier and back. The mileage on here isn't correct. It's 17.5 miles one way to Glacier Meadows (35 roundtrip), and then about another mile to the Lateral Moraine, a spectacular view of Blue Glacier. That puts the full trail roundtrip at around 37 miles. There is another spur trail at 17.5 miles in (listed as .8 miles one way I think) to the Terminal Moraine, providing another stunning view of the glacier, this time standing high above where the glacier ends. Both of these steep-climbing trails are well worth the effort. The glacier is definitely the highlight, but the whole hike is gorgeous, with plenty of wildlife, gigantic trees covered in moss, and beautiful views of the Hoh River scattered throughout. My first night was at Mount Tom Creek (~3 miles in). My second night I camped at Elk Lake (~14 miles in), which was a nice campground in the woods. I left most of my stuff there while I hiked with a day pack (smart ranger recommendation) to the glacier and back, then packed up and hiked to Lewis Meadows for the third night. I was on my way out of the park when I stopped at Five Mile Island for lunch and decided it was too nice a spot to leave. I pitched my tent and hiked out and back in after resupplying and registering for two more nights. I definitely recommend staying at Five Mile Island either on the way in or out - it's a beautiful spot on the river, and for my stay, elk showed up before sunset both nights. I think fall is a great time of year for this hike - There are less people, and if you can time it up with good weather, it's pretty ideal. My first day was rainy and the people I saw backpacking out had been in rain the whole trip and seemed miserable. The rest of my trip was around freezing at night and sunny and 60s every day - good stuff. I'm excited to go back.

Easy trail (for me) with very beautiful views.
Highly recommended. The only downside is the business of this trail.

What I mean by easy for me: I haven’t done any super hard trails in WA or anywhere for that matter. I’ve been hiking occasionally ever since I remember. Did about 3 hikes the past summer (not many :( ). Athletic in general but have worked out only about once per week recently.

1 month ago

We got to the trailhead around 9:30 today and the parking lots was mostly empty, when we returned around 2:30 it was slammed! We started at the lower parking lot and went counter clockwise (if you’re looking at the bathrooms, to the right). This meant we had a fairly steep incline for the first 1.5 miles (and it felt like it just kept going!), but we were super glad we didn’t start at the upper lot and then have to go up the steep stairs at the end (these would start the hike if you went left from the bathrooms). It was busy in places but largely not too bad at all. There were lots of dogs off leash on the trail which is really dumb. There’s a good bit of narrow spaces and scramble areas and we definitely saw these dogs getting underfoot of others. Fall colors were gorgeous and I’m glad we got this hike in before the season ended! The hike was quite muddy and there were some icy patches but not bad. We did okay without poles, but my knee might be happier if I’d used them. Is it the hardest hike? No. Is it an easy walk through nature? Also no.

Crazy amounts of gorgeous! Started at Artist Point parking lot north end. Went clockwise. Finished at west end of Visitor center parking lot & ended with the mega staircase before crossing street to our parking lot. This is a full-package hike!

The road is still being worked on, but is open now. Road is pretty rough in areas. The side of the road is soft, there was a car that actually slipped off while we were up there. Large parking lot! Trail is almost all switch backs. We spotted 2 bears, a few pikas, and tons of chipmunks. Once at the top, the temp dropped and it was freezing! Prepare for wind!
Fall colors were amazing!

Did it yesterday. The view is awesome. I don't think it is a hard trail, comparing with other hard trail. It took me 4.5 hour to finish, including stop for picture shooting time.

Drove down from Vancouver BC today to do this one and Skyline Divide. I consider neither one hikes, more like pretty nature walks. Pretty views with very little effort did however leave me feeling pretty unaccomplished but my puppy loved it. Way too busy

Beautiful views! If your not in great hiking shape I would give yourself plenty of time to do this hike. Tough, but totally doable!

Beautiful lakes! Bugs can be pretty bad during summer.

Absolutely stunning! This trail was so beautiful it took my breath away! (but that also could have been because I forgot my inhaler lol) I am definitely out of shape, and don't hike a lot so this completely kicked my butt, but it was so worth it! Hiked with a friend, and we missed the tiny sign pointing the way to Anderson Lake (it is just a small wooden post along the side of the trail by the boardwalk) so we only had time to go to Watson Lakes, but they were still gorgeous! Even the drive up to the trailhead is amazing with views of the mountains towering above the valleys. All in all it was a wonderful day, and I would definitely go back sometime to do Anderson Lake too!


I am of very average fitness level (and overweight to boot) and although it took me quite long (6.5 hours) I was able to complete it with little difficulty. I started at Artist’ Point and took a clockwise loop. The most difficult part was the Wild Goose Trail back to our car. But if you take your time even that’s not terrible, just steep! The views are indescribable, you will never be bored. I can’t wait to come back

Totally a must-hike trail...Gorgeous scenery with pristine lakes, wonderful mountain views, and wild blueberries along most of the path. It did take me longer than expected, as I was hiking with a friend who doesn't hike much and went at a slower pace than expected. Save plenty of time to sit and enjoy the views from both the lakes as well as views above the lakes and at Ptarmigan Ridge.

1 month ago

We hiked this on a perfect sunny day with a temperature high of 15 degrees celcius. We started at Artist Point and hiked clockwise ending where we started. Beautiful views all along the trail with gorgeous snow capped mountains, lakes and colourful autumn foliage. I highly recommend this hike. One of the best hikes I’ve done. It’s not too hard and can be done by most people.

This was a great hike. We camped at Trout Lake and did a day hike up to Copper and Little Heart Lakes the next day (why haul a 20+ pound pack all the way up there). Camping at Trout was so quiet and the ground so soft we couldn't even hear others walking by on the trail - side note, it was so quiet that you also couldn't hear someone walking up to the toilet, when you happened to be sitting on it, until you made awkward eye contact. We quickly learned to use our poles to signal that someone was up there. The hike up to Copper followed a huge (tall) waterfall and wasn't nearly as open or rocky as I expected. Based on other reviews i thought we'd be bouldering up and was preparing myself for that (ptsd from hiking up Aasgard's pass probably). It was rocky but nothing you couldn't just step over. No bugs to worry about, and only saw a few chipmunks and a couple of very upset, territorial squirrels. All in all, a really great weekend hike.

September 28: We hiked clockwise from the Chain Lakes Trailhead/Mt Baker Visitor Center. We were able to knock out about half of the total elevation gain when fresh. Then enjoyed the the mostly level Ptarmigan Ridge/Chain Lakes Trail from Artist Point. And then descending into the Chain Lakes Valley was beautiful. Wonderful fall colors. Wild blueberries found all through the hike. Spectacular mountain view’s reflected in calm cold lakes.

This hike is absolutely beautiful.

Really a wonderful hike. Would recommend crampons or mini spikes to get over spider glacier. Prepare for some arduous climbing, with the views are spectacular. Can't wait to do it again.

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