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August 2017 Vacation Map

Short, easy to moderate hike with amazing views and a waterfall bonus. Went 4/21 and flowers are in bloom! Plenty of hawks and birds. Narrow trail which could be difficult if busy on the switchbacks (little room for passing others). Limited coverage for summer, but definitely recommended in Spring. Flowers are amazing!

Beautiful trail! Had a blast and there is plenty to explore and beautiful views of the gorge! The cemetery is really cool as well. In my opinion this trail is worth the drive from the city.

2 days ago

My boyfriend and I hiked this today and it was beautiful! Really nice views all the way to the pillars, and the pillars themselves are really worth seeing. We had to ford the river quite a few times, some crossings have logs but some do not. I would recommend bringing hiking poles to help cross. We also ran into quite a few ticks coming up on the pillars. The switch backs have lots of bushes and we stopped to brush ticks off our clothes frequently.

Beautiful hike, very well maintained trails. Very busy on the weekends though...

Just a little snow at the top! Great hike.

Hiked this with my husband pushing our bob stroller and my 7 month old baby strapped to me in the Ergo. Difficult but amazing. We loved every minute. The views are outstanding!

Probably one of my all time favourite hikes. It’s a mix of hard up hill, hard downhill and everything in between. The beauty of the area on a sunny day, is magnanimous.the hike itself is hard, with slightly sketchy moments, but nothing to fear. Just put your head down and keep going.

Beautiful and doable hike. I am 60 and over weight and I was able to do the hike. It took my husband and I about 1.5 hours to hike up, hang out for a bit and come down. Interesting small cemetery at the beginning, beautiful waterfall then switch backs to the top. Worth the time for a quick day hike

this is a great hike. go to the right for shorter steeper or the left for longer and mellow. both ways are beautiful.

weather was perfect, 55 and party cloudy. did the hard section first (would recommend) then got to relax with a nice, easy walk at the end.

20 days ago

Ignore my stars.. I just wanted to give an update on the road conditions. We tried getting to the trail head yesterday and found quite a bit of snow still on the road heading to the trailhead. We were traveling in a 4WD crossover, which did fine, but the snow progressively increased and the road narrows with 3 miles still to go. We decided to turn back in case it became too deep and we didn’t have the ability to turn around down the road. It would be passable with snow tires or maybe a little bit bigger car. In reality our car would have probably done fine but it made me a little nervous. We will definitely be back to do this hike in the future!

22 days ago

Went on a partly sunny day. You pass by a pioneer cemetery at the beginning which is really cool and interesting. Then you come to a beautiful creek pool, and then you make your way up the hill with some rocky switchbacks (moderate difficulty). At the top you reach the plateau with beautiful views of the gorge. There were lots of wildflowers at this time of year (mid-April). Great springtime hike, but due to the lack of shade this trail would be pretty hot in the summer.

22 days ago

Excellent views!!

24 days ago

Rocky uphill. Definitely moderate on the first half.

Awesome route that takes you through all the best Smith has to offer!

Beautiful river of Klickitat, we had a great time hiking along you. Beautiful views and lots of green and flowers popping up. A Bald Eagle high in the sky, crows screaming for attention and only few people on this trail. Peacefull sunday...Could have been much worse today! Thank you.
Turn right just after the 1 mile sign...be careful.

Great hike. And views from the top are absolutely worth it. Looking forward to doing it again when I’m back in Oregon!

Really amazing hike, had so much fun! Amazing views and a great workout. The first stretch was the hardest but after the first mile or two it still gained quite a bit in elevation but was pretty easy. The whole loop took about 3 hours with breaks to watch the rock climbers, loved it!

great day of snowshoeing

I am 50 years old had a heart attack in June of 2017. And we made it up and thru the whole trail. Don’t kid yourself, it’s difficult but beautiful. It was awsome

Beautiful views and great workout!

What a great hike to start 2018. Did this mid February and very unseasonably warm temps in the upper 60's. A fairly easy out and back trek. Great views. Even saw Twin Pillars to the North. A beautiful hike in the Ochocos

My all time favorite hike. But it has gotten so crowded in recent years. I visited here just weeks before the fire closed it in 2017.

Very sad. But can’t wait for it to reopen.

Really neat trail, perfect quick hike with an amazing view. There are some fun boulders to climb on if you're feeling adventurous at the pillar.

AMAZING hike and views! Definitely a difficult hike, but worth it! My all time fav!

my very first trail in Oregon

2 months ago

Hiked 2/4. Road up to the trailhead and trail in good shape. Last 1/4 mile a bit dicey with snow. It was doable in boots for sure, but would have felt a bit better in yak tracks.

2 months ago

Pretty spicy little moderate hike. Fantastic views. Little bit of snow on the top. Not enough to warrant snowshoes or spikes. Wind shifts up top and temps plummet. Layer accordingly.

Love it when I'm there to hike, hate it when I'm there to climb. But this trail always commands some of the most breathtaking sunsets in Oregon. Always a top pick.

Amazing hike, perfect weather just the right amount of challenge.

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