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Gorgeous hike on a snowy trail. The yellow larches and mountains were stunning against the blue sky & snow. Glad that we found it.

A friend and I did this trail today. October 14. For future reference it is a difficult hike at this time due to show accumulation. We were the only ones to do it today. We ended up missing the rock cairn for the creek crossing as it was buried under snow. So a 14km hike turned into a 23km hike. The falls look amazing with ice on them. Just be sure to bring extra socks and perhaps snowshoes. As for the crossing of the river at the beginning? ... it was dang cold.

4 days ago

Well packed snowy trail with great scenery... gets you up into the Alpine quickly and the views at the end are phenomenal! I will definitely be back in the summer

9 days ago

Great hike, difficult during the snow fall of September 2018 due to the amount of slippery slopes. Easily overcome with micro spikes

10 days ago

Did this one today. Only about 20 people on the trail. Still a bit of snow so snowshoes or micro spikes would be recommended. Still a few larch trees with needles on but won’t be for much longer. Nice first snowshoe of the year.

10 days ago

Thoroughly enjoyable hike, early snow meant I'd have done better breaking the trail with snow shoes. Larches are looking great, the lake is now freezing over...by the time I descended there had been enough traffic to start to pack down the snow, Able to straight line the short cut through the deep snow to save a kilometer. saw moose, saw lynx tracks and the lake is spectacular. A bit more work than Chester Lake but more than worth it. Met some great people too.

11 days ago

Took a chance on this hike post 60cm of snow. Trails were marked and had enough travel. Great short hike with wonderful views and the many larch on the trail were full gold.
We’ve done Ptarmigan Circe for many years at thanks giving but this hike has less wind, is quieter and still has great vistas.
Will do again. There were hikers, snowshoers and cross country skiers out today.

Excellent hike. Could have used our spikes up top as a small amount of snow made it pretty slippery.

17 days ago

A great shoulder season hike. Trail started out dry, got a bit muddy in the middle and lightly snowy for the upper third. The parking lot for nearby Chester Lake was pretty full when we passed it (so assume lots of hikers on that trail) but we only passed a few other groups on this trail. Proved to be a good hike for seeing the larches without the crowds. Pretty much had the lake to ourselves.

21 days ago

Not a hike I’d do again. Fairly easy to get up, not a lot to see.

did this trip to see Larches, with a group of women. despite fresh snow, the larches did not disappoint. This is a great hike for most abilities. I'm planning on taking my daughter back this weekend. some moderately short steep section on the entrance from the lot with the snow in place poles ar highly recommended. There was one short log to cross where those who brought poles shared to allow others safer crossing.

It looked like it was going to be a rainy day but turned out to be excellent. We missed the trail head at first, heading down the river instead of crossing it. This route requires a decent river crossing right at the beginning and then is fine after that. Also we brought bathing suits and jumped in the water when we got to the falls. It was freezing but tons of fun. Super fun walk in the woods. Little elevation climbing required. Long trail but worth it for the falls.

25 days ago

Beautiful hike. Super easy but an awesome day out. Not much snow. Plenty of scenery, and a great to see the larches in full bloom, by the lake. Almost made it to the saddle but had to turn around due to incoming weather.

Starts out fairly easy but certainly ramps up in difficulty as you turn to go up the hill. Definitely a little challenging.

As Bryan said, it's do able on a weekday. I got there at 4 PM, got a bit lost by walking around on the wrong side of the road and then made it to the correct trailhead. I was all done by 7:15 and that included a break at the top and a few small breaks coming up

28 days ago

Lovely hike that I was able to do on a weekday. Only person on the path for the entire duration. This is an excellent hike for a first-time solo trip. Not overly challenging but still gets the heart rate up while providing some nice views. 1.5 hours in, 1 hour out.

Trail is in great condition, but we saw a grizzly today 5 minutes from the lake and had to turn around. Be cautious if heading that way. We reported it, but there is no change to the trail report.

Missed the turn off that heads up the hill so spent a lot of time bushwhacking. Great views but footing coming down was loose and slippery and very steep. Would not recommend it for children or those prone to vertigo. You need to be in pretty good physical shape. Fun if you’re comfortable with a challenge.

This is on my list of hikes to repeat

1 month ago

Decent hike , not the best view until you’re at the very top. Took around 3 and a half hours with a long break at the top for lunch

1 month ago

Start of trail (2-3km) is basically a wide dirt road/trail. Would be good for biking. Once you break away from that, where the trail splits to go to Karst Springs, you are on a beautiful trail. The scenery is fantastic. This is a very enjoyable easy hike.

been year but great easy hike for sure well worth it

Great hike. Peaceful at the top. I didn’t find it difficult to find the start of the trail. It’s just pass the bridge about 2-3 mins on right hand side.

Great hike for our 8 and 12 year old! Didn’t enjoy walking the service road to get to trailhead but found a path that meandered through trees on the way back.

This is a great short hike that awards beautiful views at the end.

Steep one for sure. Great views. The trail thins out and is a bit rocky at the top. We had two ravens following us the whole time. We spotted a black bear and three deer from our advantage point.

I did this trail on horseback and really enjoyed it. I would recommend having shoes on your horses as the terrain gets a bit rocky in parts. Wouldn’t be a great ride for beginners as you definitely need to navigate some obstacles- lots of roots and deadfall and some slippery hills (it had rained the night before) Took about 3.5 hours round trip including a nice rest at the falls.

Great short hike. Didn't see the waterfall at first and missed the turn. Elevation is challenging enough. And the view is gorgeous as you start climbing up. Highly recommend.

Rewarding short hike. Easy to miss the branch off trail - watch for the switch backs heading up on the right.

Some scramblers came through while we were hiking and knocked a lot of (big enough to hurt) rocks loose. Thankfully they had someone watching and yelling so we knew to get out of the way, but be aware that others may not be as careful - look up as you go and be aware.

1 month ago

Great trail! Took our two kids with us (4yr and 8 months). Its easy to moderate hike. Slow and gradual.
Bonus- we went during long weekend and saw only handfull of other hikers , it was like a private hike and with kiddos its more than we can ask for.

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