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Great dynamic trail with a bunch of beautiful homes to look at during certain sections of the trail. Impossible to get lost and not too long or to short.

Great trail! Yes, it goes through a neighborhood in spots but the houses and yards are gorgeous so no complaints. Made for some nice sight-seeing. There were definitely some challenging hills and technical parts of the trail. Great for Spartan/OCR or trail racing training. The weather was perfect and only saw one person the whole time. Trail is well maintained and well marked.

Good cardio trails with my dog

Um, this is Winchester Trail.

on Stevens Trail East

1 month ago

Great trail, and enjoyable river. The trail is very easy to follow not too steep and the bugs were not as bad

Super easy, beautiful trail! I started at the dam, and went toward the launch ramp, and made the loop all the way around. The path was paved and pretty flat most of the way around, and then turned into dirt and a few hills at the end. Went on a weekend, and there wasn’t much foot traffic or activity at the lake, it was perfect! Lots of spots to stop and take breaks, if you want. Very dog friendly! Lots of places for my dog to head down to the water and get a little swim in. Would definitely go back!

Wonderful adventure! Gorgeous views & challenging.

Nice hike. We took a small trail above Robie Point and saw some old home foundations and an old fireplace aching an old brick pathway around the house. Pretty cool.

2 months ago

I’m not sure how anyone else made it to this trail. I took I80 to Foresthill Rd and my GPS took me to Sugar Pine Rd and it was very narrow, rocky and steep. I made it about two miles on that dirt road before I turned around because I felt like my car couldn’t make it any further (and I even have an AWD SUV). May try again using a different route.

2 months ago

my girlfriend, dog and myself decided to attack the hike and being only 3ish miles one way, didn't seem too bad. FYI....hella poison oak! like everywhere! highly reccomend pants and long sleeves for the hike and bring a set of swimming clothes. trail was narrow and not too bad going down. some spots were a little eroded but I'd assess it at a moderate trail. the river is more than worth the hike down and back. swimming holes and spots to jump off the rocks. beautiful weather, we went September 2nd 2018. the hike up was a little longer of coarse, at that point the poison oak was irrelevant but the nats and skeeters were intense. all in all it was a good hike and the hike was worth it besides the poison oak.

I suggest going early before the crowds & the heat. I took my senior mom my teenage daughter and our poodle, it is definitely a trail for the whole family.

Great trail for training for Spartan Races

What a wonderful trail! The path is paved between the two beaches (about 1/3 of the whole loop) on the eastern side of the lake. It’s nicely shaded and cool from the lake. The water is clear and perfect swimming temperature. It’s super dog friendly too! The trail itself doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic, but the main beaches do. I suggest walking the trail and finding a good spot along the trail instead of seeking out the main beaches. The water itself is clear and perfect swimming temperature. I recommend swimming shoes because the bottom is rocky and some of the rocks are sharp.

Nice hike 8 plus miles around trip.

Didn’t really come for the hiking, but did about a 1/4 of the loop N. from boat ramp. Seemed well marked and paved. Perfect for my toddlers. Mostly drove up for swimming and a picnic at the lake. A bit of a drive, but worth it to us. Def will be back. Awesome watering hole to keep the kids cool on the hot summer days

Nice hike. It was hard to stick to this path as there were many forks to different trails. We ended up with 7.5 miles by the end. Nice wide trails and pretty scenery.

So. To start, it was about 90 degrees out when we did the hike, and about 98 when we finished, so that contributed greatly to the overall “uncomfortable” vibes we got. There is about 50/50 coverage, but it comes in big chunks of shade and big chunks of sun, so you can be hiking in the sun for a while which can be quite miserable if it’s even relatively hot. The beginning section on Quarry Trail was nice, pretty flat for the most part, and a couple opportunities to go down to the river. The split to Brown’s Bar Trail and Wendell T Robie Trail was the beginning of the steepest part, in addition to being the least maintained part of the trail. There is poison oak EVERYWHERE, and at points you have to beat through overgrown vegetation (with thorns), and traverse a mud pit (with overgrown thorns, of course) that makes you question whether the trail continues at all. I cannot stress enough how overgrown the trail was. No “awe-spiring” views at the top, or even along the second part of the trail. So long story not so short: If you decide to do the two latter trails, bring LOTS of water (like more than you normally would for a big hike), stay very covered to protect from thorns, poison oak, and other sharp vegetation, and by all means do NOT go if it’s too warm out. Not sure if it’s even worth it, to be honest. Just stick to Quarry Trail.

This trail was awesome. with frequent breaks to rest and take photos. It took us 2.5 hours to complete. Keep in mind we had my 5 year old with us so we constantly took breaks. My advice for folks who are picnicking in the area is to dress in swim clothes, bring a life jacket, and once you get half way through the trail just hop back in the water and swim back to your picnic location.

This trail is awesome and the fallen tree is very easy to navigate. It was not a problem at all for us. It is so gorgeous and the perfect hike for a hot day!! Last year we had to scramble over the fallen tree but the trail has been completely improved! All the way around the lake is about 10,000 steps!!!

LOTS of ticks, but very scenic.

Good local hike. Go fairly early especially during the summer because it gets very hot. Lots of mosquitos and cute little waterfalls.

Not my cup of tea. I didn't like walking past all of the houses.

Great trail. Things I wish I knew: I suggest taking one of the routes closest to the water on your way out, then taking the highlighted route back. Great views by the water and also makes it a little more interesting. You can dip in the water if you want. Also, there were a few more interesting rocky areas (very short) where you had to climb a little.

There are some areas, maybe 20-30%, that are wide open in the sun and on a wide trail (which I disliked). But this was only a minor inconvenience. Bring lots of water - I went through all 3L on a sunny day.

Watch out for poison oak at the very beginning!

I enjoyed this trail very much! it is going by the houses and roads but did not bother me at all. I will do it again. I took some cool photos of flowers and trees. Very interesting, the first trail I did not see one hiker on it. It was strange to me because it is a cool hiking trail.

Found this gem of a location while photographing Waterfalls in Northern Cal. This trail offers hikes from Easy to Hard. Gorgeous trails that offer stunning wildflowers in the spring. Important: Weekend Parking requires a permit with fee, but no permit required during the week and parking is free.

Very nice enjoyable hike. Ranger was very helpful for our first time to the park. The waterfall was rushing! We came on a Sunday and it wasn’t too crowded at all.

Found the trails through this app.

Bad part lots of horse poop on trail.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Started the trail near the church. Rode about 4 miles then ran into huge switch backs, way to steep to ride bike on and the way down was way to steep to ride. This trail is more of a hiking trail. Would not Mountian bike this again.

started at training hill. pretty easy mostly flat. beautiful views. lots of butterflies this time of year. just after the waterfall maybe 3 minutes is a picnic bench which is nice. sadly some lame people throw garbage over the side. this would be good for trail running. also the trail is about 70% sun and 30% shade.

Great loop, but the back side of the trail from the dam to the day use area has alot of fallen trees and debris on alot of the trail. about 1/4 mile in from the dam a huge fallen tree has taken out almost all of the trail. After that though pretty smooth sailing. Park at the boat launch and take trail to the right all paved for about a mile and a half good out and back if you dont want to do the whole loop.
Over all great trail, would recommend and do it again.

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