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Great for beginners

3 days ago

great short walk with beautiful views

This was a fun hike, trails are well maintained and blazed, until you get about 200 yards from the summit and the blazes are on rock and rather hard to find but makes for a fun climb. would rate it as moderate.

Moderately easy trail with amazing views from lookouts along the way to the summit.

We took the ring trail to witch havel which takes you to the top. We were there for about an hour and a half including about 20 minutes at the top. There are lots of other trails and you can make it a longer hike if desired. all trails are very well marked. I wouldn't say it's an "easy" hike but we are beginners and we did it no problem

8 days ago

It’s a perfect family hike: not too long or strenuous, but getting to the top still feels like an accomplishment. There is some rock scrambling required at the top that may feel moderately challenging to some, but it’s very doable. We saw people of all ages and fitness levels on the trail. We went with several kids ranging in age from 2 to 10 and they had a blast. The two year old was carried up in a pack but insisted upon climbing the rocks at the top. There are actually several areas at the top where it was safe for the two year old to roam! It took us about 40 minutes to make it up but that was with kids. Adults could do it much quicker. Trekking poles or a walking stick aren’t necessary but they do help on this particular hike. We went around noon on a holiday weekend and it was crowded; the parking lot was full and cars were lining both sides of Hurricane Mountain Road. However, the crowds dispersed along the trail and didn’t take away from the experience at the top.

Great trail with gorgeous views of the falls

10 days ago

IT is more than great. No Words for iT

13 days ago

great little hike. light traffic and feel far from everything even though you actually aren’t too far!

Always a great hike, in any season. Fab views from the top. Approx 1.5 hours to complete the loop. Dog friendly. Can be crowded on the weekends. Devil’s Pulpit is a short diversion near the top which affords less crowded views.

Great views moderate hike. Very fun place to checkout.

Easy, but crowded . Great views.

22 days ago

More “moderate” than “easy” but is well marked and has great payoff.

Easy walk to the falls. A few steps that are a little steep. Very rewarding!!

It’s not easy, starts off easy but the climb up is very steep. Views are great !

great hike with breathtaking views, I would definetely recommend squaw trail( red one) Not for kids under 10

25 days ago

loved it. easy hike. nice view.

My dogs love this hike!

Love it. Relatively easy for most everyone.

Love this hike! If you have kids I wouldn't call it easy...it is a quick hike but towards the top it made me nervous with the kids because of the steep rocks. Overall though, AMAZING!

30 days ago

Awesome views at sunset!

1 month ago

amazing veiw. we went there 2 x in the week . we love it. it good for any age

on Black Cap Trail

1 month ago

it was a nice hike. even bought a 12 small dog. she did this hike with out me picking her. up.

1 month ago

Nice easy hike, not a flat trail, the last 700 feet are pretty steep, but, hey, you're in the white mountains, nh.

1 month ago

An easy hike with my 7 year old and dog. We did the loop at the top, it was 2.7 miles total. Great views. Very crowded on this fall sunday, had to park on the road.

I enjoyed this hike today. I'm not sure if I started in the right place though. Never saw the words Waterfall Loop Trail anywhere. I'm a novice hiker and there are a lot of trails diverging in this area. Plus is a lot of signs, so pretty easy to figure out if you're in the right place or not. I did go up the Airline trail to the Valley Way trail where I ran into the waterfalls. Airline Trail was pretty rocky, but easy to traverse. Less rocky coming down the Valley Way trail. Overall a good hike for this cool afternoon.

1 month ago

Was looking for something in this area to do a easy or moderate loop. Found this and didn't realize I had actually gone past it when doing another hike out at Alander Mtn. a while back. This is a busy area, a hike that is more for somebody looking for something to do on a weekend than say a hiker looking to do a section of the AT. Don't get me wrong, it's nice but don't look for solitude. After seeing many people starting their loop by going right, I went left to start and did clockwise. Only saw a few people till I got towards the top. Still, some people are just loud and can't just enjoy the mountain. Glad I found some areas to explore before reaching the congested top area. There is a section just off the Squaw trail that is called Devil's Pulpit. It's just a little side trail so take it if you can. It brings you to the cliff area, straight down if you slip but no worries. :) All in all, a decent hike but nothing too exciting till you get to the Squaw trail. There is the Indian loop trail which goes alongside the mountain under the Squaw, probably worth checking out but wasn't that interested to back track and find out. Last thing to note as I didn't notice when I pulled into the parking lot but I guess you need or will have to pay to park. I walked by a kiosk getting back to my car. I checked it out, doesn't look like it had been activated yet but just letting you know for future reference. When I parked and started up the trail, I didn't go by this and there isn't a sign anywhere that mentions paying at least not yet.

The map is kinda confusing. I thought it was a loop trail, but couldn’t figure out the loop from the top. Although it was a really pretty view.

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