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2 days ago

Beautiful, well kept trail. Quite a bit of inclines if you take the longer path (outer trail). The waterfall, and creek were both very beautiful! I'd suggest lots of water and supportive shoes.. you'll be sore towards the end!

The Creek was too high to safely cross with my small dog this morning. Beautiful day for a hike though, hiked up the north bank to the treatment plant at Lost Creek and back.

4 days ago

Beautiful scenery with a gorgeous little waterfall and pool (all the rain helps). We did the 1.8 mile loop which was a good length with our 18 mo. In tow. A great little hike right in town.

Love this trail! Great for kids and pets.

7 days ago

Very nice views of the city and the river below. The hike was simple and well maintained. very nice for a family hike without going too far. On street parking was very convenient.

Waterfalls were underwhelming. Short rocky trail.

You won’t be sorry. You can go right to dam or left to falls.

Bring money for entrance fee. $5 per person unless your under 12 or a Disabled Veteran. Map provided. Purple section of the trail was closed off which was only 5% of the trail and alternative was optional. Found multiple coins on the trail with my detector.

Great trail but can be muddy after rains.

Just challenging enough to tire my four and two year old out.

road biking
11 days ago

Very scenic with good surface. However our ride was truncated due to flooding at about 1.8 miles near the railroad bridge. It would have been nice if there had been a posting at the start of the trail. Spoke to the YMCA staff before we started on it but they said nothing either. It looked like it could be closed for the next week.

Took both dogs and kids on this trail. It stays shady which keeps the temps comfortable. Lots of water features and sets of natural stairs. I really enjoyed this park.

This is a beautiful west Austin park. It’s not too big, however it’s very scenic. Great trail for dogs!

16 days ago

Great hike in NW Austin. Some great views up the hill, and a nice creek to watch fish and turtles in. I love this park so much I had some wedding photos taken there.

A nice morning hike, well traveled and maintained trail that feels like it’s a lot farther out of town than it is.

This is an awesome trail for hiking or jogging. There are a few creek crossings so you can’t run the whole time, but it’s nice to take a couple breaks anyway. My dog loves this trail because there is a creek the whole way and lots to explore. The end of this trail is a seemingly endless staircase that will give you an excellent workout, but you can turn around if you’re not in the mood. Really amazing and beautiful.

The butt-kicking moderately difficult Canyon Trail at River Place Nature Trail is not to be missed: 3.5 miles, 9,802 steps, 28 floors and only takes 1.5 hours! Of course, that’s one-way, so you do the math. Great views.

Love the elevation. Highly populated though.

20 days ago

Best trail for a hike/run workout in ATX. Multiple water crossings can be muddy after a rain. Peaceful and beautiful. I like to start at the Little Fern trail to get to the main trail. Hiking or trail running shoes are recommended. This trail is not for the faint at heart! If you, your dogs or children are not a regular hiker or in shape please find another trail!

Great trail. Had rained the day before so the 4 stream crossings each way required waterproof hiking boots or wet feet! Path is generally single file.

nature trips
23 days ago

Great views of Austin. The trial is easy and can be done in less than 15 minutes if your in shape. Someone who is less fit can do this in 30. I’d bring someone who hasn’t visited the Holbert Trail before but I wouldn’t make it a point to go back solo.

25 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous scenery. No pets allowed as this is a wildlife preserve. Wear sturdy shoes as the terrain can get tough. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen. No entry fee but donations encouraged. Entrance is kind of hidden—driveway located on Loop 360 north.

25 days ago

Great trail even though the whole terrain is fire damaged.

trail running
1 month ago

Parked at the bottom and hiked up. Went through the detours. Made it to top then ran down along River Place rd back to car. About 6 miles total. Pretty good. Relaxing.

Amazing trail! Definitely a decent workout if you keep your pace up. There is a ton of stairs as the others have mentioned, but I really enjoyed them. My Garmin said I did 170 flights of stairs today!
I started around 9AM on a Sunday and there was a fair amount of people, but not as much as I thought there would have been. I would on the way up that I would come across others every 15-20 minutes, but on the way down it was probably every 5 minutes, if that.
Pups loved getting a bit muddy and then crossing the streams.

1 month ago

this was hard. the over 2000 steps really gets to you. the trail is well kep, clean and with plenty of signs. i was left gasping on a few ocasions. there are many water ponds and small falls along the creek. all beautiful. i only completed it one way this time, will try back and forth the next time.

It’s a nice view of Austin

Great trail to escape and hike with the pups! Very good trail with plenty of room to walk 3-dogs wide. Trail is great because you get a good deal of variety. You get a mix of rocky (large and small), wooded terrain, and then some nice views of the lake on top of the bluffs.
Its not going to challenge you and get your heart rate up very high, but its a decent workout if you keep a good pace.

Always a good choice, although most people think so, as they're always tons of people around. Easy hike, just a little rocky at some points.

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