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Beautiful and quiet views. Don’t worry about doing the whole loop. Just park by the stairs or 1/2 mile up there are huge pull offs. Hike down to the stairs and you will have a great time. 1.5miles In you will hit an amazing rock outcropping Overlook that can see forever. You will have a few small water crossings but nothing bad. If you go near a rain you will see huge waterfalls cascading down signal mountain on the other side and the trail is typically pretty empty. Try it out!

26 days ago

This is a nice park with well maintained trails. I see reviews knocking the trails for lack of views, no variety of wildlife, and noise from airplanes. Understand this is a county park. In comparison to other county parks it is huge at 1960 acres. For comparison, the closest state park, Fort Yargo, is 1816 acres. Yargo has a lake, and a campground. Black Rock Mountain State Park, close to the start of the Appalachian Trail, is only 1743 acres. Try to appreciate that despite their hunger to enable suburban sprawl, Gwinnett County set aside this much space.

This trail is top notch. A trail runner's dream.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Love this place for mtn biking. Some fast runs and some fun drops. Noting to crazy. It’s just fun

Lightly trafficked, beautiful views, a challenging climb but fun. Definitely study your map at the beginning if you're starting at Deep Creek, it would be easy to take the wrong turn.

My wife and I did the walking trail and loved it! The trails make maximum use of ridge lines avoiding overly steep climbs.

Nice walk, lots of nature.

Rode a 14.2 mile route option. Roughly 6 mile climb to summit and alternating downhills and some climbs for the return. Beautiful creeks and falls along 224A and 77A trails.

We had GPS to lead us to the address here for the trailhead. We found neither trailhead nor trail. Most disappointing.

4 months ago

This is helpful.
I can do 23.1 miles.
I am waiting to hear back from some of the tough hikers to join.
I am still studying about more trails in the Smoky Mountains especially the ones that you would go down the Mountain-to-See trail. The Mingus Creek trail loop could be a good start, too.

6 months ago

Lots of trails! It beautiful and peaceful!

7 months ago

Not the most scenic hike. Very nice 10 mile path through the woods. Well marked with many different trails to follow. Can easily be a short hike of only a couple miles or a long hike of ten or more miles. Lots of deer and birds. Very shaded and peaceful.

great trails

horseback riding
8 months ago

Friends and I bring our horses to this trail regularly, and even after the hurricane damage it's wonderful. The trails are a little more rocky since Irma came through, but still easy enough for my 23 year old to handle in the autumn. Water is available to hose your horse off and fill water buckets!
The porta potty DOESN'T often have tp though, so bring your own.

Went there last week. Awesome and difficult hike. Headed back in June. I didn't bring my camera as it was supposed to rain. Did it in 3 days.

Fantastic trail. The river crossings were cold but great. There’s still a lot of downed trees from the fire, but moved as many as we could. The turn off from jacks river was hard to spot because of a downed tree and the sharp ascent, but we thoroughly enjoyed this trail. I think the whole loop is closer to 18 miles, but not certain. There’s also very little water on the ridge trails, so take advantage on the river and get what you’ll need.

Challenging. Took rough ridge to jacks to rice camp to cowpen. Can camp before upper falls river crossing and after lower falls crossing. Yellow sign marks no camp zone. A lot of burn damage/downed trees. There is some water on cowpen, at the stream shown before cowpen connects with hickory ridge, but it’s a steep scramble down to collect.

9 months ago

Do not do the route listed by all trails!!!!!!! Do the loop from hickory ridge around to rough ridge. If you try to take horseshoe bend the trail just ends half mile before jacks river. I ended up bushwhacking down a 50 degree slope to get down to the river to my campsite. The forest fire really messed this area up. No cell service anywhere. Trekking poles are a must if you are backpacking. The forest rangers will not do anything for you. They are useless. No good water on all of the east cowpen side. Plus half of east cowpen trail is a dirt road. I was disappointed. Jacks river was beautiful. I repeat do not do the loop listed by all trails!!!!!!!!! Take hickory ridge to rough ridge loop. It is shorter but way less problems. Plus shorter distances to get to cleaner water. Only cell service is from the three forks trailhead to about 3 miles down the ridge.

great 3 day backpacking trip! Beautiful views, some challenging sections of the hike.

Fantastic very diverse trail system. Time flies while hiking it. Lots of surprises along the way.

10 months ago

So much to do at this park. You can hike, you can walk, run, mountain bike, even horse ride. And you have miles and miles to do it all. Love it

Great trail. One of the best I’ve done yet!! Trail had a lot of great views, waterfalls, and much more. If you do this make sure you take plenty of protein to help your muscles recovery from all the climbing you will do. This only took us about a day and half. We ventured a little off course to get the overview of table rock as well.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Great trail. It should be noted that there are no campsites in Table rock state park and it is against park rules to camp along the trail, so plan on doing the whole loop without stopping? We went in January and completed this in three days and two nights. We saw about twelve day hikers and I have been told that TBRSP is very crowded during the peak season. There is evidence of a previous forest fire throughout this whole trail. There are lots of rock caves. Water is not an issue except along the ridge trail.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Good trail, the elevation wasn't too bad. There was definitely some up and down, but you are high enough about 3 miles in to get some good views. Great day trail with only a few down trees you have to climb under. We packed in and slept at one of the junctions with the Pinhoti Trail along the crest. Got down to low 30's with a decent wind. We made a windbreak and a bonfire. Slept wonderfully in my 20 degree bag. There was snow on the ground the whole time. Great trip and did it with an eleven year old in the party.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Great for the family

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Beautiful view at Mcdill point

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

It's a great trail, plenty of elevation and it's pretty remote. The only downsides are there's a lot of poison ivy and a lot of ticks. If you're bringing a dog, make sure you give them tick medicine ahead of time, and that you use a lot of deet on yourself. Otherwise, great hike!

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

I would have rated this trail 5 stars but you couldn't use much of it. it has not been cleaned up since the fires last year. there were trees down all over the trails. we had to go over, under and around constantly. also the trails are not blazed at all so it is very easy to miss a turn or lose the trail with all the trees down.

the trails were so bad we could not complete the loop and had to come back out on the same path. if it were cleaned up it would have been a great hike and camping experience.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

I responded to the rong one sorry. This a great experience and it pushes you to your limits.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

I give this a 3 star because it wasnt what I was expecting it was suppose to be a chalenge but it wasnt.

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