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The Saturday I was there was overcast and dreary with no view of the Berkshires from Rand's view and a slight view from Mount Prospect. On the plus side The Great Falls were RAGIN!! Had a nice picnic at Rand's view will definitely return one day when the weather is nice!!

Such a beautiful hike. It was the first big hike I've done this year, it had just enough challenge but still for all skill levels. My dog also loved it.

there are some great views on this hike — not just the gorgeous meadow at rand's view, but also the view from mt. prospect and a nice variety of woodlands. i second the suggestion to drive past the marked trailhead and park in the lot by the dam. you can pick up the trail just across the road from there. lots of poison ivy along the trail, so keep your eyes out. but there are also some nice wildflowers blooming right now, especially goldenrod.

spent time there 40 years ago, thinking of staying a couple nights on the ledges if they still let you. beautiful place to get a little rock climbing experience

This section was great! For anyone looking to continue after bulls bridge beware. The trail gets pretty challenging after that until your next out at Route 341 in Kent. Annie at Back Country Outfitters was awesome! She gave us a last minute shuttle back to the trail head where we started. The ice cream is something you don’t want to pass up either.

Beautiful hike, walked to the steel bridge and came back on the AT, which was a nice loop. Great views of the river on the way back.

Rand's View is just incredible, there's nothing in CT like it. Instead of parking where the directions for this takes you, I recommend driving up further until you find a parking lot on the right which is near the dam. It's a 1.8 mile hike from there to the summit of Mt. Prospect. The beginning and end parts of the hike are easy, the middle gets steep. Thankfully it peters out and the last quarter mile or so is pretty flat. The view at the summit is good, though a bit limited with the trees on the side. The hike down to Rand's View was very easy, only about another 15 minutes. I didn't go any further onto Raccoon Hill, so the total hike for me was about 6 miles with roughly 1000 feet of elevation gain. Total hike time for me was 2 hours 47 minutes. It was cloudy when I went but still had a fantastic view. Best in CT!

Great mid-level hike. I hiked to Skiff Mt. Road and took the road back to my car. Starts off with a beautiful field of purple and yellow flowers. Then there is a steep ascent for about 15-20 minutes. After that the trail mostly levels off until a descent at the four mile mark. The trail is 90 percent shaded. Views at the top are impressive but are probably better when the leaves have fallen.

Great hike. I parked at Jug End road and began my hike there. Unfortunately I picked a rainy so, it was slippery and muddy, and the trails were covered by the mist. At least it was chilly and not humid or muggy. I originally wanted to hike all the way to Bear Mountain but once I got to Mount Race I decided to go back cause it’s a long loop. If it was a one way, i would’ve done it. A loop hike to Mount Race alone was a total of 12.6 miles and by the time I was close to my car I was so sleepy and hungry lol. I almost wanted to crash at the Glen Brook shelter lol which btw it’s a beautiful shelter. There’s an outback, fire pit, bear box, table with a bench and a creek nearby. I got one clear scenic view but others were misty. The wooden stairs bolted on the rocks are pretty cool too. I was surprised at how many through hikers I met along the way some coming from Maine and others from Georgia. They were real nice people. Other than that, it was an awesome hike.

Be prepared for a really quick intense rock scramble! Starting from here will give you a serious workout before you loosen up... highly satisfying and you will meet some great through hikers. Bring some trail magic.

It was HOT!!! 1st bit is quite steep. Great time nice trail. Good training for my Long Trail trek in September

Everything i hoped for. Great views and nice people along the way.

5 months ago

Great for trail running!

Great hike and had perfect weather ta boot!! I added just under 4 miles round trip onto the hike by starting at the AT parking lot off of route 41. If you are looking to camp out there are numerous camping spots along the route. Bear mountain is a great lunch spot...view from Lion's Head is gorgeous as well

Awesome trail. But beware, hard means hard! Not for the newbie. Hiked it when it was raining and definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be in that situation without climbing and scrambling skills. Can get very dangerous, very quick. Especially the back side of Bear Mt. And the ascent to Mt Everett is no joke! But what a great experience! Will be doing it again soon.

Great hike with a unique payoff at Rand's View. Was lucky to have the meadow all to myself, as I arrived early. Unfortunately it was a bit misty and foggy in the distance so the view was not all it might have been. Still super cool. I didn't hike as far as the AllTrails route indicates, but I did check out Giant's Thumb and went a little beyond that, until I saw the trail heading steeply downhill. Mount Prospect view is nice, though not spectacular. But it's a good place to rest for a while before chugging along to Rand's View. Lots of nice ups and downs on this trail, but nothing too taxing.

This section of the AT is difficult, that’s for sure. Sometimes the gradual climbs seem to go on forever. But once you reach the top(s) you’re rewarded with the most spectacular views. The northbound scramble down from Bear Mountain is also challenging. I’d definitely recommend hiking poles.

There are plenty of active water sources (at least in springtime) and the trails are nicely marked with ample signage. The campsites are nicely maintained, but prepare to share the shelters with other hikers. For me this proved to be an awesome opportunity to swap stories with experienced AT thru-hikers.

All-in-all a fantastically rewarding hike!

nice trail with waterfalls, not many decent views but when you do see one it's amazing. give yourself about 5rs time and bring snacks.

Great hike from the AT trailhead near Jug End up to Mt. Everett. steep climb at the beginning then leisurely hike along a ridge with views. Summit is a bit unremarkable, but nice views from the shelter just below. was snowing throughout our hike with no one else on the trail.

I'm planning a hike here this year. is there a place to park?

I very much Enjoyed this hike. Not very difficult...great for folks with not much experience hiking as well as families. Calebs Peak is a wonderful spot to stop and enjoy the view south through the Housatonic valley...pack a lunch!!

Great moderate hike..started from small parking lot off of route 341. Went up and over both St John's ledges and Calebs peak. Took about 4 hours with a stop for lunch on Calebs Peak...plenty of rocks to sit on and enjoy the view south of the Housatonic Valley

Hiking to Caleb peak was about a 1 mile rock scramble with nice views at the top. We continued on the AT just to get some distance in, although views weren’t as nice after the peak. A good day hike!


Beautiful hike. I went straight through to Cornwall Bridge. Easy climb up Caleb’s peak. The rock scramble coming down St. John’s ledges is tricky so be aware of that. Really beautiful right by the Housatonic River once you get down the ledges (and flat!). My hike totaled 11.4miles from 341 to Rt 4.

very nice and peaceful walk, not really hike, along the river. the river views were amazing

Loved this hike...so serene hiking along the Housatonic river. The day I was there the Falls at Bulls Bridge were frozen over with ice...gorgeous one lane covered Bridge. The hike up Ten Mile Hill was pretty easy with just enough incline to hey your heart rate up.

Loved this hike!! Gorgeous winter morning trip. After going over Ten Mile Hill the trip along the Ten Mile and Housatonic Rivers is beautiful...not too grueling of a hike but enough to get your heart rate up.

It was amazing. I only walked about 2 miles in but I intend on going back next weekend for the whole round trip. I’m looking forward to this hike. It is flat or downhill in most places so far, so deeming it Easy was definitely appropriate. Looking forward to doing it this weekend!!!

Not exactly an easy trail, not exactly a moderate trail either. Lots to see

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