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Great trail, a little too crowded in the summer weekends.

Great hiking trail with beautiful views. Be prepare to climb lots of stairs. We went up Major Welsh and came down it too.

We went up the Appalachian Trail first and though I'm not an avid hiker i was thinking, wow this is pretty easy - it's just a lot of stairs until the last part where it was more "nature-y" to the top. Views were great! Then we went down the Major Welch portion and i cursed the whole way down! Definitely lots of steep rocks and scrambling that I wasn't prepared for! But i did a lot of crab walking with my hands for balance and made it finally. I see a lot of people recommending going up MW and down AT and I'd recommend it if you're a less experienced hiker or have kids with you!

Amazing trail, lots of stairs so prepare!

Great trail, great views. We had perfect weather. Going up is work, over the rocks but totally worth it.

awesome trail..

best during spring, during the summer fitzgerald falls is nothing but a trickle. overall a good hike that ive done several times.

loop trail takes 1-2hours. The climbing is interesting. The view is good. Very busy during the peak time. Parking is 10 bucks.

great trail lots to see !

Parts currently under construction. Otherwise would be a 5 star

23 days ago

This trail is also known as the Major Welsh Red Dot Trail. It is not the staircase trail. It is awesome if you like some moderate rock scrambling, with less intensity than Breakneck Ridge. Highly recommended for a short, semi-rugged, day hike with excellent views at top and a nice moderate descent.

Southern half of trail is in excellent condition and not difficult (though of course involves assent/descent) but the northern half is very much a work in progress (2018)...easy to lose trail in which case (though eventually one does reach summit) one is occasionally in for a tough climb.

Definitely should get to the parking lot at the Inn early if you get there early enough there’s plenty of parking, heads up unless you don’t mind hiking back up the mountain to the tower after you finish this loop you should definitely park your car at the Parking lot next to the Inn. Besides that great trail !

The trail itself is great. I think i would really like it on another day.
The problem we had was it was beyond humid and it was the morning after July 4th celebrations and people had left garbage everywhere! Such sadness - pick up after yourselves, people

But the trail itself is nice. It has some steep sections but some nice view points!

Fun hiking trail!

first time hiking ever. trail was very challenging for a first timer but even my 6 year old could handle it. definitely sparked an interest in hiking for the both of us

Great trail. Lots of rock scrambling. Definitely feel accomplished after.

1 month ago

Pro: Well marked trail, good work out in a hot and humid day.
Cons: too much people and some people put loud music on the trail.

Very nice work out with exquisite climbing portions and wonderful views

very crowded on a Saturday. I had to pay ten dollars for parking. the trail is not very well marked and stops at the road several times with long stretch down on paved road as well. I went up the red trail down white.

There is no parking at the head of trail. I parked 0.4 miles up, right at the underpass of the TSP and started there.

Wow now this hiking trail has way too many Stairs that is what makes it challenging and when you arrived to the top there a road for car's to pass by I didn't like that it didn't really feel like a hiking trail.

Fun and dynamic hike! We did it in reverse for a little extra challenge.

Along with my two beagles and my friend, I started and parked the car at Perkins Memorial tower. This was probably not the smartest thing because in the end we had to climb back up to get back to where we parked the car. I would recommend starting at the Inn by Hessian Lake. Please be on the lookout for black snake as we saw one on the the climb back and was warned about it by another hiker on the way down toward the lake. Absolutely gorgeous view and a great satisfying hike.

Worth the work!!! Not a loop as stated though, you can take one of 3 ways up/ down the mountain. We took the red trail up and partially down and then took the white (Appalachian) trail down after the tower. It started out moderate then got relatively difficult relatively quick, several very steep sections leading to BEAUTIFUL views, breathtaking honestly, NYC in the distance was unreal. The hike down on the red/white to white trail was moderate and a breeze after the red trail up. Well worth it!!!

WONDERFUL hike, need to come back and complete, just did 4 hours round trip, nice challenge , my legs are definitely taking to me! Lol

2 months ago

Nice little hike. The trail was a crowded and I didn't love hiking on the paved roads (although it does look like they might have been doing trail maintenance so this might be temporary). I'm never thrilled when you hike to a summit that people can drive to but I guess you can't really blame the mountain for that ;). The hike down the Major Welch section took a little longer than the hike up because of managing the rocks. I have been told by multiple NYers that this is a great hike....its not the hike they hyped it up to be. Completed this in about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

2 months ago

Had lots of fun! Great views of the Hudson and surrounding hills. Multiple stop offs with views along the way.

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