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Good hike experience with the nature and adventure. Although it’s flat after the first 2 miles. It’s challenging with rocks all over. Great feel after doing 12 miler

This trail can get a bit intense. If you like scrambling then this is a perfect place for you. Knife Edge had a beautiful view but I personally did not enough all the rocks simply because I was rarely able to take in the surroundings because I had my eyes on the ground 99% of the time. I wouldn't do it again but that's just a personal preference. I was not expecting my whole trip to be rocks and car size boulders, plus a mountain on boulders to climb. I gave it 4 starts because I know plenty of people enjoy all the rocks but for those of you who prefer a variety on the trail this might not be for you. We turned back about 1/2 mile after knife Edge because it was getting dark and we couldn't find a campsite. We ended up camping at the campsite right before (NB) the power lines and that was a perfect spot with a little back space perfect for a tent setup rock free and a beautiful view.

We picked up the Woodpecker trail at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center and met with the AT 1/5 way up the mountain. We picked up the Blue trail near the top and walked along the ridge until the communication towers near the Turnpike tunnel. Great weather and spectacular views! We could see all the way to Camelback and Big Pocono mountains and beyond. We took the Charcoal trail down the mountain and connected with the L&NE trail back to the Nature Center. 5hrs total. The two volunteers at the Lehigh Nature Center were super friendly and helpful.

1 month ago

Parked on Old Forge Road where the Appalachian Trail crosses. Hiked north (uphill) to Chimney Rocks and back south again. It was about 4 miles but we walked around the AT shelter a bit- spring for water and the orange mushrooms everywhere. Cold Spring Road (gravel) has another access point by the Shaffer Rock sign to the Hermitage Cabin and then to Chimney Rock.

This trail was fun, it rained the day before so it was a bit slippery when it came to the mud I suggest wearing boots in that case or have an extra pair of footwear in the car to change into because my sneakers and socks were muddy. There’s not that many views but the little views they did have we enjoyed and ate lunch.

Great hike with tons of amazing views! I did come across a bear with her two little cubs but they just walked on through. It’s a rocky trail but the elevation changes aren’t too drastic. I look forward to going back!

Hard to find trail head without reading comments, but great hike once you find your way.

If you follow the blue trail up to the left and then meet up with the Appalachian Trail to get a chimney rocks you get a wonderful water experience. The overall view is fabulous at the end, and then circling back down the Appalachian Trail to the beginning is easy. If you start out going up the Appalachian Trail to the right the climb is very steep

Really fun hike along the AT. Take the North Trail where it splits off from the AT for the best views on a clear day. And the South Trail is a lot of fun - if you enjoy a good rock scramble!!

Initial incline is a real leg burner, but the views are worth all the work. This was a fun hike, different terrains, areas that become slightly challenging, but it was a never ending cycle of scenery and ridge views. Def recommend

2 months ago

Relaxing hike with multiple overlooks

Tough ascend from the start for circa 45 minutes. Interrupted the ascend with talks to the 5 or 6 AT hikers we encountered, especially near the well where they collected/treated the water that came out of a little pipe (identified by a white sign on the tree above it). Hiked on the AT until the 2nd entrance to the North Trail (near the 476 Tunnel). Then took the North Trail East, then the charcoal trail, then the Prairie Grass Trail, then the D&L Trail along the river back to the car. All was relative well marked. I think we hiked for circa 6 miles and it took us a bit more than 4hrs. Views on the North Trail were fantastic but the noise from the cars below did not make it very peaceful (that is why I rated this hike 4 stars). Came across lots of different types of vegetation and trails. Came across and ate wild blue berries and black raspberries. The descent down the Charcoal trail was the hardest due to all the stones and boulders on this trail. Was a pleasure to walk down the Prairie Grass Trail towards the river.

2 months ago

Very pretty hike! Was rocky and slippery in some places. The area around the hermitage cabin was so pretty with lots of flowing water and little waterfalls.

Great views for an easy hike, not much elevation gain and its very gradual. Trail is extremely rocky though, which is expected on the AT, so wear sturdy hiking boots. September I believe is the busiest time of the year do to nesting and trail being overcrowded with birdwatchers.

Very steep heading up but once you get to the North Trail it levels out just in time for the views. Well worth it. Woodpecker Trail to North Trail then Appalachian Trail back to Woodpecker put us somewhere just over 5 miles.

Nice view without a huge elevation gain. Saw my first “wild” bear back at the trailhead near the AT hut.

Gorgeous views. Started from Tumbling Run. The AT route was fairly challenging first thing in the morning, but it was my first section hike.

Great hike! The MOC was also a great spot. Only problem was that we got turned around well before reaching even the merge w Kaiser because we walked right up on a very large bear standing just off the trail while coming around a bend. I was with my two young kids and dog (on leash) so didn’t want to take the chance of waiting it out and continuing on. The bear didn’t seem afraid and just kept doing what it was doing even though we were making plenty of noise. As soon as it turned away from us we slowly backed off and then hiked back down. The kids were psyched because we went and swam in the lake for a while instead. Which was a great way to end the outing. Will be back to do the full route ASAP!

3 months ago

Started at Old Forge Rd at AT. Followed AT North to Chimney Rocks spur, then further up AT to Swamp Rd crossing.The vista at Chimney Rocks was quite high, with nary a sign of civilization. Lotsa thru-hikers on way to Maine. Overall 5 miles or so. Wonderful breeze from NW cooled us the whole way. Nice fern fens.

Took the woodpecker trail to the AT then took the north trail on the way back. A stunning variation of plants and wildlife there. This trail is fairly easy and very fun.

The north and south scenic trails made it worthwhile. The views are great on the north side. The south trail is basically a mile of boulder hopping. A great adventure if you have the right shoes! The AT sections were fairly meh. I thought all of it was marked pretty well.

4 months ago

Hiked the AT north from Old Forge Rd to the Tumbling Run shelter. Here a blue blazed trail bears slightly left. According to maps, it should also branch to the right of the shelter, but we were unable to locate any blazes beyond the group tent area. As such we continued north on the AT up a moderate incline and at 1.4 miles from our start, a blue blazed trail crosses and to the right is Chimney Rocks. Views are nice. We chose to return by crossing the AT and following the blue blazes back to the shelter. Most of this trail is an old logging or mining road. The southern portion leading to the shelter, parallels Tumbling Run Creek. Round trip distance is 3.6 miles with an elevation gain of 900 ft. Took us 2 hrs round trip.

4 months ago

We had some difficulty finding the trail access, so I hope that this may help others who are unfamiliar with the Chimney Rocks trail. Unfortunately, there is very little signage and we found it to be a bit confusing.

We first tried accessing the loop trail (blue blaze) from Swift Run Rd. but could not figure out the entry/exit point (more on that later). We drove back to the Old Forge picnic area, where another hiker explained where to access the AT at this location: if you are facing the restrooms at the picnic area, to the left and set further back is a small brown building…there is an access point to two trails a few yards behind this small building…take the left trail with the white blazes. You will cross over two roads; the trail continues directly across the first road but when you cross the second road (which I believe is Old Forge Rd.), you will need to go to the right and a short distance down the road to the trail access on your left. (Note: not sure if there is a parking area on Old Forge Rd. near this entry point to the AT but, if so, it would be a good access point…just stay on Old Forge Rd. from the picnic area past Swift Run Rd for a short distance and you should see the AT access on the left). Once across the second road, the trail starts to climb…and the grade continues to get steeper and more rocky. When we reached “the Shelter,” we opted to remain on the AT instead of following the blue blaze loop trail. The AT continued to be steep and rocky –I wouldn’t say that it was overly difficult but it was a bit tiring, especially if you are not used to more strenuous hikes. We persevered and finally made it to Chimney Rocks – the view was great and there was a nice breeze.

Coming back, we opted to follow the blue blazes and selected the right-hand trail. This trail is a much more gradual grade than the AT, switch-backing down and fairly wide with little rock. Think we made our error when we reached the bridge that crosses Tumbling Run…crossing over the bridge and climbing up again, we found ourselves at the Hermitage Cabin. We continued hiking up until we reached the trail turnoff for Shaffer Rocks; following the trail to the left, away from Shaffer rocks, took us out onto Swift Run Rd. So if you are looking to access the blue blaze loop trail from Swift Run Rd., you’ll want to park near the Shaffer Rocks access…there is actually a sign for Shaffer Rocks, so you’ll have no trouble finding it. Would have been helpful had the signage also indicated that this is also where you can access the blue blaze loop for Chimney Rocks. I think if we had not taken the trail across the bridge but stayed straight, we would have continued on the blue blaze loop trail back to “the Shelter” and the AT. We’ll have to try this hike again to see if we can figure it out.

All in all, an enjoyable hike although we did wish that there were a few more directional signs to guide us in the right direction. We hiked this on a weekday and saw only 3 hikers already up at Chimney Rocks and the people who were staying at the Hermitage Cabin.

Nice trail...if you can find it!

This is a really fun trail with lots of diversity. We hiked all the way to Bake Oven Knob and back for about 10.5 Miles. Climbing Bears Rocks and Knifes Edge was really cool, and Bake Oven Knob makes a great lunch spot with spectacular views!
Lots of rocks on this trail!

One of the more strenuous trails I've hiked, with the gain being somewhere around 900 feet / mile. The trails coming off the AT - particularly the North Trail - are not the best marked, but when you find them you will be blown away by the views!

Pleasant hike with moderate incline. We hiked in and out but you can make a loop. We’ll be back for sure.

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