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Great scenery, great hiking, beautiful weather. The reason not 5 Stars was because of the snow covering the trail and in some places it was solid ice. Recommend some spikes or chains for your feet. Other than that is was a great day

Was a awesome hike! My favorite so far and just did Mnt Leconte.
Views from Bunion are so amazing!
Also had ice so glad we had micro spikes, makes it a lot easier, faster and safer. Kinda tough hike but to us was well worth it, rocky so wear good boots for sure. Steep inclines so not for beginners and was crowed with tourists, most who did not make it to Bunion

Beautiful views, difficult but fun hike, lots of ice! The trailhead is to the left of the overlook at the Newfound Gap parking lot. Very windy and cold up there so layer up! Also significant ice in some spots so be aware of that but don’t let it hold you back from these gorgeous views. It’s an 8 mile round trip hike and it took us roughly two hours up and another two down with several short breaks. There’s an AT shelter about 3 miles up if you’d like to make it an overnight trip.

Tough trail but worth the effort. Awesome view. Don’t be afraid to take some of the side trails.. for example The Jump off trail is one that is worth the effort also.
Lot of ice in the trail today...

This was by far one of the hardest hikes we’ve done!! Beautiful views the trail is not marked at the trail head it starts at the Newfound Gap parking area to the left of the restrooms!

This trail was great! Small little views along the way. Very rocky, muddy, and wet. Shelter along the trail is nice with a source of water. Bit of ice in one spot. Charlies Bunion is beautiful with plenty of rocks to climb on. Solid hike!

Kevin, email me caronj@gmail.com

This was a nice trail but we missed the view because of the fog. I’ll have to try it again on a clear day. I suggest doing Charles Bunyan on the same day.

Beautiful! The way to the trail was gorgeous and the views at the top were great. Short but steep.

Loved this hike! Dense forest, lots of shade, challenging with great views once you're at the top. Bring plenty of water and sandwich and snacks, wear sunscreen. Carry bear spray. Challenging and beautiful hike.

This is more of an inquiry as myself and a few friends would like to plan this hike in June, but reading reviews causes some concern. We are in pretty good shape and have hiking experience, but don't wish to get lost for hours. Anyways, I think that we would be willing to hire someone who has made this trek and could guide us to the summit. If anyone can offer some insights and suggestion, I would be most appreciative.
I have a vacation home in Asheville and used to live there, and actually tested the hike for a half mile or so out of Canton, so have some insight. Looking at second weekend in June. Thanks, Kevin

Best backpacking trip I have ever done.

Wow! crazy how weather changes so fast..
60° and sunny down below.. foggy, misty and cold up high (duh)

glad I brought spikes.. alot of this trail was pure ice and I did take a 6 foot spill which I thought was the end of me haha.. This trail was hard with the ice for sure... and the bunion was socked by fog.. Still great hike

A favorite of mine!! Love hiking along the ridge line and how quickly you leave the crowds behind

Definitely a nice relaxing day hike. Watch out for ice in the winter (my friend fell a couple times). The views were great!

Great hike. Family friendly.

I love this hike! I’ll def do it again. The trail was solid ice in several sections so I would rate it difficult if done in the winter.

Wonderful, short and steep. Great views all seasons. Note, visitor center and bathrooms were closed

Moderate Trail.
Completed 24DEC17. A lot spots to stop and take beautiful pictures.
Good for Family.
Dec is very foggy at the morning, for some reason is called Smokies Mountains, however between 1pm to 3pm you will appreciate the views!

great trail. not that hard of a trail. actually runnable. runs along Ridgeline of mountain. one of my favorites

12/15/17 it’s still heavy covered in snow. There were tracks in the snow up until the split, then it was guessing my way in the snow for the remaining 1.4 miles to the top. I’d recommend wearing gaiters or snowshoes. Much of the trail had 6-12”. +12” near the top made it a difficult hike. Tough hike in general. 3 hrs up and about 2 1/2 on the way down. Great hike, especially doing it in the snow!

Beautiful trail that begins along a creek, great 'arch' along the way. Easily the best panoramic views in the park at Inspiration point about 2.0 miles in. Alum cave is a few tenths of a mile past that, its huge and so fun to explore! My only complaint, to truly get to Peregrine Peak following this all trail app, you get taken up the side of the mountain away from the main trail and it becomes in-accessible quickly. We turned back but loved the rest of the hike!

Went with a college group with varying experience, everyone enjoyed the hike and nobody had any issues

An absolutely beautiful trail with one of the best (and relatively lesser known) views in the park. The trail up was moderate, rocky, and icy. Once you get to the sign for the Jump Off, continue on the side trail until you reach a rock that gives an incredible view of the mountains (it’ll feel like you’re going on to another trail, but you’re not — just keep going until the trail ends at the Jump Off). Highly recommended.

You go through so many different scenic views and obstacles. Beautiful hike. Well worth it.

3 months ago

Awesome hike with great views. once you get to the top, there is a trail that veers left (follow the orange tags in the trees). It leads to a twin engine Cessna (plane crash) that happened in 1983. Its a good 20 minutes down that trail at a steady pace. If you follow the top of the ridge, you will come to big grey stones (3-4 feet high). One of the stones had a memorial plaque on it. Make a 90 degree turn and take the little trail directly next to the plaque. Follow the trail down the hill and to the left (less than 5 minutes). The plane is there.

Beautiful hike, easy to moderate. We completed in around three hours, left at 1:50p returned around 5:00p. Not too many people on the trail in mid November, the views are amazing!

This is truly a heavily trafficked Trail. The beginning is all uphill for a couple of miles. The return begins the same for about 1.5 miles. It’s a tough but fun hike.

This tops my list of hikes done so far - spectacular views, a nice parking area, visitor center, and connections to the Mountains to Sea Trail if you want to add on to your day. Even if you didn’t want to hike, the views from the parking lot are worth the drive. We heard about an offshoot trail near the top that leads to a spot overlooking a plane that went down a long time ago but I think we turned around too soon. Next time we’ll push on a little further.

Awesome views worth all the stairs and climbing. Take water you will want it.

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