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Great hike. Better views.

I thought I would write a recent review. First off, there is NO signs that I saw of for Heartbreak Ridge. The only reason I knew it was the trail was because of the reviews I read that said you cross a section of the railroad tracks. I was unable to go far because of the rain we had which overflowed the creek. I do intend on going back when it’s drier though! I have it 3 stars because I was unable to hike the rest of it due to the weather. :(

So far it has been my favorite hike. It was a beautiful day and early spring so the trees have not bloomed and you get a view most of the way up. I would say it’s on the harder side of moderate. I definitely plan to do this on again.

do NOT pass up the opportunity to do this hike. i hike a lot and have a decent peak bagging list and this is by far one of my favorites. the views of the gorge are phenomenal. take a map and compass and check out the countless peaks which are visible from the summit

If you staying at the campground and just start walking around to visit the Ranger Station or see the Church, all you have to do is walk/bike the front of the northslope and you will finish it all. Didn't realize that I had completed it all in couple of walkabouts while staying there. Nice walk, take the dog or bike see lots of others just doing the same.

The trail continues after the waterfall when starting from the state rd. It’s well marked and not very difficult. 6 months pregnant and didn’t have any issues. Keep an eye on your feet though, as the trail is rocky and full of roots you can trip on if you’re not paying attention.

14 days ago

Absolutely amazing views 360 when you get to the top. It’s quite windy so use caution. We sat at the top to enjoy a snack before coming back down. It does get steep at the top so I’d rate it as moderate.

Moderate trail, worth the view at the end.

Wonderful views at the top!

19 days ago

Great hike overall. There were 2 parts that were a left or right decision. Both we took were left and lead us right where we needed to go. The top part is STEEP and I mean steep, but the view is so worth it all. I would definitely go back and do it again. It was very windy on the top of the mountain and was colder than the bottom. I’d recommend a little jacket.

Getting to the top of this trail was very difficult but well worth it. After climbing about 400 feet there is a small bit of steep rock scrambling to get to the final peak. The views really were amazing at the top so I would highly recommend this.

Awesome trail with even better views, got steeper near the top but wasn’t that bad. Accidentally came to a fork in the trail, after you stay left, and went the wrong way trekking down the mountainside, so don’t do that because it’s fairly steep. Short hike I’d give it a moderate rating.

22 days ago

The family (40, 39, 11, and 8) and I hit this today. Great weather (70)! Did the falls, knob and summit. Wonderful views. A little overgrown, but good challenges and pleasant switchbacks.

23 days ago

really fun hike, definitely worth the climb. just be careful not to miss the switch back, or else you'll end up on a goat path that leads no where.

Hit up the Ham Shop for a breakfast sandwich to-go, and enjoy this hike in the morning. This avoids any crowds and allows you to take your time and not rush, so you can take it all in and enjoy. It’s definitely intense at the top, but slower and less agile hikers can still take their time while getting to the top. The views at the peak are well worth the trip up.

Decent hike. Great views at the top. Table Rock summit definitely has more wow-factor.

Beautiful views ! It was fun walking around the crags. Take extra water for your dog. Steep end climb to the top- hard on a mid50 year old with aging knees and not good shape- but so worth it! Some amazing photos are
posted. Thanks for sharing them!

Great Views!

2 months ago

This is a great quick day hike. The trail isn’t long. I made it up and down in under an hour even with the ice. Went 1/21/18. Most of the snow is gone however there’s ice on the top part of the trail. Last 1/5 of the trail is pretty steep. Go left at the top for an amazing view of the gorge and table rock. Go right for a 360 view! Awesome picnic location.

Was one hell of a job, but we did it. Us hardworking guys, and girls at the American Conservation Experience are glad to see the trail being enjoyed.

Gets pretty windy in that valley, and the ice can be dangerous falling off of the rock faces, so be careful!

Worth every second. Incredible view. Went when it was still quite cold so there was patchy ice at different spots. It seemed to pose a little bit of an issue for some pups in some of the steeper areas towards the top, but wasn’t unmanageable. Absolutely breathtaking.

on Graybeard Trail

3 months ago

Good hike. You cross the creek three times in the beginning. I was able to cross without wetting my feet. Lots of residual ice on some of the rocks from the freeze last week. Definitely take the Walkers Knob detour...very short but great view. Made it all the way to Greybeard summit.

3 months ago

Tough start but it eases up a bit once you get going. Went during fall and found it to be pretty wet so bring an extra pair of socks because you have to cross the water at several places.

3 months ago

Great trail. First 1.25 miles is climb but once you hit the switch backs it a much easier climb. Clearly marked trail.

Well maintained trail but goes up and up- wouldn’t call it moderate

3 months ago

Went on Xmas Eve. Empty trail, a little mud, beautiful hike.

4 months ago

Beautiful views !

4 months ago

Nice trail!

4 months ago

Great trail with lots of side trails. It was frozen for a while. Just made it more fun.

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