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easy hike well traveled trail it was no one there when we arrived but quickly became crowded so go early.

Great hike down to the narrows, but be ready to scramble to the bottom. Definitely at the top of my list!

4 days ago

Shady trail and nice enough but no great views as you go along. Agree it’s is easy for anyone that can go up and down hills. The real attraction is the falls at the end. Very pretty. The swimming hole is family-friendly and crowded at midday.

Great beginner hike! Also great to bring along dogs that would enjoy playing in the water.

5 days ago

Short hike. Again fair amount of people there on a hot day... but definitely not crowded. Bring some water shoes and don’t be afraid to get wet.

Went with our 4 kids when it was pouring raining. Some precarious parts but it made it an adventure! Awesome hike

Beautiful hike. Very easy. A little too crowded to earn the 5th star from me.

This is such a beautiful waterfall. Once you get to the falls find a nice rock to chill on and enjoy its peacefulness!

This hike is relatively short (about two miles round trip), and fairly crowded, but it is absolutely beautiful. There are a lot of steps, especially near the beginning, so it may be a bit challenging for someone who is new to hiking in the mountains. It was also pretty muddy in several places.

Super easy hike to awesome (small) waterfall and swimming hole. It is extremely busy on nice weekends so get there early to beat the crowds!

7 days ago

This trail is a beautiful walk all the way, convenient parking area with easy access to the trail. It is a very very easy hike, only technical part is if you want to go up on top of the water fall.

Beautiful hike to beautiful falls. Kids made it easily

Beautiful falls with many small side trails everywhere.

The trail is under the forest cannopy cover the entire length to the falls. The trip reward is a beautiful compound falls. You can scramble up next to the falls using hands and feet to see it from different angles.

Monday July 2nd the road was closed 700 feet from the trailhead. Huge trucks were dropping off construction vehicles and a car in front of us decided to drive past the road closure sign. They circled back around to let us know the workers told them the trail was closed due to repair.

Just wanted to give people a heads up :) Try staircase falls 10 min away

12 days ago

Nice trail. Lots of uphill and some mud but worth the view at the end

Great little trail! Short but very pretty with several footbridges & stream crossings. Big waterfall at the end. More steps than I expected but kids will be motivated by the scenery & adventure.

12 days ago

Beautiful falls with a lot of swim holes on up the falls if you want to do a little climbing to find them. We got there about 9:30 (Mon 7/2/18) and it wasn’t crowded, but it was getting pretty packed by the time we left. The water was definitely refreshing!! Great short hike off the parkway.

Very pretty hike. A little difficult due to recent downed trees and mudslides. Had to do the limbo a few times!

Pretty ver well travelled

Much of the trails have been ruined by all the flooding... the trip can be dangerous for Dogs and small children... serious multiple story drop offs on tight trails... but it’s a great trek and the water falls is beautiful!

16 days ago

My two daughters and I love to hike. We took a day trip to the Catawba Falls today. This was our first hike here but we will definitely be back with friends. The hike to the first large waterfall is a nice and gentle climb. We loved hiking off trail to see the many beautiful waterfalls along the way. The first main waterfall is one of the most beautiful I have seen. It looks like it belongs in the rain forest due to the colorful mosses and plants that are living in the waterfall. The hike to the second fall is definitely a challenge but is well worth the effort. The weather today was in the 90s but the water was cool and refreshing. We hiked South Mountain last week and loved it. This hike to the Catawba Falls, however, is so far one of our favorites!!!

17 days ago

Loved this trail, some areas that you would definitely need to keep an eye on kids. No rails and some very steep drop offs along the way. Love the waterfall, and the fact you could enjoy getting in so I would bring a towel, swimming attire, and water shoes. Be in the look out for snakes seen 2 the day we hiked. Overall LOVE this trail!

18 days ago

Was a nice little hike. We went late morning when it was not crowded. We took our senior dog, but the trail consisted of too many steps for her to be comfortable. The falls and swimming hole were very scenic. Parking at the outlook across the road made it simple. Had a great simple hike, we recommend going!

Great trail for a beginner!

20 days ago

Great easy hike for all age groups and pets to the lower falls. Great spot for lunch and a dip in the pool. The hike to the the top of the falls was much more difficult and extremely steep. The view at the top was gorgeous but definitely would not recommend that for small children.

Great trail , some trees down due the all the rain this spring

22 days ago

Nice 2 mile trail along the stream, going gently up with some easy rock scrambling as you reach the falls. Beautiful falls with a small pool to cool off. Crowded but a pleasant hike for all ages and all sizes of dogs.
Note you turn onto the highway entrance road and then take an immediate left on to the access road. I missed it first try thinking I’d end up on Heat 40 if I took that turn. The trail head and parking lot are at the very end of the road—you can’t miss them if you just keep going.

22 days ago

super easy walk to the falls. beautiful and COLD! went around 5pm. there was a good amount of people there

22 days ago

Short but kinda tough. Get your blood pumping on your option to climb up using all your limbs. Lol There are a few spots that have ropes to help pull you up the steep almost straight up vertical climb. Not to much trust in the ropes but there are rocks and roots to grab to go up. Trust me its so worth it climbing up as the views are breath taking with the waterfall. Also climb out to be in the waterfall too. Rocks are very slick wet so use your brain before running out there in excitement.
There are a lot of small trails that go off the path but they are not long. Go for different views. Hike and explore more than just the path. There is a group of different small sets of waterfalls you can climb up quite a ways, if you were to walk up area of rocks before the little creek crossing on the main trail. Not too many people im sure know about it due to its not a trail and its a lot of water to walk through, climbing, parkour and or your choice on getting covered in poison ivy if you try to walk around through the jungle lol its so enjoyable and fun. I have gone a few times and see different stuff each time i go. One of my favorite places.

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