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8 hours ago

Beautiful day great easy hike to start 2019. Lots of trees down and a couple of land slides, but the road is in good shape.

My wife and I hiked this trail today in great but seasonally cool weather. It was still muddy in places, but overall in pretty good shape. We are in our 60’s, but seasoned hikers and found the upper section of Big Piney challenging but certainly a good hike. We only hiked Big Piney in and out, which was a great afternoon hike.

good day hike. remember to pack enough clothes with elevation change from bottom to the top the temperature and weather can change pretty quickly.

can someone tell me if it is paved up to this trailhead or not

4 days ago

Not strenuous at all, but a nice wide, relatively flat walk along the riverside with smaller falls appearing first and then a beautiful high set of falls at the end of mile. Take your mom.

A fun hike. A bit muddy but we enjoyed it. Kids did better than myself who slipped a few times. There's a small river to go through...seemed a lot didn't realize this. Wear proper hiking shoes or an extra set.

Waterfall was really nice and tucked away. A bit crowded for a few moments. Overall a cool hike.

10 days ago

Beautiful view!

Great day to do the hike, especially since the state park was closed so not may tourists around. Total mileage was 12.2.

A pretty walk along the river and close to town. This is one of the few flat trails in Asheville.

Great, easy hike. Beautiful the whole way. My kids love going there. However there are lots of snakes in the summer

Just the trip to get up to the trail in the car was worth the view. Once we got there, perfect trail run. The perfect amount of elevation.

Went on a hike with a friend in first week of January and had a great time! We did not hike the whole thing due to slower pace and the time we had. We made it to the waterfall then turned back, so didn’t make it to Walker’s Knob or the summit. We left a little before 1:30pm and got back maybe around 5:47pm.
It was not as cold as you would expect, but definitely muddy from all the rain these past days. We were wearing the right shoes, but in some places it would be easy to get your feet wet. There are 3 beautiful water crossings in order to get to the other side of parts of the trail. Definitely a moderate hike because of creek crossings and incline in the first part of the trail, but it evens out in the second half. Before reaching the waterfall there is a beautiful lookout called Walden’s Rock.
The waterfall was cute and maybe medium sized. Not huge though.
We hiked a total of maybe 6.5-7 miles. Out and back.
We felt safe and passed a solo female hiker with her dog, a couple, a solo male hiker, and a group of college aged students hiking.
Overall very nice experience!

Nice easy hike that follows creek up to falls. Super muddy yesterday 1/1/19 due to all of the rain. Don’t forget your boots

Amazing hike for very little effort! Awesome family hike!!! Highly recommend

16 days ago

This trail has become my favorite hike in all of Asheville. The first half is along a strong creek, adding a lovely sound of running water as background noise. I highly recommend making it to the Walker's Knob Shelter and taking the lookout trail from there...it was incredible!
This trail was a bit strenuous but well worth the effort. I'll be back for this trail, and to explore the trails leading off it.

Easy hike to the falls. Today the trails were very muddy due to all of the recent rain. The new bridges definitely help with the water crossings.

As Big Piney turns into Greybeard it becomes very muddy and flooded due to the winter storms. Keep that in mind as you start off. But other than the mud the trail was an amazing hike with beautiful views.

Short and easy trail for those who do not want serious hiking. Very muddy December 29 due to lots of rain.

Straight up! When we have guests from out of town we bring ‘em here. Simple up and down. Fun rock scramble at the top.

20 days ago

Beautiful day. Great views. Recommend micro-spikes for winter ascents. Ice covered sections of the trail near the top. I also have to question that 10.4 mile out and back rating. It's more like 13 to 14 miles. Definitely on the difficult side but well worth the effort.

22 days ago

Posted distances vary. From the Montreat trailhead to Walkers Knob we recorded 5.25 miles on my son's Fitbit. Total round trip 10.5 miles. The description , though, was accurate. Initial ascend is moderate to strenuous. Then, is traverses upward at a moderate but enjoyable climb. Our hike was on the aggressive side, 4.5 hours up and back. View from Walker's Knob were enjoyable.

23 days ago

Short easy hike to an amazing waterfall. Some interesting history to read at the trail head regarding the falls. Went on a early weekday morning and had the trail all to myself which was nice. Some rock hoping required to get a good view of the falls but it's worth it!

Intense ending if you attempt it

25 days ago

Because it's off the Blue Ridge Parkway, this is a very heavily trafficked trail. It gets so much traffic, in fact, that at some parts the surface of the trail is more than a foot lower than the surrounding ground. That means that there are some wet and muddy sections. The trail has a nice variety of environments, from the creek shore to mountain laurel forests. The section of the trail that leads up to Upper Falls has some steep climbs and you have to scramble over rocks and roots. But if this fat, old man can do it, so can you. Both the waterfalls are beautiful. Despite the name, there is no graveyard. The area got the name after a fire in 1925. All the charred stumps reminded people of gravestones.

I completed this route counter clockwise. All the leaves were off the trees so once you got about 1.5 miles in, the views were wonderful nearly the entire time. It was a quiet mid-week hike. I only saw a couple of other souls...trail runners all.

As others have said, I recommend the short additional hike up to Walkers Knob. They have a sign up that says 10 minutes up, but it was half of that. The views from there are well worth it.

The trail was a little tough to follow at points, particularly the last 1/4 mile before you turn up to the summit to Graybeard.

Coming back down the backside is no joke. With leaves on the ground, it was extremely slick and lots of spots where you have no choice but climb down rocks. The views on that ridge though are worth it. A great look at the Black Mountains the entire time. Be Careful!

Towards the 8 mile is where I think the person saying it was over 12 miles may have deviated. I'm guessing that person took the full West Ridge Trail and did not break off on Big Piney Ridge. That would add another 2.5 miles or so.

Note that at about 3,300ft on Big Piney Ridge, the keepers of this trail have restructured it to drop down to Little Piney. The remaining route shown on AllTrails is still there, but they have clearly tried to block it off. I went down the old way and can tell you that it is not maintained and I do not suggest it. It is steeper and I found myself surfing down leaves at times. The last mile of this hike is through a neighborhood on a gravel road.

My happy place!

nature trips
1 month ago

Such a great hike during the off season. Lots of wonderful wildlife sounds and fresh air. You’ll love it! Not too strenuous. I’ve climbed much more difficult...It’s a great day hike. Enjoy!

Easy, short hike to pretty waterfalls. Low effort, high yield. Large parking lot right at the trail head. Way too crowded on a weekend though, I passed seriously no less than a hundred people coming and going. Very muddy as well because of recent rains. If you’re coming to Asheville from the east this would be a great pit stop (a couple miles off I-40) but I otherwise wouldn’t go out of my way to hike it again.

1 month ago

Nice easy walk through the woods. Trails were in good condition and well marked. It was wet and a little sloppy in places. My 9 year old had no problems and I managed carrying a 3 year old in a pack.

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