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Amazing worth every step

Beautiful trail but challenging along the granite. Keep you eyes open for the blue spray paint on the rocks to keep you on course (great idea to spray paint). The tram is closed from Oct 1 - opening season for maintenance so be prepared time wise to hike both ways.

This is a must do hike not real difficult but you get a really fantastic view at the top.
Today was outstanding- no wind at the top today! Fairly clear and. Lot of hikers for a weekday.

Challenging hike but well worth it for the views! Good hiking shoes are a must and be prepared for all sorts of terrain. It took us around 7 hours and we did not encounter too many other hikers on the trail.

This trail was amazing. Quite challenging to complete but the views from the top make the effort absolutely worth it. I wouldn’t recommend this trail for those who are unsure of their footing. My friends and I completed the trail in about 7 hours with many photo breaks and an extended lunch at the top.

Great view at the end! Really enjoyed the scenery along certain sections of the hike mainly at the start. After you reach the rock boulders, it just becomes more of a slog to summit. Was overall quite manageable and steady ascent. It does get windy at the top so bring layers. Was quite busy hike.

One of the best hikes in Tahoe. Few comments: this is not an easy one. The last section is a very steep decent in a rocky area. Though it is a loop, it is highly recommended to start from the parking lot toward Glen Alpine Springs.. Lastly, the starting point is not what you see in the app. Do not enter Stanford Sierra lodge. Shortly before the bridge, there is a sign that takes you left toward the Desolation wilderness parking lot

THANK YOU to those who piled cairns/ducks, especially along 50. A great view awaits those that have the fortitude to climb the boulders at the top. We had no wind and the summit to ourselves.

Started the hike early which was a great choice. Not going to lie, it was tough. But man was it worth it!

I thought this was more of a death march than a hike as you are basically rock jumping for 2 miles up and down which one wrong step is an injury for sure. It takes strategy, balance, and mindfulness to get up and down this mountain. Beautiful views for sure, but you have to stop to enjoy them.

Did this hike 9/9 and it was absolutely gorgeous! I didn’t find it to be too difficult. The toughest part was scrambling through some rocks combined with the elevation gain, but soon enough you make it back on to a trail. Drove straight from the Reno airport and started the hike around 1530 and ended around 1930. Took about a 20 min break at the lake and another 20 min break once we got to the top before descending.

Started at Tahoe rim trail up to the summit. This took me 5-6 hours to complete and I was hiking it up the hill. Was pretty winded going up and I consider myself physically active- this was worth the treck. Wish I would have worn better shoes and a jacket and had gloves. Once you get to the top it’s freezing and lots of snow. My shoes were muddy and wet and ice cold hands. Was a great cardio workout on the way up. My legs definitely felt this on the way up and down the summit. Just sitting at the top the views are amazing. Highly recommend starting early. I started at 11ish and got back around 5-530. I did stop and take a lot of pictures and also sat at the top for about 20 minutes. Worth the treck to go up. It does get steep in some areas.

Worth it!

Excellent hike and knock out views.

Beautiful views all around difficult for certain but excellent and well worth it!

6 days ago

Absolutely stunning! Great hike on many levels. Fun watching top of airplanes as they flew by. Hiked via Glen Alpine trail/Gilmore lake. Really need good boots as the trail is mostly loose rocks. Next time i will definitely eat a big breakfast before hand. you will need all the calories you can get. 100% worth it!

7 days ago

Beautiful views! Great walking day, not too hard not too easy. Just right !

Beautiful trail. Did it yesterday but the views were largely hidden by smoke form nearby first fires. digging is rough but there are shady parts throughout the hike. we left at 10:00 but wished we had left earlier when it would have been cooler.

10 days ago

This hike was essential in completing my goal to summit all of the peaks in the Tahoe Basin. Despite being one of the tallest, the hike wasn’t very difficult. I enjoyed the stream crossings, the aspens changing colors, and meadow views, but the last part of the hike above the tree line was brutally windy.

10 days ago

To me, this trail was just meh. Not enough of a challenge - lots of fairly flat trail with moderately picturesque views. What made it nicer were the aspens changing colors for the fall. It was a supremely windy day, which isn't the trail's fault, but it really was not enjoyable once we got above the tree line. Once we reached the summit, the views were only so-so. I personally don't find the city of Reno to be especially enchanting, even from afar. I did like seeing Lake Tahoe Basin from a new angle. Not sure if/when I'll do this one again, but at least it's off the list.

This trail is not for the faint of heart! We went counter-clockwise because the steep side of Job's Sister is extremely sandy, and we felt that would be safer (although harder) going up rather than down it.

We parked at the trailhead to Freel so we would not have to end the long hike with a mile walk up the service road. Instead we started with that, and then once we reached the trailhead for Job's peak, the climb up to the summit was pretty short, albeit steep.

After backtracking down Job's Peak, we started heading over to Job's Sister. A search on Google Earth after the fact revealed that there MAY be a better trail heading up that side of the sister; however, we could not find it while we were on the mountain face, and I'm not eager to go exploring up there any time soon. After being a bit disheartened by a grueling trek up the steep side of Job's sister and reaching a false summit, we finally made it to the top.

Once you make it to this point, it's easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Going down Job's Sister is easy, but I do recommend trekking poles. Going up Freel from that direction is strenuous, even for my husband and I (we are 30 and 33) who are in very fit hiking shape.

From there it was smooth sailing. The trail can be a bit tricky to follow on the way down - I've done Freel twice and temporarily lost the trail both times heading back.

If you are fit and feeling adventurous, then this a great hike for you. I am glad to say I've done it, but in the future I will summit Job's Peak on a different day than Freel and Job's Sister.

10 days ago

I went yesterday Tuesday, October 9, 2018, and it was chilly and windy but sunny. First few miles were pretty easy but then the grade increases and you know why it’s rated moderate. Last half mile was traipsing through snow and ice but the trail was easy to see from many footprints. Great views along the way and at the top. There was snow along the trail 1.5 miles in but not really on the trail itself until the last mile. Took me less than 4 hours but I hogged (hiked/jogged) down. Drank less than 1L and only had an energy bar and an apple even though I brought far more water/snacks. Fun hike!!

12 days ago

Fantastic views

I brought my non-hiking family in the first week of October. With a lot of breaks and snacks, it took us six hours there and back on the same trail.
The trail is really well-maintained and has unbelievable views. The summit was very snowy and windy so be prepared for the cold and have good boots. We got to about a few minutes to the summit and decided not to risk it this time. I hope I can come back in the summer and get all the way up!

13 days ago

Tough trail. It’s all up hill to the peak then you have to climb boulders to the top. Nice views though.

13 days ago

Nice trail with great views. September 2018.

13 days ago

Great hike if you really wanna get a workout in. My husband and I went with our 2 dogs. I definitely recommend starting your hike earlier- we got there at 8:30am on a Sunday morning, by the time we left at 1:30pm the whole parking lot was full. Gorgeous views, lots of rocks...like LOTS of rocks, you’re basically walking on rocks the whole time, so wear good hiking shoes/boots!

13 days ago

It was amazing! Definitely a little difficult due to the lose rocks walking on, don’t look down you’ll trip. But beautiful views and totally worth it

14 days ago

Difficult hike, not for the distance but for the elevation gain and the lack on solid ground (hiking on shale for a good portion) but one the most beautiful and rewarding hikes in Tahoe! 10/10 would do again

Great hike with Beautiful views of Shirley Canyon and Tram Face at Squaw Valley

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