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Beautiful scenery. Was a bit of a hike but totally worth it.

5 hours ago

Intense hiking over rocks with great views of Lake Tahoe and many other lakes. The 360 view from the top was amazingly spectacular and totally worth the effort!
Took my boyfriend and I 8 hours, and we are in very good shape. There were some people hiking faster than us, so I bet most people take ~7-9 hours to do this hike.

It’s a great hike , we did this hike on long weekend(Labor Day) but unfortunately we lost our cockatiel(pet bird) when we were almost reaching the top most point . If anyone finds please ping us 832-454-2772

I only summitted Freel, but I was planning to hike all 3. I started hiking at 9AM, thinking I would have plenty of time since a previous comment said it took them 6 hours to complete the whole hike. I'm in good shape, and would say I have an average hiking pace. It took me 3 full hours to get to the top of Freel, and that was with minimal, short breaks. Hiking to the top of Freel is hard. The elevation gain is pretty slow and steady until you get to the bottom of the mountain, then It's purely sand and very small gravel which is very hard to hike on. The sand and gravel is even harder to hike up when you're switchbacking and hiking straight up a mountain. I'm 22yrs old and fit, and I had to stop many times because it's just so damn hard to hike uphill in sand. Once at the top, I asked a couple who was up there, if they had ever hiked the whole loop. They said they had, and it took them 11 hours to do the whole hike. They also said that after the peak of Job's sister, the trail starts to become pretty spotty the rest of the hike and there's a lot of unsteady gravel going down the other mountains. They also said they do not recommend hiking it alone, as it could be easy to lose the trail by one's self, and it could be easy to get injured hiking down. They said that it is a very difficult, exhausting hike. I was so tired from just hiking up Freel that I decided to turn around and just hike back the way I came. I also did not want to tackle more elevation ups and downs in sandy gravel- talk about killing your ankles and knees. I'll probably come back and try all 3 next summer, when it stays dark later and I will know what I'm getting into. Be prepared and don't push yourself beyond your limits! Start early and plan an entire day to do this hike because it's not a fast paced, knock it out quick kind of hike. Give yourself time to enjoy the beautiful views.

Drive slow on the forest service road! it's very rocky with deep holes and pits in some areas. It's also a skinny road at times with no room for 2 cars to pass at the same time.

2 days ago

September 23, 2018. 80F in Reno and 60F at the trailhead. 2:35, 10.1 miles, 2321 feet elevation gain. Lightly jogged most flat and downhill. Busy, but it was a clear blue sky Sunday. Three other folks who jogged it, another guy was hiking it with bare feet! So it’s moderate, but add in jogging or BARE FEET and it will be hard.

Not a real difficult trail, but a very LONG one. I love Desolation Wilderness and the granite cliffs and beautiful lakes. The last two miles back seemed to take forever, the hike is a little longer than I like for a day trip. It was so nice at Rubicon Lake I could have easily taken a nice long nap but I knew it was a long way back. I think backpackers are really onto something. Glad I had my l camera, love the scenery.

Great hike. Took my 10 year old son up today.

2 days ago

It was a windy September Saturday when we hiked to Ellis Peak. Great trail with truly beautiful views all around. After leaving the peak make sure you look out for the smaller trail leading back to Barker Pass - crossing the Ellis Lake trail. Met a couple of friendly and helpful trail bikers, but it was mostly hikers on the route.

3 days ago

We hiked up to Pyramid Peak on Saturday, 9/15/18.

We started at the Lyons Creek Trailhead. That was 5 miles to Lake Sylvia. Then we climbed up to the notch. We began our climb at 12:20PM and reached the Peak at 3:22PM.

This was an incredible hike. When we arrived at Lake Sylvia and saw the “notch” it was overwhelming. We definitely had to reassure ourselves that we could make it up. After seeing some folks go up, we decided to move forward. We didn’t come this far just to get this far. We were going to summit Pyramid Peak. We decided to climb the big boulders instead of taking the zig zag trail straight up to the notch. The smaller rocks and dirt was extremely dry and loose. We climbed up the boulders up to a big tree and then cut across the top to the notch. It was definitely the better choice. Once we reached the top, it was wide and flat up on the ridge. There wasn’t really a trail so we followed cairns and used our GPS to guide us towards the peak. It took us 3 hours from the bottom of the lake up to Pyramid Peak, recording 2 miles worth of hiking and climbing. It was extremely sunny AND windy. We wore buffs and had our hoodies up. We were completely covered. The top views were amazing and thrilling. There are forts above to help with not getting blown away by the wind. We stayed for an hour and then headed back down. Unfortunately we didn’t monitor our way down and followed our friend, in which we ended up going the wrong way for a good mile or so, headed south instead of west. We had to back track a little and then cut across West to get us back to the notch. This extended our descent time by a lot. It took us 3 hours to reach the top and 4 hours to get back, for a total of 7 hours and 5 miles. Whew!

Climb the boulders up to the notch instead of the trail of loose rocks and dirt.
Once on top of the ridge, follow the cairns (stacked rocks), but also check your GPS or have a compass to help direct your way up to the peak.
When returning, make sure you check your navigation and go back the way you came (unless you are going a different route).

It was a great hike and I would do it all over again (except for the getting lost part lol).

Challenging but amazing.

fantastic views await you at the top

6 days ago

Trail well maintained. First 2.5 miles including the falls iis a mild trail. Looking up to Mt. Rose in the distance was a bit daunting. The views just got better right to the summit. Definitely going back.

we rode bikes for the first mile in. then hiked the rest of the way. worked out great. nice to to ride the last mile back to the car.

7 days ago

We made a day hike out of this and was not disappointed by the challenge of mount Tallac. This is a beautiful Mountain, with several terrain changes. To start the hike about 0.4miles in we heard brush moving on the hill to our left, noticed very quickly that we were within 40 yards of a momma bear and two cubs....we backed off gave her space, she lets us know she saw us as well, she and the babies continued down the hillside crossing the trail and continued on there way. What a beautiful moment, with a great outcome! Be sure to be alert! Take plenty of water and energy snacks with you as you will need them. Sturdy hiking boots,& definitely would not do this one without trekking poles, someone offered to buy mine on the way down but I had used them so frequently at that point they were not for sale. The terrain rover the last three miles to the summit is strictly rock, which offers an awesome challenge and on the day we did the climb was coupled with a slight storm which offered a nice 50mph wind, making the summit just that more sweet! The views from the summit are absolutely breathtaking,& we highly recommend this climb!

7 days ago

My wife and I made it to the top on 9/14/18. Very inexperienced hikers but made it up and down in 3 1/2 hours. A few stops on the way up we’re needed, but it gave us a chance to take in the beautiful views. Windy on top of the peak, but the views made it 100% worth the work. Mt Tallac will be the target next trip out!

never knew Nevada could be so pretty

Beautiful views the entire hike. The summit is definitely worth the effort. Bring plenty of water if you're not used to the elevation.

It was beautiful, plenty of parking and well taken care of trails! We had about a 5 min snow storm randomly! I couldn’t believe how green it was this late in the summer and there was a decent amount of water in the falls.

Bring lots of water!!!

9 days ago

Did this hike on a Thursday late August and the small parking lot was full by 9am, but never mind, just parked a little bit further down. AMAZING views, easy access to trailhead and plenty of other hikers on the trail and on top. Fallen Leaf Lake was stunning, as of course was Tahoe. Plenty of sun exposure so wear sunscreen and bring enough water.

9 days ago

Great hike!! Steep but well worth the views!

9 days ago

Steep and soft dirt in the first half. Flattens out when you see the peak. Easy climb to the top. Worth hiking.

Amazing! Do it.

Great hike. Uphill in the beginning but it's not terribly steep. Great view at the top.

Great hike! Beautiful views at the top! Took us a little under 4 hours to summit, but being from Ohio we aren’t regular hikers - and we stopped for photos along the way. We brought 2L of water each, and we both ran out on our way down. Trail is very rocky virtually the entire time, which was a bit rough on our feet and ankles. Going down wasn’t easy! And agree with previous posts on length - I tracked almost 13 miles for this hike. Recommend lots of water, sunscreen and chapstick; and we used Cliff shot bloks and which helped us a lot. Overall excellent hike - highly recommend!

I did this hike on Friday, Sep 7th. Great hike with views of several lakes including Lake Tahoe. You will get a great view of Lake Tahoe early along the hike. It was so much cooler at the top, bring layers. The waterfall was beautiful too and a great time to rest. We arrived at 8:30 a.m. and didn’t have any issues with parking space. Hiking poles really helped. It took us about 6 hours roundtrip including a stop at the top for a snack and many breaks along the way.

My ‘95 Toyota Avalon made it up the forest service road, just have to watch for rocks! Only 4 vehicles in the “lot” on a Friday at 945am when I started and two when I got back around 4pm. Beautiful views at the top, barren sandy moonscape. I didn’t see anyone for the last 4 hours — from the climb up Freel and over to Jobs Sister & Jobs Peak (clockwise). Don’t know why you’d want to do counterclockwise as ascent of Jobs Sister from Jobs would not be fun at all. Super sandy and steep. Was a bit delirious at top (from altitude I think) and it was quite cold and windy up there too.

We only go as far as the waterfall, so approximately halfway. It is a beautiful hike.

This was my first solo backpacking trip and will be hard for the next ones to compare to this place! I didn't have a map or a solid plan but I started at Bayview early afternoon in August and make it to Dick's lake by sunset. Camped Dick's that night and did a loop of fontanillis and Velma lakes the next morning. Finished at eagle lake trail and hitch hiked back to Bayview. I plan on returning next year for a 2-3 day trip.

14 days ago

View is to die for, and if the climb up doesn’t kill you the climb down might

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