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Great trial and easy to add to others! Dogs ARE allowed here and there are a lot of them! People are stupid in letting them off leash because it’s gonna ruin it for the rest of us good dog people. This is also a fun trail run location.

Not difficult and not fun in my opinion. The trail can go one way into an urban greenway along the Jerry Connelly cross country trail while the other gets you into Great Falls. If you don’t mind a few miles you can get into Great Falls without much effort. Parking is TERRIBLE and it is dangerous getting in and out of the parking area.

2 months ago

fantastic hike. well marked. lots of side trail options. the fam and I tromped around for about 5 hours. while there were other hikers on the way, most of the day hikers hike along over to the falls then along the C&O Canal towpath. I've never seen so many old oak trees in one area before. really had a great hike.

2 months ago

Nice route with the exception of the very dangerous crossing over Georgetown Pike. Take a look at that bend in the road — cars speed down around the bend and sometimes can’t see hikers until the last minute, or at least one hopes they see the hikers.

Beautiful hike. One area where you are on the cliff is barely your foot’s width and is terrifying if you’re going against the flow of traffic for hiking. But overall the views are breathtaking.

Wonderful forest walk. Very zen. Beautiful green forest carpet, not a lot of bushes. Terrain is on the easy side but it’s a totally enjoyable walk. Agree with another reviewer that it would be great for trail running. Easy to add additional loops for more distance (such as overlook trail).

Great trail - easy but very family friendly with enough room for bikes, runners, dogs and people.

Billy Goat A trail loop was closed due to flooding, so we walked to the Great Falls Overlook on Olmstead Island, then followed the canal to the bridge across the canal (just past the Billy Goat trail entrance). After crossing over we picked up the Overlook Trail heading back towards the parking lot and eventually ended up canalside. While the views on the Overlook Trail are not as impressive as being right next to the falls, the trails were dry and it wasn’t crowded. It was a nice walk, with a few decent views looking down at the river if you take the two down-and-back spurs off the main trail. Combine all this with sunshine and 70s and you have the ingredients to a perfect hike!

3 months ago

Absolutely fantastic especially if you go after a big rain to see Mother Nature at her best

4 months ago

Due to work and timing, I was only able to make it from Colvin Mill to The Potomac, but it was a great first hike.
The trail head is easy to find if you follow the directions provided to you when you open them in google maps.

4 months ago

Enjoyable on a nice day, but really not that difficult. On a sunny day, it is some nice afternoon exercise. Photos are better in the afternoon with the sun at your back.

5 months ago

The trail head is actually really easy to find, and you park in a gravel lot right next to the trailhead. Don't go through the housing development...walk towards the trailhead. It is the CCT (Gerry Connolly Cross Country Trail) that starts from the parking lot.
This trail has a diverse set of terrain to cover and a good mix of flat and climbs. 2 river crossings (big boulders and pillons to walk on while crossing). Gets pretty busy near the Great Falls Area--pretty empty on the stick part of the lollipop loop.

Juno the Golden Retriever loved the trail. Nice ups and downs, nothing too strenuous and for kids (and kids at heart) there is a Gold Mine to see from the outside. if you are hiking with little folk, turn left at the loop, the gold mine is closer that way.

we did the whole loop. Beautiful Forrest and ridges.

5 months ago

Always a great spot. Never a let down.

Great views, I’ve been here dozens of times during all seasons of the year.

we did the first two miles, and this trail was boring and low intensity. it was a roughly paved walking trail.

if you want to do this, I would suggest not starting from the boat launch.

also, don't go after a rain. there were 1 foot deep, 6 foot wide streams accross the trail.

Couldn’t find the trail... drove all the way to the starting point instructed by the app and it ended up taking me to a Cul-de-sac. I felt too weird just leaving my car in a random neighborhood and walking through some random person’s yard to get to the trail. I wish there was a parking lot or a more public starting point. I tried looking for the park that the maps and google maps app said was in the area but it once again the apps took me to a gated community and dead end cup-de-sac

a word of caution the trailhead is not clearly marked and if you did like us you'll end up walking into the Housing Development I am sure the homeowners are tired of this they should put up their own sign saying not the trailhead is to the right following the water pumping station it looks wrong as you walk through the wire fences once on the Trail Follow The Horseshoe or Horse Trail instead of the Gerry Connolly Trail if you want to stay near the water's edge and a better walking surface it will take awhile to get to the Great Falls so my suggestion is skip this whole event and just go to the Great Falls Park.

WTF? where is the trail? I'm in big housing development!

Great place for family and friends get together and walk

9 months ago

11 months ago

Saw a fox and a hawk on our hike. Great with our dog as it wasn't too crowded.

Quiet and cool beneath the canopy...

One of the best. Varied terrain keeps it interesting. Traveling from Algonkian eastbound, terrain gets difficult after Trump Golf Course. Some inclines a bit difficult and definitely a scramble. River not always visible. Well kept except on the portion going through Trump Golf course.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

This trail was awesome. The whole family went. It was pretty rigorous around Billy Goat Trail A because of the natural rocks you have to climb. It can be dangerous. If your young children don't follow directions well, it may be better to leave them at home. Halfway around Billy Goat Trail A, there is a side trail to take to get back to the main Towpath. We were told by a hiker, and by the warning sign, that it got even more dangerous with steeper climbs and descents. So we chose to stop. Can't wait to go back and complete this hike. Beautiful, breathtaking views of the rapids and waterfalls.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Nice trail. We didn't do the full leg out into the Difficult Run portion of the loop because it was rained out. We walked mainly the River Trail portion, which was delightful. The drawback is that the area closest to the river is very crowded and in particular by non-hikers (flip-flops, street clothes, confusion) which detracted from the beauty of the hike. We went on a Sunday afternoon so likely peak time. Some of it is craggy and uphill which made it fun and challenging in short spurts--not too much. We had to wait about ten minutes for a parking space but other than that no troubles. I'd go again.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Classic views of the falls

not hard at all. plain view.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Apparently someone uploaded photos of the falls under this trail. This trail does not cross the canal so you are near the river. overall not a bad hike.

This is a beautiful, flat, well-maintained trail along the Potomac river. I'm sorry others have given a poor rating because it is easy-going; it's a great trail, just easy.

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