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Hiked this trail in mid November when it was about 40 degrees out. Definitely had trouble finding the entrance to the trail, and there appears to be a smaller trail that has been created right at the parking area that leads off in the complete wrong direction. The actual trail is just a jeep trail that is not marked. Definitely recommend downloading a track ahead of time. Luckily we had LTE on the wrong trail and I was able to download a recording and find the correct trail. Someone had marked the trail down to the cave with an orange tag on a tree so we were able to find our way down. The cave/structure itself is pretty neat and the hike back up was pretty grueling, especially after doing two other trails earlier in the day. Overall a great short hike, just be prepared for going back up.

4 days ago

This trail has several things to see. There is the natural land bridge, the grotto, and some turtle formed rocks. All in all, this trail should be on everyone's bucket list.

4 days ago

Beautiful trail and not too crowded. Lots of signage with lots of education about plant species. It was also fun to come across the concrete foundation of a house that used to be there but burned down. It was a beautiful trail to walk on a November Saturday morning. Thank you to all the volunteers who keep this trail in good shape!

Great weather for a hike! We missed most of the fall color, but was still very lovely. The damn bridge is beautiful.

I’ve been around a lot of the Buffalo area and this has got to be one of my favorite hikes. Not only is the waterfall spectacular but the hike is excellent and the whole area looks like a place fairies might dwell. If the camp area across from the trail is full there is a turn out off the highway to the West that’ll require a ten minute walk to the trailhead. A lot of elevation gain to the bluffs, go left to the falls. Though the hike to the right is beautiful too if you have time. Loved climbing around on the boulders. If you have a hiking partner give them some space, slips and slides will happen even in the best hiking boots and trail runners. Came in the autumn and the green valley along the creek with the autumn colors surrounding it was just spectacular. Get ready to use your hands to climb out from the grotto.

Find the trail at the back of the grounds, it’s easy to get to the lower falls. If you’re up to it, there are many other falls upstream that will require some sure footing and boulder hopping. Be careful crossing on fallen trees as they are often waterlogged and rotting. Really fun area to explore. Haw Creek is an excellent camping area (fee for camping goes up to 10$ spring 2019) and does require a water crossing in your vehicle. Don’t let it scare you, I crossed in my Toyota Yaris when the water was touching the bottom of the poles on either side of the road meant to measure flooding. Probably wouldn’t have tried it if it were much more than that, could definitely feel the car struggling against the current on the far side. Be mindful and keep an eye on the weather.

7 days ago

Easy hike even if very poorly marked (marking the trail would at least give novice hikers an opportunity to learn). Lots of good fall foliage and trickles of water over the bluffs. A few small trails beginning at the very back of the campground road; those were better time investment (I’m fickle; I like the payoff). Day was cool and damp with thick fog impeding any view. But felt amazing at the top!

8 days ago

The trail is OK at the best. We got there on Nov 7 and it was 2-3 weeks too late. Leaves are mostly down and it made very rocky trail even less pleasant. But if leaves would be still there - the view has nothing unique or breathtaking about it. If you are going to walk it make sure to give yourself plenty of time especially now, when at 5 pm it is already very dusky and at 6 pm is very dark! If you'll walk it clockwise, decent is very rough and rocky. Makes very unhappy ankles. Very short distance after beginning of decent trail crosses a road. Walk it down till you get to a point of re-entry to the trail. Your ankles and your back will thank you.
Keep in mind that there is no phone/internet service at the trailhead and on most of the trail. LTE was at the top and in a few places on the east side of the trail.

10 days ago

The trails are well blazed and cleared for trekkers. During rainy seasons keep in mind the trails are on a incline into a hallow so the paths could be flowing with water.

Nice hike. Watch out for mountain bikers.

Beautiful spot.
It is a bit tricky to find. But someone has spray painted a mark on the road and hung a ribbon in the tree where the trail starts. There are several trace trails in the area. My advice is this: go uphill until you get to the bluffs then turn left and keep going. Stay up fairly high near the bluff line. Take your time. The rocks are super slick. Eventually the creek and bluff will meet and there’s your waterfall.

Very very nice place

Very well marked. Hope to do an overnight soon and visit the entire trail.

Love this Trail. Fall foliage was great.

13 days ago

Great for small kids!

Was definitely a good workout. Brought my two dogs as well and they seemed to enjoy it.

Beautiful easy 2 mile loop. Views were stunning this fall!

One my favorite trails to do in the fall.

We loved this hike, it was challenging!

Very pretty easy fall hike. Varied views.

Beautiful hike ! We had two 11 year olds and I was worried bc of the drop offs but it was an awesome hike !

beautiful fall morning very easy hike

Beautiful area, great hike!

21 days ago

Great trail to hike anytime of the year.

very fun hike. started at white rock abbs went down to shores lake. lots of steep narrow ridges. it's a tough hike but my 6 year old boy made it.

The trail offers 4 scenic hollows that make up for the 3 missing ones. Highlights include ‘Natural Bridge’ and ‘Grotto’. Terrain is variable: groomed/rough, dry/wet, level/steep with lots of natural rocks integrated into the trail. The creek was flowing freely with large rocks well placed to cross over. Poles are helpful to navigate unsteady/steep surfaces. Overall, a wonderful hike.

Nice hike but pay attention to trail after damn. Not clearly marked

One of my favorite hikes

Excellent, particularly as the leaves are starting to change.

24 days ago

Great trail! Kiddo and dog friendly. Beautiful sights. Easy to walk. Took us about 2 hours.

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