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Great trail!! The hike isn't too tough unless you're out of shape like me.

1 day ago

Awesome trail in every aspect. Water level at little Missouri was 3.8 feet and all crossings were manageable, took boots off once really by choice rather than need. Athens-Big fork section...just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Water everywhere! Heavy traffic but everyone was just neat hiker folk. 10/10, would recommend.
Partner and I were not in hiking shape what so ever, we cut the trail at forest road 106, this worked perfect for us as we only had three days to hike. Ran into many other hikers doing the same. Heard that 5th (or 2nd, depending your direction around) is brutal. Cant wait to get up it next time!

We hiked out to the Hawksbill Crag this past week. It was a very enjoyable hike. It was not very difficult, about 3.2 miles with about 100 ft of ascent. My 4 yr old daughter handled the hike without issue. The view from the Crag was something to behold. Highly recommend this hike.

We hiked from Barkshed to Gunner Pool and back. It was beautiful. Both recreation areas are a great place to bbq and relax after a rigorous hike

When we arrived there were only a few cars at 8:30am, and we saw minimal people in passing on the way in. Then on the hike out, they came in by the droves! But I don’t blame them, the views of creation are beautiful from this trail.

It was a scenic hike, but lots of people on this trail after 10am.

6 days ago

Excellent and tough. The lack of switchbacks made me ache. My quads complained on the ascents and my ankles on the descents. Me and my nephew went with our hammocks and had a very pleasant and chilly night. Dropped into the low 30’s, but no complaints here. Everything was crossable. Overall, it was a very nice three days. We’ll be back.

Waterfalls, beautiful rock formations and not too bad of a hike!! Perfect

9 days ago

Did the Loop 1st week in March 2018 right after a bunch of rain had swamped most of Arkansas. We arrived late Thursday night and decided to hit trail going Counter Clockwise from Little Missouri Falls. We made a quick camp along the river around 2:30 am about a mile from the start. My friend and I both went with Hammock's this trip and got COLD on this short night. We basically just set up our hammocks without tarps or under quilts and we paid the price on this chilly damp night. We got up early and hit the trail towards the Mountains. We stopped at Spirit Rock to take in the view and ran into a couple guys who had camped at top of the Mountain. They said they got cold as well that night. We took our time going up and over each Mountain and rested when it was needed. Our destination for our camp this night was Eagle Rock Mountain. We ran into another group of guys who were going clockwise and warned us about the River crossing around Winding Stairs. They had made it across but said it was kind of iffy. They asked if we were going to cross it today and told them not till tomorrow. We all agreed that we thought we water would be lower the next day, our hope anyway. We stopped for extra water before making our final climb to Eagle Rock. We made it to the top of Eagle Rock around 4:00 pm and set up our camp. It was a beautiful night with a Clear Cold night and a Full Moon out. Had a nice fire to keep us warm and listened to the Coyotes throughout the night. My chocolate Lab had her own little tent which I had packed for her and she paid no mine to the coyotes that only got closer as the night worn on. We all slept much better this night with tarps and quilts added to the Hammocks. Got up, enjoyed a beautiful Sunrise, ate breakfast,and then came off Mountain headed towards Viles Branch. Starting running into a few more folks and all said the River was low enough now for a safe crossing. Made our way through Winding Stairs and then onto Albert Pike Mountain. We detoured to the top to look for Window Rock, which we did not find. Turns out we were right on top of it but never took the trail down to access it. Next time I will find it! Came off Mountain and walked through Albert Pike area and made camp along the Little Missouri River and Long creek intersection. Had another great Warm night in our Hammocks with a million stars out this night as well. Got up early the next morning and hiked the final 6 miles to the truck at LMF. This was my 3rd time to do the Loop. It does not get any easier, suppose age might have something to do with it. But, can't wait to do it again next year. Awesome trail!

The hike was easy and beautiful. I’ve been in different seasons and all are lovely.

13 days ago

Great trail if you live within four hours or so for a nice weekend escape. Lots of spiders in the late summer but great fall and spring temps.

Awesome hike! Lots of water to tred through along the way, beautiful sights, and good swimming hole spots!

So beautiful. Go after a good spring rain for some nice falls! First mile or so of hike is very easy, almost boring. Once you cross the creek, it starts to get better with views.

Great trail, Good first backpacking experience, lots of spiders and webs along the trail when i came through but hey its nature! will definitely come back!

There is more to this trail. Look for hidden trails and waterfalls.

South side of this loop was super quiet and beautiful. Lots of water throughout the whole trail. I went slow and alone. Spent 4 days on this trail. Well worth it.

25 days ago

Me and a buddy arrived on a cold Sunday night at about nine after being unable to find each other's cars. We parked in a very secluded part of Albert pike where by some miracle there were no "no parking" signs. Through light snow flurries we hiked for about four hours the first night. Sticking to the white blazes is a major key, and be sure to spot the white blaze on the other side of the water crossing before traversing....because there are a lot of crossings. We finished in about 50 hours powering through, but I suggest taking more time to enjoy this beautiful stretch. Keep an eye out for a hot spring bubbling alongside the trail :)

We hiked the Eagle Rock Loop last year...It Is an incredible hike. Surrounded by mountains and cold, clear, rushing water the Eagle Rock is both very challenging and breathtakingly beautiful.
We finished the Loop in 3 1/2 days last year and are going again this year.

A great beginner’s backpacking trail. Some gorgeous views and good backcountry camping sites. For my first solo backpacking trip, I hiked two half-days on this trail in early November, and the temps were perfect (highs in the upper 50s and lows in the upper 30s).

We hiked this trail after hiking Centerpoint/Goat Trail. Not a very difficult hike and much shorter in distance than Centerpoint. Several spots away from the point to make camp. Very scenic and makes for excellent photography. As always, I recommend camping. I suggest doing it away from the point though as there are several people that hike it early in the morning.

Over 3 days , dave Boclair and I hiked 33 miles from hwy 7 to hwy 9. Slept in oak mountain shelter and brown creek shelter. Shelters were fantastic. Especially in rain. I really did not have to carry or set up tent. So much elevation change. Nothing is flat. Some water especially in low areas. Saw deer turkey and squirrels. Trail was well marked and logical.

1 month ago

Fantastic trail with great water crossings. The western part of the loop has some really great climbs that can get the heart rate up.

1 month ago

We went yesterday and we still love it!! Beautiful every time!!

Fun and easy hike. One of the best views in Arkansas

This was such an amazing hike. Very popular and busy, but it was worth taking a lunch and just enjoying the views

1 month ago

This is a pretty challenging trail, and I think a little longer than it is listed as. I planned for a three day hike so I could take my time and enjoy a couple nights of backcountry camping. The trial is pretty rugged, with lots of ups and downs, and most of the trail is riddled with large stone. I wound up bruising/spraining the bottom of my foot on mile three and limped through most of the trail, so that only made the trip harder. That being said, I was impressed with several primitive campsites along the trail that other hikers had made. The site at Quaill Valley was especially impressive. There were a few places to filter some water, just before mile 5, and several places from 6-9(Junction camp I believe is the last place for water). There are also several campsites right along Blackburn Creek from mile 6-9. Butterfield Falls(a rock garden) was a challenge, but a short one. I was through it in a couple of minutes. At the top is a primitive camp with a gorgeous view. The next couple of miles ware fairly easy, and another primitive camp around 11.5. The last two miles of the trail are pretty rocky and steep. All in all a good trail, but be sure to wear proper footwear. If I had less give in my sole, I think the trip would have been a lot more enjoyable.

Insane views

Amazing views and beautiful colors in the fall.

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