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I would recommend this trail, plenty of water along the trail and several good swimming holes. There was multiple water crossings so be prepared for that.

Be mindful of the landslide that occurred in the counter-clockwise direction (mile 15 and 14) as of January 7th, 2019. But other than that, the trail was clearly marked and offered beautiful scenery. I like to recommend this trail to people that are just getting into backpacking, but even if you aren’t a beginner, you will love this small section of the Ozarks that Northwest Arkansas has to offer.

January is a great time to go. We passed only four hikers.

Great views, great hike! Not a ideal hike if you’re afraid of heights like me!

Beautiful hike. Will do this one again. Only a couple steep areas and a few water crossings after rains.

This trail was the high light of our weekend, the hawksbill crag at the end was well worth the walk and the views are simple breathtaking, BUT there are some minor set backs, there was probably 40 - 60 cars in the parking lot which meant the trail was gonna be busy, so kinda crowded for when we went, also the county road into the trailhead is nearly 6 miles of very steep gravel road, please don't have any trouble with your brakes on your vehicle because it could lead to an interesting ride down on the way out, all and all great trail and worth the drive

The most beautiful trail In the state. One of my favorite places to be.

11 days ago

Excellent tail, not for beginners! Don’t forget your water shoes, and have fun.

13 days ago

The trail was difficult at times (maybe my own fault, because I overestimated my beginner abilities ;-) ). Besides that, amazing views. Our dog enjoyed himself too. We will definitely return.

13 days ago

I brought a first timer out here on new year weekend. She ended up loving it and now we are planning our second trip. We posted a video of our experience here if you want to get an idea of what the trail looks like https://youtu.be/B2vhT4QxFjE

14 days ago

The beginning and the end of the hike will test you, but the landscape is worth it. Highly recommend.

21 days ago

This is an absolutely stunning backpacking trail. We did this in two nights. We camped out at the Eagle Rock Vista and it was gorgeous. I'd consider this a fairly easy trail so as long as you are prepared. I had a 35 lb pack and my wife had a 25 lb pack. We definitely WAY overpacked, but it was our first trip and we had done it during November. Loved every bit of it.

24 days ago

Took my son to the Ouachita National Forest to do the Eagle Rock Loop trial this weekend. Beautiful trail with a little bit of everything. It was a memorable experience to say the least. Hiking, cooking, singing haha. The River crossings ending up being our down fall with river getting his boots soaked the first 0.5 miles in to our hike. Then again the next day 3 miles in. I could have picked an easier trail to take my son on for sure my fault... All in all we had such a great time neither of us will ever forget. I’ll be back to complete this 28.2 mile trail soon though. We Posted a video of it here

The OT started out being a dream of mine , then after Holsom Valley it was a challenge against myself.
I met these 2 men who were going to hike the OT so I tagged along. We hiked together from Talimena State Park and I called it at Holsom valley as they went on to Winding Stairs and called it. So from mm 16.8 to 84.5 I hiked solo. From mm 84.5 to 94.5 my daughter joined me for a day hike. Then from 94.5 to mm 223 I hiked solo. I counted up my days on the trail and it was about 19 days give or take. I wasn't in no hurry, by all means. I just wanted to be out on the trail following my dream of backpacking the OT and enjoying all it has to offer.
Some of my favorite places was the Kiamichi Valley ( I think I spent 2 days there), Pioneer Cemetery, Flatside Pinnacle, Crystal Prong,Scooters Point, and a overlook before you get to Big Branch Shelter and the spillway. The bridge off hwy 300 and then mm 222 then my truck at the visitors center meaning I FINISHED my dream. John Archer,Suck Mtn,Story Creek and Big bear shelter were my favorite shelters. I'm sure there are more places but those are just the ones that stand out the most. Over 100 miles I hiked in sandals. From mm 125 to 223 I finally wore hiking shoes. I started in March, was up there about 2 different times that month.Once in April and once in May.Then back at it in October and November. Then I set out to finish December 9th, only to hurt my ankle the 2nd day so I was only out there from 12/9-12/18---39 miles. Came home and back out to finish on December 17,18,19,and 20th from mm 165.3 to 223. I set my mind to it swallowed the pain and hiked day and night to finish my dream. Using my emergency tarp and a garbage bag to sit on with the tarp over me with my trekking poles to hold it up, leaned against a tree just to catch a nap and get going again. I decided to be able to get my miles in, I had to put my phone up and quit taking so many pictures. The western end was tough but after the first 20-30 miles it got a lot easier.

29 days ago

This loop has it all. Scenic views, hardwood Forrest, river, gorges, swimming holes, waterfall, ancient sea floor rock formations, water sources, a cemetery...yadda yadda yadda...with plenty of developed backcountry sites to overnight. Water crossings vary, each trip has been a little different. Be prepared. It’s a nice 2, even 3 day hike. Last trip I didn’t see another soul until I reached the Winding Stair Trail which had some leaf peepers.

Probably the best short dayhike in the Ozarks. Pretty easy with a rewarding view at the end. The road going up is no joke though. Surprised how rough the road is for how popular the crag is.

I hike this after two days of good rain and it was gorgeous. All the dry creek beds you’re used to passing over were transformed into gushing waterfalls. The river was up and loud. The trail is not easy so take your time and enjoy yourself. Markings are prominent enough where you shouldn’t have any trouble finding your way.

Great hike. Little mix of everything. Water crossing were chilly, glad we removed the shoes each time - not worth slugging along in wet one for this trail

Pretty EZ hike with amazing Ozark views. There’s a long dirt road to get to this hike, but it’s nothing too hard to get up. That’s part of the fun. The hike starts out downhill first, so that the hardest part on the return. The trail was a little tricky to follow because you come to 1 or 2 crossroads.

Very scenic. Pretty well marked over all. Watch out for 1.4 miles one-way off shoot in the NW corner

Excellent view! The drive up to the cliff may take around 20-25 because the gravel road.

1 month ago

Wonderful hiking place. On the way to Whitaker point, there are lot of view spots.

1 month ago

One of my favorite trails in Arkansas. We started at Cripple Turkey on December 1st and ended at Allison on December 2. A lot of waterfalls and bluff outcroppings. I would definitely do this one again. The scenery was amazing.

My absolute favorite. The view was amazing. The road was rough wish we had a 4 wheel drive would hate to even think of trying it after a rain. Once you reach the parking area you will be glad you came

I’m going to echo what Destiny said about the drive up to the trailhead. I did not expect the drive there and back to be so difficult on my car. It is narrow, there are no lights and the incline is high. After that drive, I’m now thinking about buying a Toyota 4Runner. I rated it a 3 because of the drive. Unfortunately although the views are amazing, I don’t think I’ll come back because of the drive. Past that, it is a very easy hike. We hiked Hemmed-in-Hollow right before Whitaker Point. It was nice. It took us 1.5 hours RT. We stopped to take pictures, of course. It is a very easy trail to follow. No complaints. Amazing views.

Difficult but worth it.

My 1st hike and it was AMAZING!!!! A must see and you will return.

One of my favorite hikes within a 4 hour radius. It’s amazing. Easy for kids, easy for adults, the switchbacks heading back out of the ravine towards the parking lot can be rough on the littles and the out of shape but there are just a couple so it’s not a big deal. I would definitely not want to be out there after dark, so watch your clock during the winter months and leave enough time to get back to car. Several creek crossings, a waterfall, lots of opportunity for kids to scramble, and incredibly views once you hit the bluff line. The edge is sheer once you pass the waterfall so I don’t know if I would bring kids unless they can mind very well. My 8 year old did ok but he’s used to it. An incredible view of the ozarks. It will be a yearly trip now. One thing to note. The drive up was horrendous in my civic. Next time I will be borrowing a 4x4. Incredibly steep county road. Made the 11% graded highway look flat. Happy trails !

1 month ago

Amazing hike with amazing views. We did the hike in 2.5 days

Got to trailhead right at sunrise. Five cars all ready there. First mile just a walk in the woods. Next half mile had cliffs to look off, quite a few rocks to get unique photos. The crag was cool..got some great pics..although at sunrise there is quite a glare. Nice area , but we had driven 1.5 hours to get there...wouldn't do that again...just not enough character. 2 hour hike...3 hour drive all together..

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