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One of my favorites. Easy, short hike in to the falls. Beautiful views. Gets pretty rocky and uneven close to the falls. The hike out is mostly uphill.

January is a great time to go. We passed only four hikers.

Lovely little hike-and yes you do come UP on the way out-good exercise! The whole area is nice -Elise Falls is a little “on a around the corner” delight

Beautiful place. With watchful eyes we’ll bring our grandchildren soon. Trail is excellent. We went on around below the bluff line beyond Glory Hole. This added not only distance but the bluff line has a lot to offer the eyes. Nothing to not like-even get to take our dog ❤️

Great views, great hike! Not a ideal hike if you’re afraid of heights like me!

Beautiful trail even in winter

9 days ago

This trail was a delightful surprise to me. For most of the trail you will be by the creek or close enough to hear it. I enjoyed seeing different parts of the creek because the creek gets smaller and bigger in places. The creek also can go from trickle sounds to roars.

Beautiful hike. Will do this one again. Only a couple steep areas and a few water crossings after rains.

This trail was the high light of our weekend, the hawksbill crag at the end was well worth the walk and the views are simple breathtaking, BUT there are some minor set backs, there was probably 40 - 60 cars in the parking lot which meant the trail was gonna be busy, so kinda crowded for when we went, also the county road into the trailhead is nearly 6 miles of very steep gravel road, please don't have any trouble with your brakes on your vehicle because it could lead to an interesting ride down on the way out, all and all great trail and worth the drive

This was our first time hiking in the Ozarks and it was amazing, use the map on this site to get there because the parking is right on the side of the road, very limited maybe 8-10 cars which I thought would have been a lot of people but not crowded, there had been plenty of rain the days before our hike so the creeks were flowing and main attraction at the end was beautiful, plenty of above and below pics, the walk out is challenging but not to aggressive, well worth the drive

The trail and falls are great. One of the most heavily trafficked trails we've been on (65 and sunny on a Saturday in January), and a lot of really poor trail etiquette (smoking, dirt bikes). We will be back on less ideal conditions!

The most beautiful trail In the state. One of my favorite places to be.

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins; not through strength, but through perseverance.”

I LOVED this hike and the miraculous feature waiting at the end of it. It was the perfect metaphor for a New Year’s Day hike when your resolution includes perseverance, tenacity and gumption.

If you like to use a stick to cross water I advise you to bring it. I left mine in the car and wished I had it.

We were there after a heavy rain and it was flowing incredibly well as were the feeder streams.

Wonderful moderate hike.

16 days ago

Worth all the traffic!

We began our new year (2019) hiking a few trails in Newton County, AR. The area had recently had rain, so the falls and streams were beautiful. Glory Hole was absolutely stunning with the water flowing like it was. We will be back.

Great trail! We got a lot of cool photos, explored the underneath cliffs, and enjoyed the weather. The trail is very wet so bring shoes you don’t mind getting muddy.

Well Worth the messy wet hike!

Really beautiful! Nice, easy downhill to the falls.

very beautiful hike

Great trail!

25 days ago

This trail (lightly traveled) is connected to the Cedar Falls Trail (which is heavily traveled during peak times) so it is a nice break from other people and much quieter. The creek is a nice view too.

Great trail. My fiancé, I and are 7month old husky just did the trail in about an hr and a half. Lots of ups and downs, crossing over rocks and the river. So many beautiful sights.

26 days ago

Gorgeous hike. Great view of the waterfalls.

27 days ago

Amazing place the hike was shorter than what I expected but is soo beautiful the river was my second favorite the water falls are my number one favorites! I get to see a bald eagle it was amazing

Probably the best short dayhike in the Ozarks. Pretty easy with a rewarding view at the end. The road going up is no joke though. Surprised how rough the road is for how popular the crag is.

I hike this after two days of good rain and it was gorgeous. All the dry creek beds you’re used to passing over were transformed into gushing waterfalls. The river was up and loud. The trail is not easy so take your time and enjoy yourself. Markings are prominent enough where you shouldn’t have any trouble finding your way.

Finding trail is difficult. No sign with trail name. Someone wrote the trail name with a marker.

Pretty EZ hike with amazing Ozark views. There’s a long dirt road to get to this hike, but it’s nothing too hard to get up. That’s part of the fun. The hike starts out downhill first, so that the hardest part on the return. The trail was a little tricky to follow because you come to 1 or 2 crossroads.

Love this place! Can’t wait to go back!

Lots of cool sites along this trail. Grotto is a must, really nice area.

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