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2 days ago

So here's the thing. If there has been enough rain to make the falls strong, the trail will be very slick. If the trail is good and dry, well, you probably won't be impressed by the falls. Definitely best after a 2-3 day spell of rain. Oh, if you can't find the falls? Try following the flowing water. You might turn back too soon, but you durn sure won't go past and not notice.

Thank you, Tim and Pam Ernst, for bringing this wonderful place to our attention. Not totally sure I'd have shared it, myself.

Love this place! Can’t wait to go back!

11 days ago

Went their dec 5 was a good hammock day to be in the trees with a beautiful view.

Beautiful hike and wonderful waterfalls

Lunch looking over the Buffalo. The price for the view is paid on the way out. It was not busy at all today and had the bluff to ourselves for lunch. Be sure to stop in at BOC in Ponca..

18 days ago

What a great place. Parking was clean the picnic area too. The trails were moderate the caves were big and the bridge was a beautiful sight.

Easily the best view of any hike I’ve been on in Arkansas. Amazing! Once you get to what you think is the view, keep going, it only gets better. It took us 2 1/2 hours total. Mainly uphill all the way back but if you’re in good shape it shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t recommend taking little kids. Too dangerous. I am terrified of heights and had to force myself to walk across the big bluff. It was so worth it. And the juniper trees look like works of art. Unbelievable view.

22 days ago

As previously mentioned, the west side of the trail is in rough shape and there is no water until you hit the OT. We did enjoy the great weather and the last of the fall colors.

22 days ago

nice hike. platform has a great view.

This trail is so beautiful! It was our second visit to these trails. We were here back in the summer and I have to say the fall is a much better time to come. The rock formations are amazing! Be sure that you go down below and explore the caves near the pedestal rocks. They are so cool! I would like to see the forestry department field on the trail around the base of these two trails. There is just so much to see. There was lots of water flowing today. I definitely recommend these trails!

Really enjoyed this trip - hard to decide how to rate on difficulty though - easy roads most of it, but there are the creeks (I fell 3 times!) and it was really slippery getting to Big Creek Cave Falls...all of us there at the time (4) slipped down the hill a little. It's worth getting close, but be extra careful.

Loved it! Easy hike. Kids had a great time!

Been here several times. Love it every time

Not much of a trail till you hit the goat trail. Once you are there though you are rewarded with one of the best views in the Ozarks. Take a seat, have a snack and soak it in. Know your limits, but don't let the goat trail intimidate you. It's a sidewalk.

29 days ago

This is a great length of trail for an easy overnighter, but the west side of the loop is quite rough! No one should use my recording to aid them on the west portion because there were many times we completely lost the trail - no blazes in sight and the trail just seemed to dead end into brambles. We took the scenic route option at the sign giving the option between that and the Horse Thief Springs trail around Snake Mountain, and maybe it would have been better if we had kept to the main trail. Much of the trail is fairly overgrown, even once we rejoined the main trail. There was also no water source we could use from Cedar Lake to Horse Thief Springs along the west loop. The spring itself is pretty nasty looking. The first water we found that was running enough to collect was a half mile onto the east loop. There are also great campsites there. The east loop was amazing - beautiful, well marked, plenty of water, and lots of great camping spots.

We enjoyed the hike and scenery.

The hike in and out isn’t too spectacular, going in you have a nice vista of the surrounding mountains but they quickly disappear. Personally I found this trail more annoying to descend, it’s very rocky and rutted up by horses (which, I’m not sure this is the best trail for horses...) if it’s wet at all it becomes very marshy and muddy. The payoff is more than worth it and I definitely plan to hike this trail again and spend time in the backcountry. There is much to see and enjoy. The hike out was not bad and the ascent is spread out. I only remember one difficult hill that’s about 2/3 of the way back, the rest is easily manageable. Also I only logged 640ft of elevation gain and I was back and forth on some of the trail multiple times so I think the 1000 some feet of elevation gain isn’t quite right. It’s definitely not that severe.

It is amazing what nature does. I was truly suprised when I saw this natural phenomenon!

I’ve been around a lot of the Buffalo area and this has got to be one of my favorite hikes. Not only is the waterfall spectacular but the hike is excellent and the whole area looks like a place fairies might dwell. If the camp area across from the trail is full there is a turn out off the highway to the West that’ll require a ten minute walk to the trailhead. A lot of elevation gain to the bluffs, go left to the falls. Though the hike to the right is beautiful too if you have time. Loved climbing around on the boulders. If you have a hiking partner give them some space, slips and slides will happen even in the best hiking boots and trail runners. Came in the autumn and the green valley along the creek with the autumn colors surrounding it was just spectacular. Get ready to use your hands to climb out from the grotto.

Solo hike, so the forest time gets boring. Views are nice. Lucky to have several streams flowing and the waterfall running at the edge of King’s Bluff.

1 month ago

Easy hike even if very poorly marked (marking the trail would at least give novice hikers an opportunity to learn). Lots of good fall foliage and trickles of water over the bluffs. A few small trails beginning at the very back of the campground road; those were better time investment (I’m fickle; I like the payoff). Day was cool and damp with thick fog impeding any view. But felt amazing at the top!

1 month ago

Fun trail! might be a little strenuous in some spots for beginners and if the water is up along with the rapids its a challenge to cross to the trail head safely, but a great day hike regardless! Seems like a great camping spot as well

Beautiful views

1 month ago

Beautiful site to see. We would love to see it again.

Beautiful spot.
It is a bit tricky to find. But someone has spray painted a mark on the road and hung a ribbon in the tree where the trail starts. There are several trace trails in the area. My advice is this: go uphill until you get to the bluffs then turn left and keep going. Stay up fairly high near the bluff line. Take your time. The rocks are super slick. Eventually the creek and bluff will meet and there’s your waterfall.

Absolutely Beautiful! Some of the prettiest country I have ever seen.

We took our family of 9 and my parents on the Pedestal Rock trail. Trail was well maintained and the view was beautiful!

Nice hike with many feature points. The caves were as beautiful as the waterfalls.

It was a difficult trail for me to complete, but I loved it.

on Twin Falls Trail

1 month ago

This place was awesome

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