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Super easy trail.

Beautiful trail. I was worried about coming back up, but it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. Definitely need yaktracks if there’s ice on the ground!

12 hours ago

This my favorite trail! No trail to follow except for the few leading up to the cave. I’ve walked down the river bed quite far both ways and always enjoyed climbing over the huge boulders and figuring out the best path to get around the obstacles along the bed. Just remember that however far you hike in you have to hike back out! Bring lots of water and maybe some snacks if you go far, as navigating its obstacles wear you out faster than you think!

13 hours ago

Very very easy trail to hike, did it with my wife and her young nephews. Gorgeous when you get to the end with the spring and you can see the many Native American Petroglyphs. Carried a single bottle of water with me and was fine.

23 hours ago

If you have a 4x4 high clearance car & are able to make it to the trailhead, then the hike is only maybe a mile round trip. There were about 4 other grps there when we went. One of the grps were playing some music and had blankets all in the cave so we couldn’t even go in.

off trail
1 day ago

This is a great spot to get out and stretch your legs when driving the Apache Trail. Parked just before the bridge and climbed over some rocks to get to a shallow cave on the right. You then can climb down to the creek below. Be careful on the gravel when climbing down, it’s easy to slide on. There’s no trail at the bottom. We followed the water and crossed back and forth to both sides. The creek was relatively low so we were able to jump from rock to rock. It was a relaxing walk. There is a lot of branches and broken trees that have collected from past flooding. The climb back up is short, but steep and gets the heart rate going!

Amazing 270 degree view and not well known! You might just have it to yourself!

Did not find it worth the hype, but pretty. water crossings mid-calve deep. Feet are swollen and angry from being soaked, in morning chilly temps.

Love this trail! Not too strenuous but just enough to get your heart rate up, depending on your pace. The length of the trail is maybe 90% loose gravel and rocks so I recommend wearing shoes with good grip and stability. There are a couple of spots near the top where older or less-steady hikers might require 3 points of contact, but still, I saw plenty of folks 65+ make beyond those spots with no problem.

beautiful trail

Amazing trail with incredible views. Can get tricky in some spots and having shoes without grip does not help. It’s definitely doable for all ages, and easier to get down if you use your butt! Regardless, worth it for the views and exercise!

this was an amazing hike. the views were incredible. the ruins at the end were a fantastic finish. I really cant describe how awesome this hike was.

the drive to the trail head wasn't to bad. I made it in a 98 Honda crv which has 4 wheel drive. it was slow going (about 2 hours) but totally worth it. I did scrap the bottom of the small SUV a couple of time.

Amazing view. Mentally and physically challenging but definitely worth it!!

closed because of gvt shutdown. looks like it would be sweet though.

Pretty easy hike to see something that I have only seen in many photos. Very beautiful.

3 days ago

This trail won't disappoint, my 85 year old Mom had no problem, but then again her nickname is mountain goat

The trail doesnt really end at the waterfall area. That's what makes this a great hike. All the touristy people stop at that point .You can keep on going and there is a TRAIL. No one out there. I'll go back to continue furthur on the SECRET trail..shh..

Cool hike, I recommend hiking it from the BLM area.

This was a nice morning hike! Took my dog for the first time and it wasn’t too hard for him. It’s beautiful at sunrise! It took about an hour to hike the whole thing!

Beautiful view, at the end! This hike does require a lot of rock climbing and can be a bit slippery. Make sure you wear hiking shoes for good grip. There were a lot of people who brought their dog along for the hike, but they just have to be on a leash.

Climbing up the mountain was a bit of a challenge and may appear scary for those afraid of heights. I thought I wasn’t going to make it up at first and freaked out when looking back down.. but I manage to push myself to the top. Surprisingly the way down seems a lot easier.

Parking day pass is $5.

P.S. don’t follow strangers down a different path.. you go up and down the same way you came from.

Must do. Moderate to difficult climb but the view is incredible!

a little rocky but a great day/workout. we would definitely do it again. the water and views were beautiful.

7 days ago

Perfect hike! Beautiful!

short hike very beautiful place a lot of people I enjoyed

Requires a bit of effort to scramble up some rocks but the view is worth it! Tried to catch the sunset up top but some of the surrounding rocks blocked the direct view but it was still beautiful! Would totally hike again

Beautiful trail with many hops over the creek. I did this trail during winter and was a bit icy.

Was so beautiful in the evening! The only downside was too many people. There were probably at least 50 people I saw. I would still come back though! Waterfall was a nice thing to see

8 days ago

The hike from the TH is uneventful. Take the time to look around at your surroundings and enjoy the beauty rather than just looking at the boring dirt road you are walking on. My wife and I chose to leave the road and follow a game trail paralleling the road. Felt more like a hike. The destination is amazing and well worth the time spent getting out there.

9 days ago

This hike was so much fun! A quick little hike with some climbing, but not too difficult.

on Water Wheel Falls

9 days ago

Easy and thoroughly enjoyed the snow hike.. This a good family hike with children and would have to cross the stream in 3 places

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