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The trail was very well maintained, plenty of people and the summit was perfect for this clear day. The view alone was worth the hike!

20 hours ago

I agree with the previous review — 10/5. Stunning views for a short hike with moderate effort. We hiked the very crowded devils bridge trail the day before — few hikers on this trail at mid morning on a Sunday.

1 day ago

Great trail, it starts easy then gets pretty steep. It is a well marked trail with many beautiful views along the way. I have taken my kids up this trail! It costs $$$ to get in the park. I believe it is $6 per car so load up all your friends for better value!

One of my favorite hikes in Arizona. It is a very good hike for training and learning hiking fundamentals only lacking trail blazing and rock scrambling (basically where you have to climb because it is to steep) it’s also very good at teaching foot placement and is a fun and beautiful hike in general. I recommend going early in the morning during winter for an optimal hike and make sure that you bring hiking boots and at least one liter of water (I’d recommend 2 just in case) also have at least two and a half hours to spare if it’s your first time hiking this trail and you don’t go hiking or participate in other cardio vascular physical activity often. But if you’re an avid hiker this hike could probably be completed in an hour.

2 days ago

I'd give this trail 10/5 if I could. One of the most stunning trails I've ever taken anywhere in the world and with an off-the charts EA ratio (Effort to Awesomeness). Minutes from downtown Sedona the trail starts at the end of a short drive down a dirt road. The well-marked trail is level through beautiful mixed desert scenery that almost looks landscaped before climbing up to a broad mesa with massive views in every direction of incredible red rock cliffs and formations. Go another quarter mile after cresting to an easily visible and very climbable outcrop for 360 degree views. Take your time heading down too. There's a great spot for views down the valley into Sedona to the left of the trail at the top of the mesa before you head down.

One caution: we did this in optimal mid-60 degree weather in November. Might not be quite as pleasant at the height of summer.

Amazing hike! We were guided by Will Moore to the Upper Cliff Dwellings. He was very knowledgeable about the ruins and provided an excellent account of the history regarding the cliff dwellings. Highly recommend this guided tour to anyone interested in local history.

Amazing hike. A lot of people on a Sunday but everyone very friendly going up and down. The park ranks it a black diamond however I have hike way way harder black diamond trails throughout AZ.

Quick easy hike. Not as steep of an incline if you ascend from the north, or dump road trailhead. The caves were cool.

9 days ago

Nice wee stroll

9 days ago

Well maintained, well marked trail that's perfect for a quick hike after work or before breakfast on the weekends. There are a lot of cool trees and rocks along the trail so it'd be a fun hike for families.

Quick easy walk with beautiful scenery...

Great cardio hiking up. Nice lookout points and so green right now. The top views are awwwwwesome!! It is vertical and gravely heading down. Perfect quick workout!

great trail, very few other hikers. great view from the top.

11 days ago

Nice and easy trail. Great for all levels and a great warm-up trail before a harder hike. Amazing views going out and coming back. If you can, make sure to climb the unmaintained trail at the end to get some amazing pictures over the tree line.

This was a surprisingly great hike. Short and steep with amazing views! We got there soon after the sun came up and we saw no one else on the trail. It took us just over an hour total, including a 15 minute rest at the top. 360 degree views from the top. You can see Red Mountain, Four Peaks, Usery Park, Superstitions, Fountain Hills, Camelback, Phoenix skyline, etc! I will definitely be back soon.

Hiked this to Soldier Pass and completed the loop thru Jordan and then Cibola. Trail was fairly busy but not too bad.

Awesome hike, great arobic

Great little hike with my kiddos ! A couple hours is plenty to enjoy. I recommend.

Great hike, beautiful scenery!

Awesome little hike. Great photo opportunities. You can see the fountain in Fountain Hills running from the cave if the timing is right.

Great workout, straight up the mountain! Slippery rocks in some spots so wear shoes with good tread. The view from the top is breathtaking! Busy trail but very friendly :) can’t wait to do it again.

Great trail, beautiful view!

Limited parking, but didn't have to wait too long before I got a spot. once you get away from the highway its relatively peaceful and quiet. Not too crowded on this Monday afternoon. Nicely shaded and a cool breeze in the canyon.


14 days ago

beautiful trip through Red Rocks. had to go up the hill which was like climbing a thousand steps. it was well worth it though beautiful views from the top

14 days ago

Great trail.. took our time and enjoyed the views. Had a few nice climbs too! Took the trail right to left and it was easier than the other way.

Great trail running trail

Summit and Loop didn’t disappoint. The trail up was a bit busy,but once we turned off and started the loop there was barely anyone else. Very peaceful and actually quiet other than the occasional airplane passing overhead.

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