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Pretty crowded but well worth it!

Great shirt hike! 45 min up and about 50-55 min down. Pretty views at summit and good place for a rest after the climb up. Get there early to make the climb and be at summit for sunrise. Best way to experience this hike.

Beautiful, easy hike, with great views at the top.

Stunning hike!

Trail was carved out of a cliff side, and that alone is worth seeing. Some serious trail building work went into this one!

The river is visible at skeleton point if you walk to the left on the ridge at the end.

I’m guessing less than 20% of those on the trail actually went as far as skeleton point, but well worth it!

If you are passing through this is a must see. Very easy hike. Sort of crowded but you can hike an extra tenth of a mile to get away from the crowd and have the same views.

11 hours ago

I love the 5 pools or whatever its called LOL absolutely beautiful when theres actually water in them. The big cavern? is stunning and we saw a snake so that was cool. We normally go off trail and wander into the forest a bit.

20 hours ago

Absolutely beautiful! Perfect spring day to hike this trail- water felt cool and refreshing too

Easy trail for casual walkers or novice hikers. The dramatic close-up views of Courthouse and Bell rock formations make this a thoroughly enjoyable scenic experience, but seasoned hikers will want something more technical and demanding. Still, it is almost a 'must-do' when in Sedona, since these rock formations are so iconic. Expect large crowds, especially at Bell Rock itself.

The views are amazing and much of the trail is well-maintained. Ooh-aah point is fairly crowded with people taking photos. O'neil Butte is an awesome landmark to stop at and just marvel at the canyon. The hike up is steep so save some energy for the return trip. March 22nd trail was mostly dry and no crampons needed.

21 hours ago

This will always be a memorable trail for me. It was my first hike in Sedona and paired with Brin Mesa for the entire loop. Just outstanding.

21 hours ago

The trailhead takes a hike to get to and pretty easy. However, once you get to the trailhead, the hike then becomes much more interesting and the arch is outstanding. The actual trail is a fun moderate hike with slight scaling of big steps. Views are always awesome in Sedona.

Best birding Trail in Sedona I’ve experienced so far. Beautiful views at the end of the trail. I never did spot the trail to the archway however.

So challenging, but worth it! The views were amazing!

This must be one of the top ten hikes in the United States. Our group consisted of two college-age kids, three adults aged 47-55, and one octogenarian. We caught the 7am Hiker's Express Shuttle and were on the SK by 7:45 am. While the eldest in our group (yeah, he's 80 and in great shape) took the Tonto crosscut trail to Indian Gardens (total distance SK-Tonto-BA: 13 miles), the rest continued down the SK to the river and lingered in Phantom Ranch for 20 minutes and then another 15 minutes on the beach where the Bright Angel reaches the Colorado. Another break at Indian Garden before the final ascent gave us a total distance of 18 miles (the spur to Phantom Ranch instead of just staying on the River Trail adds a mile or more) which was done in 11 hours. We finished a half hour after sunset with enough light to not need our headlamps and flashlights. There was water at Phantom Ranch and Indian Garden, but to be safe, we each carried a regular-sized water bottle as well as three gallon jugs to replenish as needed. We could have carried a gallon less for our group of six, but preferred to err on the side of caution and as it turns out, gave water to another hiker who had run out. While most prefer to overnight at Phantom Ranch, this is a doable day hike, but only for older adults if they are fit (my wife and I are mid-50s and in marathon training). Whatever your age, do not estimate the difficulty of the final climb up the Bright Angel, however. Your quads and calfs will feel this one and it waits for you until the end of your hike. Bring food, water, headlamps if you have ANY concern about being out after dark, a fire starter and appropriate outer clothing for the season. We started at 38 degrees, experienced mid-70s at the river, and finished in the mid-40s (March 21). Weather couldn't have been better for us and the icy patches at the top of the BA had pretty much melted away during the day. If you are an avid hiker, put this one on your list!

Beautiful hike! Weather was great! The river crossings were a nice added bonus to the hike. Great for my little ones and teenagers! Want to come back in the summer when it is green!

This is a very challenging hike but patience can go a long way in scaling this tough climb. We had to get creative and I found the last 12-foot climb a bit daunting. Looking around at my options, I noticed on the left side that it can be scaled quickly, though. There are plenty of foot and hand holds. If you have the determination, this is a rewarding hike — the views and sense of accomplishment are worth the day-long effort to get up and down.

Well worth the headache of getting a permit!

Beautiful. You need a 4x4 to get to the devil’s bridge trailhead. The road is super rocky and unpaved—I do not recommend you try it. Instead, drive to the trailhead devils bridge trailhead as far as you can go. I put it into my GPS. you will see when the road becomes unpaved. Stop there and immediately to your left you’ll see a parking lot. Park there. Do the Chuck Wagon trail (marked as 3-strenuous on the trail map). Note it is NOT strenuous. I would classify it as easy. And the hike was gorgeous with beautiful views. Once you get to devil’s bridge trail, the views aren’t great until you get to the end. devil’s bridge trail is moderate, and the rock scramble to the top is moderate to strenuous. It took us 2.5 hours round trip including stopping for pix at the top. I note that to get back to the car, we did the route listed in this review— going along route 1–easy on the Jeep path. It was dusty and had jeeps on it and no views. So no views until you get onto devil’s bridge path. We saw a lot of people walking along it instead of taking chuck wagon. I totally recommend taking chuck wagon instead of the Jeep path!!! That was the best part of the hike. I recommend this hike. Not my favorite but fun and not too long.

Fun trial with nice views! About 3 miles driving on easy dirt road to get to trail head. Free parking. Bathrooms. Moderately trafficked with some sporadic spots of shade but mostly exposed to sun.

This was our first hike in Sedona. Recommend getting an early start for two reasons. First, the parking lot is really small...might fit about 20 cars. We got there at 0800 and there were about 8 cars in the lot. Second, the trail was much quieter at 8 than it was at 1030 when we finished. Also, at 1030, there were cars waiting to park.

The trails were listed as easy. They weren't bad. If it was rainy or frosty, there may have been issues as some of the rocks may get slick. The elevation changes were pretty apparent, but the views were worth every step.

There were plenty of people with dogs...all leashed. Some mountain bikers, but not too many.

Trail is listed as a loop. When we got to the end, we had a little trouble finding the loop...so we back tracked the hike in. That being said, I felt the trails were really well marked. All total, probably 3 miles and some change, but a good walk.

Great trail with clearly marked paths and various sites entities such as Devil’s Sinkhole, Seven Sacred Pools, and if willing to go off trail a bit, three arches.

Great hike with Fantastic views of the valley

1 day ago

Great trail! Perfect for families with little ones - was only ~ 2 miles - 1 there and 1 back so was perfect for them! They loved it !!

This was a much easier hike than expected. The last quarter mile is the only section that could be considered moderate. The views throughout the hike are outstanding in the typical Sedona manner. The bridge itself is a fascinating sight, especially when viewed from the top staging area adjacent to the arch formation. There are much better hikes in Sedona, but this one is worth doing just to see the bridge. Try to go during a time when the crowds will be less, as there is little room at the bridge area and the final ascent is a very narrow trail.

Loved it

Amazing beauty of the canyon, crystal clear rivers, and unbelievable falls. Trails are well managed and camping area is perfect.

A nice hike but was quite crowded.

2 days ago

This trail is awesome. Its super easy and well shaded. If you're looking for more of an adventure continue on past the sign at the end and scramble up the rocks for a fantastic view - my group didnt go too far up but it looks like you can continue on for a while and get as sketchy as you want.

2 days ago

Fun trail, pretty cruiser - only two or three moderately strenuous sections. I'd say its borderline "Easy". We hiked during some rainy/snowy conditions which made it a bit more exciting. The bridge is pretty cool, not quite as tall or narrow as it may seem in pictures. Definitely a fun trail that the whole family can make it up, and provides beautiful views for sure, but if you're more experienced and looking for more of a challenge this might not do it for you.

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