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the summit offers fantastic views. the "hard" part of the trail is the fact that it is a very rapid ascent. However, there are a version of stairs most of the way. the trail is well marked and somewhat crowded. This trail is definitely doable for anyone in halfway decent shape.

15 hours ago

only a decent rating due to the huge amounts of people on this trail. you would see less people at the gym. being one of the only free places to hike in Phoenix is a large cause of this. if you are looking for quiet and atual nature then keep driving East to the tonto forrest($7 pass), well worth it
just 2 miles. hard on the way up. ledges around every turn. not for nervous hikers or anyone afraid of heights. don't trust there to be signs to keep you safe. at the 4th and last hand railing make a left and climb up the rocks. the trail appears to go straight over a very thin piece of trail that leads to a cliff if you miss the turn. great view once up top.

Went when it was slightly rainy and enjoyed the experience, the climb up is a nice vertical climb, slippery when wet (lol). My heart rate was elevated as I went up at a fast pace, the view at the top was incredible, pretty much as good as it gets! The trail is marked so following the posts was a nice way to stay on target, the descent was fun, tricky but keeps your mind focused and constantly working.

Very nice hike. At 62, it was a challenge. Saw lots of people in tennis shoes, which is asking for a twisted ankle or slipping on a rock. But a great hike none the less.

Amazing Trail. More treacherous than the photos really give it credit for. It’s straight uphill but not terribly long. Not for amateurs.

Great workout definitely worth the view!


Novice hiker, but i am in decent shape. Not too tough. Trail was great. I went early in the morning to catch the sunrise at the summit. The trail isn’t intimidating until you get to the last stretch to the summit. Basically, the heli Landing spot is where it gets dicey. Just take your time. I got lost going down a couple times. That was the gnarliest part. Sunrise was great time to hike it. Tennis shoes are ok, but hiking shoes/boots would have been much better

Great feeling to finish this - I am in shape and it was hard great workout and beautiful views

Nice 30-45 min uphill climb great views

Excellent outdoor workout!

stair climbing for 1 mile straight up. I suggest not doing this if you haven't done any cardio in a while or you can take your sweet time as there were few stops even a bench half way

heavy traffic on the trail but nice views from both sides as you're ascending. Be prepared to walk a near mile just to get to the trail head.

physically demanding and definitely not for first time hiking beginners, bring plenty of water and good gripping shoes

Definitely not a trail running trail- Absolutely spectacular views well marked Trail very pretty. All rocks. And definitely not a trail to take If you want to move fast! extremely crowded far too many hikers on trail for my preference

I started at 10:30 am, I was surprised to see that most of the way up is in shade.

This isn't about the trail but about the GPS taking us out there. It really is extremely remote with no cell service so download a map before you go. The trail head doesn't look very official because it doesn't have a sign in sheet and is totally faded with no map of the area and we thought we'd follow The GPS to where it wanted us to go just to make sure there wasn't another unofficial trail head. The GPS will try to map you a mile past the trail head, like it did us, and my high clearance SUV ended up getting stuck because continuing to follow that road will lead to more ATV type trails that are very steep, uneven, and extremely rocky. Due to this, my fiancè and I had to try to hike out of the remoteness completely prepared to hike the 22miles out. By some sheer luck I checked my cell phone for the time about 4 miles out between Ellison's ranch and mile marker 18 and had 2 bars, I may mention now that we both have Verizon. Because of this we were able to call help and were able to get our car pulled out and drive away safely but not enjoy the hike unfortunantely. So if you do happen to get stuck and have to walk, it takes about 6 hours to walk out from a little past the chasm and another 8 to get to the nearest town so if you are able to find that spot with reception I highly encourage you to utilize that opportunity because there may not be another like it. Don't bother calling your insurance if you have towing on your policy, I called mine and all but one tow company was unwilling to come out for us due to the area and wanted to charge upwards of 500 to get us out. Your best bet is to call 911, tell them your stuck, give them your coordinates and they will come out with a winch and help get you out of there. The road up to the trail head is doable with a high clearance vehicle but do not attempt trying to drive past because it is very possible you could get stuck. Also, I might mention the road is extremely narrow at parts where only one car can fit with a possibility of dropping off the mountainside if someone did come along. The drive is certainly not for that faint of heart. These are the coordinates ( 33.7918401, -110.8269091) for the area with reception about an 1 hour and 20 mins from the actual trail head but if I were you, I would start checking my phone for service after passing the ranch. Hope this helps.

4 days ago

I rate this 5 stars because its absolutely worth the journey. I with 2 friends backpacked this trail and camped the battleship. we began around noon and camp was set up by sunset. the views were amazing the entire time and the actual battleship is breathtaking. I honestly rate this trail as moderate, it was a long walk is all with some boulder hoping as you approach the battleship.

Rated hard but if you’re in shape and have okay balance this shouldn’t be any trouble at all. Be sure to hydrate, take water and good shoes.

This is my first time hiking camelback Mountain! I’m disabled and it was brutal! I made it 50 or so feet from the top. But didn’t feel safe scaling the rocks to the top. I’d be willing to try the echo canyon trail, I’m told it has more support. It’s definitely a challenge both physically and mentally. The energy of the mountain is definitely different! It’s super crowded! I’m still wrapping my mind around it

Trail is xtremely well traveled. Rated hard but with the well groomed and placed steps, handholds and rails its overrated. I'd say it's an easy hike with plenty of opportunity to stay safe for fit individuals. Big falls possible if careless or weak. Lower body injuries will require rescue and dehydration is most risky factor. Slippy gravel at times recommended grippy soles.

it starts off great but after the halfway point, it meant climbing up rocks. going up is doable but it's very hard for me to descent over them.

5 days ago

the trail isnt very well marked so pay attention. however it was beautiful and we had a wouderful day hiking, and hanging out in the cave.

The views are awesome!
Good challenge, but really crowded and people don’t yield:(

Kids enjoyed this one also! Took the boys past the cave.

Echo Canyon is a great workout, no question. A little scrambling the last part and of course 'the rails' will test you but they aren't nearly as bad as they are reputed to be. It's a great morning hike late in the season because the last part has a lot of shade. Is it harder than the Cholla trail? Overall in my opinion no. There are some challenging spots but all in all I feel it's slightly easier.

Parking sucks, no question. Best bet is to get a ride to and from unless you want to camp out on McDonald in the wee hours of the morning hoping for a spot.

Challenging trail, but safe. If you are looking for 45 min aerobic workout (on the way up), then this is the right trail for you

This Trail is tricky. Most people hike right straight up the bottom of the canyon in the middle. It is best on the way up to stay to the left and follow the ridge, same thing on the way back down stay to the right and follow the ridge. there's a little hiking in the middle Canyon but watch for the trails veering off.

6 days ago


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