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great hike! is moderate not easy.

The trail was easy. Easy to take the wrong loop. My Garmin Oregon 700 was not much help; But the map on my wife's I phone did help. The gravel/ sand makes the going slow for us 68 year old husband and wife. We averaged closer to 1 mph rather than the 2 or 3 mph we walk when in the city or on hard pack trails. The views are nice and the hot springs was enjoyable. We liked seeing the Colorado river. Best part was meeting so many nice people

Spectacular hike with a variety of steep and very steep parts. This hike is a good workout and requires either loads of photo breaks or a strong heart.

Great hike. If you do the entire loop you'll get to see the 7 Sacred Pools and the Sinkhole. Once on Jordan Trail keep an eye out for bikes.

**Read this if you want to take your dog...**
I hiked this amazing trail two weeks ago with my 50 lb 8 year old trail seasoned blue weimaraner who hikes mountain trails 4-7 times a week. The trail was fine, easy even, until we had to climb over the large boulder. We did it but there is a ledge about a foot wide on the other side of the boulder with a 20 foot drop below. My dog was not a fan! Two of us handled her by harness to get her over and pass her down. (I was told by a friend you can go around that boulder-Just like you can go around the 12ft wall on Flat Iron) After this point the trail increases significantly in vertical climb up to the peak. Up is never the issue-as you know down is harder. We got about 3/4 of the way on this part of the trail to the top of the peak before we tapped out! We probably could have climbed it, but the decent would have been dangerous and irresponsible for both me and my dog to attempt together. This dog has hiked Flat Iron in the Sups, Humphreys and hikes Black Mountain in Cave Creek 3-6 times a week-all labeled as difficult hikes. Take your dog if you don't mind NOT climbing to the peak. The entire hike round trip took 2 hours for very seasoned hikers with stops. I would recommend bringing gloves.
We will return this weekend without my dog.

***Road driving caution. I drive a Jeep Trailhawk -I drove this 18 mile forest road fast and rough. It was a lot of fun but it loosened 2 heat shields and broke 3 motor mounts--I can't entirely blame the road for the motor mounts, they may have been close to needing to be replaced. But drive fast and fun knowing the risks...

My favorite hike. Gorgeous. $30 permit seems to help keep the crowds away. The off road trails are well kept and never ending. Lots of switch backs on the hike to the falls so be prepared to get your feet wet.

6 days ago

Extremely hard but worth it for the views. When you feel like quitting just keep going and you’ll be so happy when you see the end of trail sign!

We planned on just soldiers pass but by 8:25 the tiny lot was full. So we went to this trail head instead. For $5 parking there is a restroom and great views to add to the total hike. I suggest reserching the arches and know where the unmarked trail is so you can see all that this trail has to offer.

Hike is great and family friendly! We love coming here. But brought family from out of state to hike today and it was closed. Make sure you check to see if the trails are open again before you go because it is totally worth it.

6 days ago

Backpacked in starting on the dirt road from the Dry Creek Trailhead parking lot. Adds more than 3 miles but we didn’t record b/c we’re dumb so not sure how many- by the scale on the map, looks about 5mi. It’s not strenuous by any means but it’s not shaded and it feels long.
The trail to secret canyon is beautiful and challenging, especially with packs, but worth it. Very secluded and lots of camping options along the trail as you make your way into the canyon. We didn’t hike all the way in, found a spot near water and camped, then hiked out the next day.

Such a beautiful hike! Did on a day where the high was 80, the way back was very hard at peak sun hours. So try doing on a cooler day. But absolutely beautiful. Pack a lunch and enjoy the view!!

Easy trail to follow and you’ll see the many markers, but a good half of the trail is hiking in the canyon. You’ll get to the Colorado river, good place to cool off and have a snack. Keep to the left you’ll see the markers and climb up over the hill to the next marker. You’ll find a crack in the wall and you have to climb through, looks a lot harder than it is. Once you get to the bottom stay to the left to get to the hot springs. Gets pretty packed on the weekends to be prepared!

Great Sunday morning hike. Great 360 degree views. Started out around 9:30am and finished up around noon. Would recommend an earlier start from now through the hot months as it was approaching 85 when we finished up. There is no shade on the trail. Bring plenty of water & sunscreen. Wear hiking footwear as it’s very rocky on the trail, especially, the first half. Great hike!!

Outstanding...& hard. Left very late: 1600, which means I had to really hustle. Did lose my way a time or 2, both on the ascent & descent. Spent only 10 to 15mins on summit...

Did not go all the way but it was extremely beautiful. Lots of climbing midway thru first part.

My boyfriend and I were very excited for this hike! Thankfully someone had marked the trail with chalk and set up many carnies to help us out. If you don’t see one in like 10-20 steps, turn around cause you’re likely going the wrong way. He really enjoyed searching for them. The view was so pretty and the mailbox was very adorable. The only downside was really coming down. No joke about loose gravel! It’s almost half of the trail going down. Be VERY prepared with water, for this was our biggest downfall going down. Thankfully we made it and bonded more over that. Overall the hike took 6 hours round trip, which would have taken longer if not the markings, so plan for spending a day here with lots of water. Not much shade so enjoy it while you find it!

great hike really hot day though leave at sunrise

What a great trail! Fantastic views along the way and of course at the top. The hike is fairly easy until you get to the chute. Take your time going up and you should be fine, only a few questionable spots.

We have done this trail a few times. I would rate this more on the difficult side....only 6 miles but 1700' elevation gain, steep and rocky in several places, hot with no shade. The trail had greened up and was in bloom this trip. Not much water in the pools. There is a camp spot under trees just across the pools for nice shady lunch spot! Great trail we hike almost every trip to Tucson area.

Go early as soon as the gate opens at 8. Excellent views of the rock formations from all degrees. Be sure to stop at the Mesa. Lots of rock steps as part of the trails. Well marked in most places. Just follow the footsteps if you can’t tell which way to go. No bicyclists, jeeps, or casual hikers in sandals. Panoramic views everywhere!

love love loved this hike #justiceforcoreylynch

Great workout and great views! I have done it twice in last 2 weeks. Do recommend good hiking shoes. A fellow hiker had on tennis shoes and she did slip quite a bit.

It was aight. The view was pretty but there’s so much lose rock which made it so annoying. The trail is also hard to follow there’s arrows and stacked rocks just make sure you’re paying attention! Be careful take your time especially going down

We drove in and did Picacho Peak and wanted more nature. So glad we found Romero Pools. It was beautiful, the flowers are out. The ocotillos are full and blooming and the beauty of vegetation on this trail took my breathe. I will be back with more time.

I started out at 6 am, and it was so worth it, peaceful and beautiful, with so many unexpected wild flowers I had never seen, plus gorgeous views of Tucson and the mountains. The pools were a wonderful payoff at the end, way more extensive than I expected. I will be going back again and again.

Awesome hike. One of the best I've done in Arizona.
Hike is easy-ish but the waterfall at the end is what is worth it.

4 mile dirt road to get to the trail head
$30 permit fee - can only pay online

There is a trail most of the way but you have to cross the river multiple times.

16 days ago

Loved this hike!!! Nice blend of moderate and difficultly.

Wet feet 4 sure. had the place to ourselves on a Wednesday.
having a pole helped 4 the 20 creek crossings.
get the permit at wmat.nsn.us.
it's worth it, so gorgeous. even the 4.3 dirt road along the salt river was stunning!

My favorite hike so far in Sedona. Nice elevation. Great variation, vegetation and views (the 3 V's). Dog loved it. Periodic natural shade along the trail. Great day. Great hike.

17 days ago

3 hour circuit. Tons of variety from plains to sinkholes and everything in between.

18 days ago

“Hard” Rated- Accurately! This hike is definitely some work, lots of straight up climbing and not for the casual beginner hiker. Took 2 hours to reach the top, and a little over an hour to get back to the car. There are lots of false illusions that you are “there”... just keep going. There’s about 3 false “peaks” before you reach the end. Pack lots of water and snacks for the top... all the work is worth the 360 degree views at the top. One of our favorite hikes in Sedona for sure!

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