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on Soldier Pass Trail

1 day ago

Great views! There is a large network of trails in this area and numerous trails that link up to this trail. Pay attention to your direction as you can easily start walking on another trail and not realize it. They are all great trails so can’t really go wrong, but you may end up on a longer hike than you initially planned on.
Great views and landscapes along the way! Love this trail!

4 days ago

Too many tourist.

8 days ago

Beautiful scenery! Very short walk small hill at the beginning. Took less than an hour to walk there take pictures and walk back.

on Horseshoe Bend Trail

10 days ago

Very short hike in. Visited in the off season, and went for the sunset. It was still very busy, so get there well in advance. Take a blanket so you can sit along the edge and hang out.

Parking space is extremely limited, due to this we did not do the hike

14 days ago

Oct 6 2018- we started at about 650 am. Parking was fine. It was a short easy hike with lots of other people. Beautiful scenery and views of horseshoe bend. We were done in a little under an hour, with time for lots of pictures.

The fork that leads to the arches is 1.3 miles from the parking lot. The scramble up to the arches is well worth the effort!

Pretty easy til you get towards the top skinny rocks to get through then a little harder!

very easy nice hike but I did get lost a few times

Good hike, don’t know about moderate rating through , mostly hard packed trails

16 days ago

Great trail--has a little bit of everything. The trail markers could definitely be improved though!

17 days ago

Amazing cave! Go all the way to the top✌️

17 days ago

Beautiful way to see the sandstone buttes of Monument Valley. We started around 10 AM when it was still in the low 40s. Easy hike on a cool day, it probably would be considered moderate on a hot summer day as there is no shade at all. We saw very few people along the way.

I think the better views are at the second overlook, but most people stop before then. Interesting and different from the rest of the park. For more details and pics, visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/11/20/best-hikes-canyonlands/

I didn't see any mining equipment on the way up. Most of the old stuff was near the old town. The hike up wasn't too bad. A few small places of exposure. I'm afriad of ledges but still made it. Views are wonderful. A little like Horseshoe Bend, though a much harder hike, thus no people! View to myself. For more info a pics, visit http://etbtravelphotography.com/blog (top things to do around page)

We went up there on thanksgiving day, my 8 y/o daughter did great without any issues, my wife is afraid of height and had a bit trouble at a couple of narrow and steep spots but she was able to manage to finish the whole trail. when on the top, great views on either side, I tried to see the horseshoe bend in distance toward Page, not sure i saw it but i think it was right at the direction of the Navajo power plant, it took us about 2 hours to get up on the top and 1.5 hours to come back down, it was an overcast day so we didn't have to drink lots of water, but there's no shade so you might need get prepared in a hot season

Oh, I loved this one. I climbed it for sunset. It’s all up the canyon face with a series of switchbacks and stone stairs with some scrambling. The top has views toward Page as well as down the river. Did the hike in 2 hours keeping a pretty steady pace.

This was an amazing hike! Go clockwise on this trail, doing hiline first rather than last, so you avoid going up the steep sections. We took about 3 hours total. It's not a difficult hike, even though the hiline trail is a double black diamond trail for mountain bikers. Well marked, narrow in places, great views of Catherdral, Bell, and the Village of Oak Creek. Be prepared to yield to bicyclists. The trail seemed to be harmoniously shared by both hikers and bikers.

As always, bring water, sunscreen, and a camera! Highly recommend!

19 days ago

Nice easy hike but poorly marked. There’s a loop essentially but we got lost many times. We started on one side of the loop, got lost, and found ourselves continuing on the other side of the loop. Basically, there’s tons of areas that look like a path but aren’t.

We were trying to find the “arches” which we learned didn’t exist?? But we did find a hidden trail to a slot canyon which is what I guess we were trying to find! Anyhow, it was a really cool picture shot!

Nice trail and nice views of Sedona

on Cathedral Wash Trail

21 days ago

Amazing walk through the canyon and really different to other canyons in the area. Also the end of the wash comes out to the Colorado river and there is rapids there. Easy route to follow (there are groups of black rocks together to help find your way along the way). There is a fair amount of scrambling and climbing but nothing too different. Was mid-November when we went so managed to park at trailhead but there is only parking for 5/6 cars, so maybe tougher to park at trailhead at busier times. There are no toilets at trailhead.

21 days ago

Very rewarding walk when you reach the top with great views either side. You can see along the canyon and the Colorado river. Is a tough walk to the top but if you follow AllTrails route the trail is easy to follow. Took us in total about 2.5 hours. There is plenty of parking and a toilet at the trailhead. Was mid-November and was only us and one other person on the trail.

on Horseshoe Bend Trail

21 days ago

Short sandy walk over to horseshoe bend. Was very busy but a beautiful thing to see. Walk over from car park is about 10 minutes. Lots of parking and toilets at the trailhead. If you want to miss the crowds definitely head-over at sunrise/early morning. Also beware rumour is they are going to start charging $25 per person to go see horeshoe bend so get there fast before that happens

Beautiful and easy hike. Definitely wear closed toe shoes as there are a lot of rocks on the trail. If possible, try to do the hike on a weekday. The parking is very limited. I hiked this trail on a Wednesday in September. Tons of hikers even though it was a week day. I tried again on Thanksgiving and got stuck in traffic trying to get to the parking lot. I could see a nearly continous line of hikers from 0.25 miles away from the entrance.

scenic driving
26 days ago

Short hike to amazing views, we spent a couple hours here enjoying the scenery. Horseshoe Bend is a must see, but pretty busy spot.

26 days ago

Exciting hike that’s not too long and offers some great scrambles and climbing opportunities. The view of the river is nice too. There are a few tricky spots and it gets muddy at times, so not for everyone, but a lot of fun if you’re up for it.

Hike is a workout for sure and there’s no shade so bring water. The trail is easy enough to follow and offers some spectacular views.

Nice fairly easy hike with some uphill, this hike is mostly shaded but not completely so bring a hat and sunscreen. If you are wanting to go to the Arches keep an eye out for a trial that will ver off to the right, it is not marked and VERY EASY TO MISS!

Remember to respect the environment and leave no trace.

I must miss the ponit of why this is exciting geologically speaking.There is so much nicer places to hike around there.

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