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Beautiful! But tough.

Really nice trail, (if only dog’s owner could just pick
Up after their own dog),

Best trail on south mountain !

Good hike. cool views. good trail

Tough and fun! Definitely a challenge both ways, so be prepared. We had to report an older couple that was having a really hard time descending to the rangers. We were coming out as the sun went down, but there was no way they were close behind.

This is one of the hardest hikes that I have done thus far and I’ve done a couple that were rated extremely difficult. ALMOST talked myself out of doing it but I’m glad that I did. The hike was equally hard ascending and descending. You can’t truly appreciate the view of the top from the bottom until you get to the top!!! ABSOLUTELY breath taking!!! The basin is also amazing!!! Where did all that water go?!?! Not sure if I’d do it again but for sure a must do experience!!!

1 day ago

Getting to Tom's Thumb isn't too difficult. There are often people climbing Tom's Thumb, which is cool to get a picture of. You can see a video of people climbing Tom's Thumb here: https://youtu.be/GuhSPPx4L-Y

This is one of my favorite short hikes. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the road at the top. The trail starts out relatively flat and paved, but you’re taking some big steps on the rock “stairs” from about halfway up.... good cardio in the second half. You can continue to climb up higher if you take a short walk along the road first, or cross the road and go through the center of the mountain. The parking lot is currently under construction, with about half of the normal spots.

Beautiful views. A little bit of a challenge but well worth it.

Awesome views of Phoenix! Wasn’t too challenging until the top with more rock climbing.

Super easy walk with lots of small areas to explore. However at parts I wasn't sure what was the trail. This was not a big deal other than to help preserve the area. Its pretty wide open with people around so you aren't going to get lost. Would visit again with those that are less fit or on a day when you don't have enough time to drive outside the city.

This hike was amazing. The sunset was beautiful. Be careful because there is a very very steep cliff at the top. I will always remember this hike because this is where I fell in love with my hiking lifestyle.

2 days ago

A very beautiful and easy hike. You can add in a trip to the Peak if you have time as it’s right off the trail. Definitely less people once you get off the Peak trail. The rock formations were stunning! The trail is very well marked and clean. Some nice inclines. A very enjoyable hike overall, I’d do it again.

Great variety and great Boulder climbing!

Love it. Short, but so many features and outcrops to perch on to look at the amazing views to the south towards downtown. The stone stair section is the most taxing (up and down). However, my 6yr made it up to the top; no trouble. Up in 45 mins, down in 15. Really fun.

This could become my new favorite hike.

Great hike for a moderate level. No bathrooms. Busy trail. For the first mile the upward terrain can be a bit slippery so wear good shoes. Hardly any shade. Beautiful hike.

Challenging but rewarding hike. I brought gloves and they were a big help! Make sure to stay on the trail, the blue or white dots can be hard to spot, so keep your eyes open. Also, good hiking shoes are a must, keep your nike free runs for the asphalt. The views from the top are worth the extra effort.

This trail would be more of a moderate hike, the elevation grows at a nice pace. There are not too many hikers and the weather was awesome, on the way down took a little detour through the wild vegetation and it was a great experience. It looked like it was the wash where the water runs during rain, still a great experience if you are ok with a little adventuring.

This hike leads to a great view at the top. it will take about 4 to 6 hours to go up and down. There is a bit of climbing just at the top. You can see what the climbing is like at the video at this link: https://youtu.be/g49Adwi9WvQ


Novice hiker, but i am in decent shape. Not too tough. Trail was great. I went early in the morning to catch the sunrise at the summit. The trail isn’t intimidating until you get to the last stretch to the summit. Basically, the heli Landing spot is where it gets dicey. Just take your time. I got lost going down a couple times. That was the gnarliest part. Sunrise was great time to hike it. Tennis shoes are ok, but hiking shoes/boots would have been much better

6 days ago

By far the best marked trail I have ever hiked and the most well maintained. There are many hills for photo opportunities are you head to the Thumb". If you are feeling a little more adventurous, look for the Miner's Cave and The Ogre's Den (not accessible), those were 2 cool additions I found during this hike.

hiked up to the peak with my 12 yr old, nice views at the top and not too steep. Elevation at the peak before the loop is about 1959 ft, good workout for kids.

heavy traffic on the trail but nice views from both sides as you're ascending. Be prepared to walk a near mile just to get to the trail head.

I went solo as usual yesterday and thank goodness for seeing fellow hikers because I just completely got lost 1/3 of the way. Once you get past the basin/amphitheater and trek up the rocky hill, there's a split that goes right or slightly down then straight. Make sure you go down the hill then straight as I made the mistake of going right, lost about 25 min. Don't take shortcuts and follow the trail for your own safety! Light jacket/hoodie (current weather), GLOVES (ESSENTIAL) and snug fitting shoes with good grip are must, 3-4 bottles of water and energy bar(s) for the top or between climbs. Stop by the memorial up top, its to the left handside. Word of advice to beginner hikers, conquer camelback or piestewa peak first before Flatiron as this is much more physically demanding. I'd give a 5 but this trail is poorly marked once reaching the basin.

Definitely not a trail running trail- Absolutely spectacular views well marked Trail very pretty. All rocks. And definitely not a trail to take If you want to move fast! extremely crowded far too many hikers on trail for my preference

A rewarding challenge for the average hiker, a diverse landscape with enjoyable rock features for the more experienced adventurer. Traffic does get heavy, so an early start is imperative to get the best experience. 2 liters of water is perfect, no less than 1.5. Be prepared to use your hands in sections.
Leaving about 40 minutes before sunrise, we earned spectacular views of the valley at first light. The trail is not well marked at all, and even with two of us we lost the trail about 1/3 of the way up. Just part of the experience for a couple of Superstition first-timers. The Flat Iron itself is worth seeing, not only from the top but all the way up, as it hangs over you through most of the hike. Unique rock formations and lots to see in terms of flowers and trees. Would absolutely recommend.

Such a beautiful hike with amazing scenery. I would say this is an easy to moderate hike not difficult at all!!

Beautiful trail and the views are amazing. Challenging at the end towards the view point, have to climb up at times. Bring gloves with grips, hiking shoes and layered clothing. If this trail is your first time, allow yourself enough time to go up and down. Minimum: 6 hours roundtrip. Definitely worth the challenge.

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