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Go early to avoid the dust and crowds

Beautiful views well worth the extra time to get to devils bridge. Easier to find a parking spot. Highly recommend.

Gorgeous views. Very easy hike until the last quarter mile.

Bring lots of water. It was very sunny when we went. Great views.

Beautiful scenic trail. I started at the mezcal trail head because the main trail head was way to crowded. It was a longer hike but well worth it.

started around noon and not nearly as busy (or hot) as expected especially once past ooh ah point. most of the trail is sand covered stairs, winding down the canyon wall at the start and then extending out into the middle of the canyon, which can be slippery in sections and is the only reason for not being 5 stars. views are incomparable!

This is a beautiful trail. I went with my mom on my birthday and there was a lot of people hiking and waiting to take pictures on the trail but it was well worth it.

10 days ago

It’s a short climb to a picturesque bridge with an amazing valley back drop. Truly one of my favorites!

10 days ago

If you want to avoid the Jeep trail and blowing dust use the Chuckwagon trail and park at the Mescal Trail Head parking. That will take you on about a 5 mile hike to Devils Bridge and back. If you are looking for a longer hike. Park a little farther down the road at the Chuckwagon trail head. (Across the street) and take the Chuckwagon trail in. That way. That hike had to be closer to 8 or 9 miles. But Chuckwagon is a nice hike in the trees frequented mostly by mtn bikers. As for the bridge there is nothing I can say that hasn’t been said 100 times. It is a spectacular view and you will meet plenty of new friends. It is tough at the top for us old folks with knees that don’t like bend the way they used to. But other than that it is a pretty easy climb.

Majestic views, enough said! It’s the Grand Canyon after all!

12 days ago

Great trail for an easy trek to see some mountains. Not much to explore once you’re at the end but it’s a very pleasant trail. Shady about half the time. Wonderful sounds of winds and curves.

Loved it!!!

great trail. use sun protection

Beautiful view of Sedona

Cannot beat the view, but can be very busy!

the view was amazing. .. the trail was moderate with an incline. ..safe hike ya..

I'll start with the good then bad. Pros: Great breath taking views, devils bridge is one of a kind, and i love the steep challenge when you actually get to the trail. Cons: It's about a 1 1/2 of dirt road where trucks are constantly driving by, it was really busy on the trail at 8am (i highly suggest even hiking this around 6:30am), I got reached the top around at 9am and i just beat the crowd. After I took my photos it was about a 30-40 min wait to take pictures on that bridge. Do not go on the weekends after 8am.

16 days ago

To be honest the hike was ok. Lots of motorized vehicles and blowing dust from them. Once we reached the bridge it was very crowded. Glad we did it but we won’t be doing it again.

16 days ago

I did this hike via the Chuckwagon trail, which makes it about 6 mi total I think. The 1.5 mi that overlapped with the quickest route to Devil's Bridge was heavily trafficked, as was the bridge itself. The rest of the hike was beautiful and I only saw a few other groups (incl some mountain bikers). I would recommend hiking to Devil's Bridge via the Chuckwagon - the short and direct route is overcrowded and almost not worth it on its own.

16 days ago

Very simple, flat path to get a pretty cool picture. Lots of folks who do not spend anytime in nature; loud, inconsiderate with little to no trail manners or acumen. Done it once do not plan on doing it again.

This trail is so overrated! People failed to mention you will have to walk 1+ miles (depending on where you park) on dirt road which allows vehicles to come in and blowing even more dirt into your face! There is no shade, no view and lots of rocks! The last 0.7 mile offers a little interest but you can see this view from any higher point! When you get to the arch, you will need to wait in line to take pictures if you on this ledge! Seeing these young adults took unnecessary risks for social media was not smart of them! They climbed the crooks, attempted to jump, walked the rock overhanging from the cliff! No thanks! I will not recommend this trail who has better sense!

16 days ago

Easy hike. Ended up waiting in line to actually go on the isolated “bridge” to get that money shot. Pretty well trafficked but a couple great view points on the way.

So much fun but definitely crowded. Last bit up to the arch is pretty challenging and requires so hands on climbing but really worth it.

South Kaibab isn’t a joke. You go down and it’s all great and fun, but when you gotta head back up...The rapid elevation change, the heat- all coming at you like a freight train on ascent. In summary, don’t brush off that 1 L of water per mile rule. I gave it 5 stars because, come on, it’s the Grand Canyon and you do get some amazing views.

I took the chuckwagon trail to this one which added about a mile and a half I believe. pretty easy hike I did with just my dog. it was fairly crowded and the climb up to the devils bridge was a little rough but the real issue was battling people pushing their way in front of each other to climb up and down. beautiful scenery, I actually preferred the chuckwagon trail portion as it had great views and was almost totally empty.

Easy to moderate hike. Would suggest going early to beat the heat. Definitely bring water and snacks. The first part is a mellow dirt road, a bit rocky and the final portion is an uphill scramble but it’s relatively short. The bridge was very cool! Worth the hike.

Very challenging. Steep scramble up rock stairs and boulders at the end. Bring plenty of water and snacks. It is very beautiful though. Unbelievable natural stone arch. It is huge!

18 days ago

The trail itself (once you get past the 4x4 road) isn't bad- relatively flat until you get to the final ascent and everything is well-maintained. I was shocked how good it looked, considering the heavy traffic it gets. The ascent is decently steep, but the rocks have been cut out so it's just like a big staircase, no technical climbing ability required. People of all ages and fitness levels were able to get up OK. My biggest issue is the sheer volume of people- we got to the bridge around 10am on a Sunday morning and we waited 40 minutes to take photos at the bridge. Yeah, you read that right- 40 minutes. I've been to Sedona a lot and hiked a good chunk of the trails, even on holiday weekends, and have never seen something like this (except maybe Slide Rock). If you just want the photo op, it's a nice trail and pretty enjoyable even with the crowds. But if you're looking for a true Sedona trail experience, either come on a weekday or try another trail.

Tip- If you want to get to the bridge but don't want to walk the (kind of ugly) 4x4 road, use the Chuckwagon trail. It adds about 1.5 miles extra but it's pretty empty, has nice views, and is equally as flat so it's not challenging. We also had a nice breeze the whole time.

Great hike. Tons of people. Photo op at end is worth it despite the line to take pics

Best hike in Sedona with an easy ascent and breathtaking views!

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