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The colors of the river and rock are absolutely amazing and so worth the short hike over! Absolutely stunning

cool ruins. Not a great hike.

I’d give the views of the place a 10/10 if I could. But the fact that there are SO many people that you can’t really enjoy it killed the buzz. On top of the fact that it is a long drive from SOAZ or Central AZ.

Very cool

Try and get there as early as possible because the parking lot at this place is absolutely insane! It is way too over crowded and people don’t pay attention to where they’re going. The view is absolutely amazing and it’s a must see but I’m only giving it 4 stars because of how crazy the parking situation is.

Short hike, crowded and need to wear good shoes. Sand covered rock makes for an easy slip. Saw a couple people go down. Was very windy and got sand in my eye on a couple occasions. Was there early evening, maybe its better at sunset but was not impressed.

Beautiful view! Worth driving around for 15 minutes looking for a parking spot (around sunset). It can get a bit windy, so you might want to bring something to cover up. Make sure you bring water and be prepared for crowds.

Beautiful overlook. Very busy

Loved this hike short but always wanted to see it

What a view! We went on a day that was 105 degrees so it made it a little tougher but still pretty easy trail, worth the time if your around Page AZ

Short, boring hike until you reach the overlook, but it's an incredible sight once there.

bring water many ppl did it without water and were struggling

Although it was very very crowded with people the hike is super easy takes about 10 minutes to get there and once you do it’s breath taking! The noise of everyone around you fades and it’s beautiful!

trail running
24 days ago

Great hike I went when it was free a year and a half ago but it’s great not as picture perfect as antelope canyon but great none the less.

Easy trail, a little more than a a mile round trip from the parking lot. Definitely worth the beautiful view!

25 days ago

we went at sunset and the views cannot be beat. The hike is up and over a large hill. Very windy and sandy so sunglasses and blanket or something to cover with is reccomended. Also grab a spot early because it gets SUPER crowded. A beautiful iconic spot!

Although crowded, an AMAZING VIEW. Made it there right at sunset. If you move to the right you’ll find less and less people while still great views. Take your time for there are steep inclines that could send you over the edge.

1 month ago

It’s very crowded but for a reason...the view is incomparable and it’s purely amazing. Definitely worth it, very easy walking trail.


1 month ago

Did this trail at sunset. Absolutely beautiful!! Trail is not hard but there is a big hill up and down

This is less of a nature hike and more of a scenic viewing site just off of the highway. It’s a hot, unshaded walk to the breathtaking view of the river.

on Cape Royal Trail

1 month ago

Great views after a winding drive on pavement. Two great walkouts. It got my vertigo going, but it was worth it to push thru it.

The views are indeed grand. Five stars for accurate trail naming.

Get away from all those people - head to the north. The view is better and there are a LOT less people. Beautiful at sunset!

1 month ago

A pretty hike through the forest to sweeping vistas. There are a couple campsites at Cape Final - would be great to see the sunset and sunrise this way.

1 month ago

Bring water. The streams were all dried up.

We definitely recommend stopping here, just be prepared for a crowd - especially at sunset. It's popular because it's just so beautiful! The hike is short and relatively easy, although some older family members had to take a couple of breaks. There are benches conveniently placed along the trail for this.
We also went back in the middle of the night and there wasn't a single person there. We planned it based on moon set so we could look at the stars. Bring flashlights, sweaters, and be super careful around the edge (there's no railings).

This is well worth the walk over the hill! Short trek with a steep start but the overlook area has a lot of different ways to look down to this amazing view. There will be a lot of people, but just be a little patience since everyone is coming and going frequently. Enjoy!

So here’s the deal. We went to the permit office and they told us they only sell permits to the left waterhole canyon - and that you need repelling equipment to get down (and they’d have to see it). They also sell permits for the rainbow bridge (a 18mi trail). And to just go to the trail head for a guided tour. They started this may 1st. We got there and it is $35 per person for a 1.5ish hour tour with a guide. They said they did this because there was so much garbage and vandalism happening in the canyon (so sad- the guide showed us where they had to scrub it off). So we went at 10am on a Friday - it was beautiful and we had six people in our group and one tour guide who was very nice and waited for us while we all got our pictures. No other tours happening at the same time. No rush at all and still a very cool canyon. They drive you to the end in a van and you walk back, so no in and out.

2 months ago

Great view worth the climb lots of people.. various angles to take amazing pics

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