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on Fay Canyon Trail

4 hours ago

Nice easy hike to end of maintained trail sign. Good for kids. Also worthwhile to scramble up an extra 200ft beyond that sign as view opens up of the whole canyon and valley beyond.

1st time hiking in Sedona and absolutely loved the hike and views! It was challenging in parts, but very well worth the climb! beautiful view at top and great opportunity for photos.

The best trail.
13 miles round trip - not 11.4

1 day ago

We went to West Fork in August. This trail is definitely shaded by all the beautiful pines so you don't have to worry too much about the sun and heat. Having all the creeks to cross definitely was refreshing and nice to cool your feet off. The water wasn't very high. We saw so many people with bathing suits on thinking they were going to swim but the water is definitely not high enough. The hike was very picturesque but definitely not a favorite. I kept wondering when the trail was done so we could go back. We did go all the way to the end to see the canyons everyone was talking about but it wasn't that impressive. All in all it was still a super nice day trip and relaxing being out in nature but I'm not sure I'd opt to do west fork again.

great views, but extremely busy. We went early and were able to beat the crowds a bit. I'd recommend going at sunrise instead of sunset to avoid glares in photos.

1 day ago

Easy paved trail. it can be pretty crowded so I recommend getting there early before all the tour busses arrive. great views of the canyon.

Easy hike- pretty damn awesome views. Make sure to watch where you step. Smooth rocky path - easy to slip!

Best trail in Sedona

Fantastic trail. There is a restroom at the bottom of trail and water from a spigot. Pick your clothes carefully. You will heat up a lot as you go back up. I hiked October and it was about 50 degrees during the daytime. It warmed up around 11am. I wore underwear, a t-shirt , thermals and thick hiking pants, plus a jacket. It was too much and generally I am cold. I would recommend underwear only, hiking socks, light weight hiking pants, a t-shirt or hiking shirt and a jacket. Take 1 liter of water for each person and that would be enough. My friends said they could be content with shirt and sweatshirt but I liked taking the jacket off as needed and extra warmth early in the morning and going down. We took about 2.5 hours for down and up. Bring a snack if you get hungry on hikes. My data device said I burned 1350 calories. Lots of people crossed the North Rim back to South and it was nice talking to them. The start of this trail is in the Grand Canyon Village very close to the Arizona Room Restaurant. There is parking nearby. On this trail there are no large animals, but we did see a squirrel. For shoes do not recommend boots. I recommend "approach shoes" with a wire band that ties around the ankle. All pros will know what this is but if you don't the last eyelets are connected to a wire inside the heal material. As you tighten down on the last eyelets it will lock the ankle and heal into the shoe and as your going down your foot will be prevented from sliding forwards. The purpose is to prevent your toes from getting injured and keep you seated properly. The soil is mostly firm so medium thickeness tread is enough.

A little overrated in my opinion. Just a nice nature walk through a cool geological phenomenon, nothing spectacular or “worth the effort” at the end. Not good for seclusion as it’s extremely busy.

Hiked with our 8 and 13 year olds and they did just fine. We did go off path to find the secret cave and that was quite an adventure. Definitely a good choice for a moderate hike and beautiful views.

This my was dogs first hike! She loved it! She was climbing up the rocks and had the biggest smile on her face with her tongue out :) It was beautiful to watch the sunset. Super easy, but climbing the higher parts was fun!

on Sugarloaf Loop Trail

3 days ago

great views

4 days ago

Early morning hike, beautiful vistas with a little trail scrambling up the slopes. Very mystical place even if you are skeptical like me.

Just over an hour up and down. the temperature was cool with a little rain so that probably helped a lot, I can't imagine how hot it must get when the temperature is high!
On the way down, we went left - Templeton to Baldwin Loop and it turned into an 11 km hike and a great day in the beautiful mountains of Sedona! highly recommend this hike!

4 days ago

Did this hike to the end of the trail - we are 50+ and probably only in average physical shape!
What a view, totally worth the huffing and puffing!
This is one of the most spectacular views and a great reward for your labor.
Just do it!

4 days ago

Great trail for sunset but don't wait to late to do the full loop it gets dark fast and it's a rocky trail. Take a headlamp for extra caution.

4 days ago

Perfect trail, it’s a bit longer than expected but beautiful. The views are badass and even after a good snow it was chilly but yet no way unbearable. The snow was melting so the trail was a bit muddy so be careful where you step. Some trekking poles wouldn’t hurt. You couldn’t see the top of MT. Elden due to the fog but still super pretty. Me and my girlfriend did it in 1:12 and it was 3.06 miles. We took a ton of breaks because she doesn’t hike all that often. But she made it through fine. It is a little hard to find though.

The ranger station next door is not where you wanna go. It’s a parking lot at the trailhead is where you want to go and park. At the ranger station it will have a sign for fat man. There won’t be one at the parking lot.... ya I know stupid right? Make sure to layer up it was a little chilly.

It’s a little congested, however very scenic.

All age ranges were on the trail, and I noticed how very polite people were.

I liked all the stream crossings, and the canyon walls curl over you at times which was awesome.

Have fun!

4 days ago

Great hike! Saw a coyote when we first started out on the trail. Nice views from the summit. The path was decent and easy to follow throughout.

4 days ago

More moderate than expected, due to the rocks and uneven paths. Trail was easy to follow. Wouldn’t do it again but the views were nice.

5 days ago

Wonderful, but we did not finish it.

I did it on 14th October. started at 9am from south Kaibab trail and reached Phantom ranch at 1pm. Again returned back at 1:45pm from Bright Angel trail and reached south rim at 7:10pm. It's hectic especially last 3miles but worth it. Overall its amazing experience.

I want to start off by saying this was the very first time I’ve ever gone to the Grand Canyon and the Bright Angel trail is definitely recommended. Either for shirt day hikes or an all day affair, it’s well maintained, there’s bathrooms/resthouses and water EVERY 1.5 miles down during the summer months. I went the last week in May 2018 and I started at 5am, returned at 3pm. I want to warn you that I consider myself an experienced hiker but half my group turned around at the 3 mile reststop and even that was enough for most of them. The other half of the group I was a part of made it to Indian Gardens by 9 and continued to Plateau Point. On the way back we hung out at Indian Gardens for lunch and decided to hike mid day....not the best decision. It’s about 10° hotter within the Canyon than the Rim so even tho it seemed to be 80° that day, it felt like over 90°. There was an a ranger telling us to wait til after 2pm to continue. Anyways, we were persistent and the hike up had little shade and was brutal. I believe the entire trail is almost 12 miles (there and back) and was the longest I have ever done up to that point.

Overall tho we survived to tell the tale and definitely earned some bragging rights! Anyone who’s done this hike can say the same!

Some things to consider:

-This is a good hike for somewhat experienced hikers IF and only IF they are smart about it.
-Don’t start any later than 6am, if you do don’t even try going past the 3 mile point or Indian gardens if your inexperienced
-I had hiking poles (bought specifically for this trail), hydration pack, electrolyte water, and another huge water bottle.
-I packed salty and sugary snacks, granola/energy bars, and a lunch with double the amount of carbs I would normally eat as a normal meal.
-This hike is INTENSE if you’re not prepared and inexperienced. DONT UNDERESTIMATE the hike down!!! It’s easy. For anyone. Hiking back up is the tough part and by then you’re already tired....remember that
-Bring layers and soak your clothes with water at every stop to keep cool

Other than that I truly enjoyed this and is an excellent hike for groups and experienced hikers! Just remember to hike smart and you’ll have the best time!

Awesome Trail. Would have loved to hike further if we didn’t have time restraints. Took us about 2.5 hours. The way up was obviously a workout. It was snowing by the time we got back up. Saw a ram and a couple goats. It was also super foggy at the top, like no visibility. We contemplated not doing the hike but we got under the fog so it turned out okay.

What an amazing hike. More scenic and diverse than I imagined. Hiked this with 7 boys scouts (ages 12 and 13) and three adults (ages 45 to 57). Started at 7:00 AM on the South Kaibab Trail in cool and humid conditions. We took our time getting down, resting for about 10 minutes every hour, taking about 4 hours to get to the river. Crossed the black bridge and made our way to Phantom Ranch. Ate lunch on a shaded park bench, bought some lemonade ($5.00 but worth every cent), and rested for a bit before we started back up the Bright Angel Trail. Made very good time to Indian Garden, got there just before 3:00. The rest of the hike was very intense climb. At one point you see the switchbacks in front of you and it looks as steep as the Price Is Right Mountain Climber Game. We kept a good pace, kept looking back at our progress, and rested for 10 minutes at 3 mile and 1.5 mile Resthouses. Completed the hike just before 6 PM.
A few recommendations for those planning this hike. First, trekking poles are very helpful. Second, pack light. I think everyone in our party carried 2-5 pounds of food that was never touched. Third, packing a frozen water/sport drink bottle will be 90% thawed by Indian Garden and very refreshiing. Fourth, use moleskin liberally, as soon as you feel any burn on your feet.

6 days ago

6 days ago

Easy hike. Nice views of Sedona

6 days ago

It was beautiful! I loved it. It is on the Navajo land. You must go with a tour guide. In the past there have been deaths here due to flash flood. So I decided to go with a guide from Dixie tour. The guide Melaney was great and friendly. I highly recommend going there early to avoid the crowd. Book in advance and follow all the instructions. It cost me $50 but it was worth every penny. Don’t recommend it if you are claustrophobic.

Great views the whole way and a lot of wildlife out! Saw a ram and a few tarantulas in Mid October. Walk down was very easy and the hike back up was moderately difficult. There are two main stops for water and plenty of ledges for resting.

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