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off road driving
41 minutes ago

Great trail for off-roading. High clearance not required, but helpful. The views are beautiful and worth the trip. Use caution to stay on the "Easy" trail, if that is your personal limit. A wrong turn and you're on the "Hard" 4x4 trail to Devil's Staircase. Ask me how I know!

Great, hike. Moderate, some climbing required

The colors of the river and rock are absolutely amazing and so worth the short hike over! Absolutely stunning

Alot of great scenary pretty breathe taking, you will have to follow your nose to get around but you won't get lost. Def go

So beautiful! Well worth the trip. We went early in the morning, which I recommend. By the time we came down the trail was getting really busy. Wouldn't recommend if it is really hot, trail is pretty exposed.

4 days ago

A really fun trail. I would suggest carrying a backpack - in multiple spots it’s nice to have both hands free to help climb up/down.

A nice/somewhat easy trail with beautiful, photographic views in every direction. However, the trails are not marked well... I was lost a few times and relied on the direction of other hikers/cyclists, as well as the downloaded All Trails map. It was clean and I didn’t see too much garbage. Not too busy during the AM weekend hours. Plenty of shade but make sure you pack sunscreen and water anyway!

I’d give the views of the place a 10/10 if I could. But the fact that there are SO many people that you can’t really enjoy it killed the buzz. On top of the fact that it is a long drive from SOAZ or Central AZ.

Very cool

Try and get there as early as possible because the parking lot at this place is absolutely insane! It is way too over crowded and people don’t pay attention to where they’re going. The view is absolutely amazing and it’s a must see but I’m only giving it 4 stars because of how crazy the parking situation is.

Sedona hikes are unbeatable

My family and I hiked the trail this morning, before the rains came in. We had a range in age from 9-68. Everyone was able to complete the hike successfully! Absolutely breathtaking views from the top! We walked the entire thing, with breaks, in 2 hours. Highly recommend!

fun, cant wait to take my friends here

Fun trail, found the sink hole, but the rest of the path to 7 pools were not marked well

Fun hike, awesome views at the top

Short hike, crowded and need to wear good shoes. Sand covered rock makes for an easy slip. Saw a couple people go down. Was very windy and got sand in my eye on a couple occasions. Was there early evening, maybe its better at sunset but was not impressed.

Great views, easy short trail. Definitely a must do!

11 days ago

This is a terrific short and fairly easy hike. There are some rocks to scramble up near the start, but even young kids were managing it. Once you get to the top, the views are wonderful. I did it in the evening and the setting sun on the rocks was gorgeous.

I hiked this trail with my mom during the first week of July. It gets hot, so go early in the morning, and if you want to make it to the very end, bring enough water. I really liked hiking this trail, it’s beautiful. Except for hiking so close to a residential area (the Enchantment Resort and several homes), this is a beautiful hike. If you get there early enough, there is plenty of shade. Once it hit 11am, the sun was almost above us and we were mostly exposed and it did get hot. So worth it, had a very nice time.

Took all the kids and had little whining. Fantastic views of Twin Sisters and the Madonna and Child. Chicken Point was a bit crowded with Ponk Jeeps but still worth the views of Village of Oak Creek and Submarine Rock. We couldn’t find the loop part of the hike so we just went back the way we came.

14 days ago

I absolutely loved this cave! Such a peaceful place. Google Maps had this updated so that the directions leave you right at the start of 9530. That was as far as I felt comfortable driving my low clearance vehicle. Parking there added on roughly 20 minutes and 3/4 mile in each direction but was totally worth it. I went yesterday in the heat of summer and there were only two others for the 2.5 hours I spent there. The cave was cooler with the breeze blowing in and obviously sitting in the shade. I could’ve spent an entire day just admiring its beauty. I can’t wait to bring out of towners there. A caution though: the road to get there is 10 miles on dirt road. Well maintained by bumpy in some areas. Also, stay low and left when you see forks in the trail. There are tons of them. If you do, you’ll be able to come around the left of the huge slab of rock on a very easy route.

Beautiful view! Worth driving around for 15 minutes looking for a parking spot (around sunset). It can get a bit windy, so you might want to bring something to cover up. Make sure you bring water and be prepared for crowds.

Beautiful canyons and view points along the way. The trail was nice and easy to navigate. We spent about 5 hours on this hike with lots of stops along the way for our dog. In the morning there is a decent amount of shade however once you hit the afternoon sun it does become mostly sun.

rock climbing
15 days ago

Intense getting to the top but deff worth every second of it. Went to watch the sunset and we were the only people up there. Talk about beating a crowd...

Beautiful overlook. Very busy

Loved this hike short but always wanted to see it

15 days ago

Great views.
Not too long, route was steeper than anticipated.

Good amount of markers, trail clearly ends in a "End of Trail sign"

Start early in the summer , take plenty of water.

15 days ago

Great views
Poor trail signaling
Not too steep, not too long...
The file on the app was a loop with a "line attached to the loop" I followed that line and the trial ended, and pretty much had to turn right to followed the trail and before I knew it I was in soldier pass spur, which connected to mesa brin , and decided to turn around.
I was expecting to pretty much have the arches jump out in front of me.

Also, parking lot fits about 14 cars I believe...

Do some research If you want to get to the arches or caves, the pass, etc...

This was our first hike on our first visit to Sedona. It did not disappoint. The climb to the top was a little challenging but the spectacular view was worth the effort. Can’t wait to explore more trails.

What a view! We went on a day that was 105 degrees so it made it a little tougher but still pretty easy trail, worth the time if your around Page AZ

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