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22 hours ago

Pretty easy hike to see something that I have only seen in many photos. Very beautiful.

The guides kinda just rush you through. The canyon is gorgeous but I didn't get to really take it in.

So worth the distance! It was snowy, muddy and icy, but with ice cleats it was much easier. It snowed on our way back and was beautiful. Just remember the trek back is 100x harder then down. BRING Water!! There were some people in Nikes and needed to turn around at Cedar Ridge. Much advisable! It was cool to see mules taking guests and supplies up. We left around 11am and made it back around 430. Stopped several times for pictures and to catch our breath.

First time to the Grand Canyon and the views were gorgeous! Definitely would recommend microspikes for the trail right now, as it was pretty packed with snow. Took about 3hrs round trip for me to get to the three mile house and back. Stopped quite a few times on the way back up to rest + enjoy the views.

short hike very beautiful place a lot of people I enjoyed

in the beginning Annette was happy with the tour I thought that I'm going to have it's photos with actually was so fine and I enjoy it and take my good photos

Descended the Kaibab trail on January first and spent two nights at Bright Angel campground. Hiked up Bright Angel. An Amazing trip! Snowed New Years Eve so we had an absolutely beautiful setting for our trip. Train for the downhill hike as it sure kicked my............ The Ascent on the Bright Angel was gorgeous. It helped to have layers as we went from 40 degrees to 18F. Traction device for boots also helpful above Indian Gardens. We left Phantom Ranch at 10 am and most of us were out by sundown so headlamps are recommended. Some young hikers did down and up in one day stopping for a beer at Phantom Ranch! Not for the Faint! Hope to do rim to rim some day!!

A must do for any real hiker

This trail is definatley worth the hike! Our initial plan was to hike down to Cedar Ridge but after the 6 inches of snow that the Canyon received we weren't able to start our hike until later and the snow was rather loose on the steep trail. The hike to this was just beautiful! I'd do it again in a heart beat!

We did this trail yesterday. A group on their way up said it took them 5 hours to do, which was a little daunting to us at first. The descent down was a breeze. It's quite snowy, and given the snow storm that just came through today, cramp ons were/are highly advised for this. We are mountain hikers, so hiking the descent first was very abnormal to us. It was such a cool experience. The hike back up was incredibly challenging, but it was worth it!

We did this on Wednesday, January 2nd. The trail was mostly snow but not much ice. It seemed like most people stopped at Ooh Ah Point so it became noticeably less crowded the further you went down.

There are tons of great views the whole way down and they get better around every corner. It is absolutely worth going passed Cedar Ridge to Skeleton Point and I’m very glad we did. When we got there it was pretty much only us. From their you can see and hear the river.

The trail down is almost entirely on a decline so Definitely bring a hiking stick. That also means the way back is almost entirely on an incline and you will absolutely feel it. Bring lots of water and a snack.

Extremely easy trail, pretty flat, you can wear flip flops even (I did). The view is outstanding once you get there, you’ll definitely wanna bring your camera! But beware the vertigo

excellent trail with amazing views, we did it in late December, dress for cold weather, it was 8 degrees on our trip, watch for snow storms and bring crampons for the upper section. will do again soon.

Very busy over the Christmas break and somewhat challenging to access if you didn’t arrive early enough to park in the small parking lot. Very much enjoyed the views but did not enjoy the overcrowded viewpoint and trail.

One of those scenes that feel super fake. It's such a pretty sight!

As a note, please don't be one of those people that just leave your garbage in the parking lot. It looked so horrible in the parking lot.

Not as scenic and S.Kaibab but great nonetheless

The views! Wow! Definitely a good workout going up about 700 ft. bring water and much caution with little ones as the path is on a cliff the whole way to Ooh Ahh Point and further down. All worth the sweat and thin air lol!!

Hiked on 27th December with highs of 33F. Despite the weather, we got clear sunny skies and you can’t beat the views. Made it down to Skeleton Point in about 1.5 hours and back up in the same time. It was windy and cold at Skeleton Point, even though you begin to warm up as you get there. The haul back up was tough - that alone should make this hike hard, not moderate. But plenty of opportunities to stop and catch your breath. Beautiful overall - would do it again.

Not much of a challenge on this hike other than the constant incline/decline along this distance. Was deterred from going further given all the warning signs on the trail and online.

Wish we had went down to Indian Garden, given available sunlight and it was a cold day.

The best part of the hike was that it started snowing for the last .5 mile coming out onto the rim. Gorgeous sight.

STUNNING! Wonderful views along the trail. Mesmerizing to look into the canyon. Strenuous going back uphill so take it easy

Completed on 12/26. Very busy, but a great experience. Take your time coming back up, and watch for the poop!

We were very disappointed- we drove all the way only to discover that entry is limited only to guided tours and they were all sold out a few days ahead. I wish the trail description had mentioned this very important point.

This was our 2nd attempt of the day to hike below the rim (Bright Angel was too icy) so we only made it to Ooh Aah Point. Definitely a must do at the Grand Canyon - next time maybe we will make it a little further.

After watching people recklessly running down Bright Angel the day before, I wondered how comfortable I would be going down this trail with my kids. Despite starting out with quite a few switchbacks, the trail is wide and easily traversed. I have a fear of heights, but I never panicked on this trail. It's short, so it wasn't too taxing for my 8 and 10 year old kids. I would have loved to keep going on this trail, but that would have meant more staircases for the kids going back up. Great first-time way to dip your toes in the canyon.

26 days ago

So beautiful. Go at sunset for amazing colors reflected on to the canyon walls. There are a TON of tourists but if you move out to either side you can have some time to yourself. A must see in page.

THIS IS A TOURIST TRAP! It’s overcrowded and you have to stay in a group with a tour guide. The focus of the whole “tour” is what angles to take the best pictures from. Furthermore the tour guides act like you are doing them a favor and treat you as such.

1 month ago

Antelope Canyon was formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone, primarily due to flash flooding through the northern area of Arizona. Rainwater runs into the basin above the slot canyons, picking up speed and sand as it rushes into the narrow passageways. Over time the passageways have eroded away, making the corridors deeper and smoothing hard edges to form characteristic flowing shapes in the rock. The slot canyons are a popular location for photographers and sightseers and are accessible with Navajo guides only and also are a healthy source of business for the Navajo Nation as well.

Upon entering “the slots” you know you’re in for a unique experience. Weaving along twisting tunnels, the intense beams of sunlight catch your attention first. But as your eyes adjust, a different world is apparent… shadowed areas open up to reveal swirling walls carved out by years of erosive activity. Then more tunnels and more light beams… taking you into a world where your imagination prevails. Truly a mesmerizing experience... and this surrealistic pleasure is located just below the Earth’s surface!
A must-see for all curious adventurers.

1 month ago

It's a sandy incline up to the top, but there is a convenient gazebo along the way, if needed. Be careful when you arrive as there are no barriers on the rim of the overlook. However the views of the winding Colorado River 1000 ft. below are breathtaking!

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