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Just amazing and easy! Highly recommend, did the longest route.

Great hike. Fairly short. Small crowd since it was early Friday.

Busy but fun
Tough in some parts but doable

An easy in canyon walk. Very crowded but beautiful.

Great views. Worth the hike.

Great hike. Not too hard, shade, beautiful scenery.

Great hike did it
Three times in my 70s a must hike for everyone

Go early to avoid the dust and crowds

Gorgeous views. Very easy hike until the last quarter mile.

Did this hike/trail on 9/9/18.

I left the hilltop and parking area just after 7 a.m. and the forecast for the day was in the low 90’s. I never had any issues with heat as the vast majority of the trail was in the shade of the canyons. I know many people leave the hilltop in the very early morning hours, some as early as 3 a.m. or 4 a.m., however, after doing this hike, I personally don’t see a need to leave that early. Even with a headlamp, I think some safety could be compromised given the rocky and uneven terrain if one were doing it in the dark. Made it to the village in just over 3 hours at a pretty decent pace.

A couple of words of advice... I stayed at the Grand Caverns Inn and I would highly recommend getting fuel for your car before driving to the hilltop parking area as the closest gasoline is in Peach Springs (I was driving from Las Vegas so I can’t speak to those coming from the Arizona route. This is important as there is no fuel in the area or on Indian Road 18, and it’s just over 60 miles each way from the highway in so one must plan for 120 or so miles of driving to get in and out.

Also, do heed the warnings about animals in the road and on the highway, particularly at night. I came very close to hitting a large deer during my drive in on the highway just outside of Peach Springs. I also saw horses and mules on the road to the hilltop in both directions.

Some of the food shops in the village close before their posted hours, so plan on getting there early if you’re wanting to try the local, traditional food or get a hot meal.

I stayed at the lodge and it was simple and basic, but I wasn’t expecting anything grandiose. I appreciated having a bed and some a/c when it did get pretty warm in the afternoon.

There is cell signal in the village with the signal being stronger in some areas than others. I found the best reception in areas near or around the lodge. I had two phones, one Verizon and one AT&T and my Verizon phone by far had the best reception. There is also free public WiFi in the village and the signal is best near and around the lodge also. If one is staying in the campgrounds, there really is no signal but if you do have Verizon, you can get signal at the top of Havasupai Falls if needed.

Overall, a great experience! Was incredibly beautiful and I’d love to do it again sometime.

Bring lots of water. It was very sunny when we went. Great views.

I absolutely love this hike, did it my 16 yr old and 13 yr old , all made it to the top through much perseverance, it was tough but worth it

Tour bus after tour bus. Not a bad walk out and back. Dogs enjoyed being able to go with us (otherwise we wouldn't have stopped). Looks like they are constructing new trail, unfortunately doesn't look wide enough to support amount of foot traffic this trail experiences. Watch out in the parking lot since it looked like a war for people to get a spot. Worth the walk to see the bend in the river though.

Beautiful views. Easy river access along way. Dogs loved it!

Real nice! Started early...5:30 with a headlamp :) This is my fourth time to the top...and I'm FINALLY able to stay with 20 feet of the trail. lol I noticed the markings were more noticeable on the descent. I was moving really fast, and I made it up and down in just under 3 hours. Probably my favorite hike in the area,. Worth all the stars,

Beautiful scenic trail. I started at the mezcal trail head because the main trail head was way to crowded. It was a longer hike but well worth it.

beautiful as is!

Gorgeous trip. Might be obvious to some- but note that this trail starts halfway down Bright Angel, NOT at the rim.
The beach by the river was really nice, lots of fire ants though, so watch out.
The trail crosses a lot of small streams, you might get your feet wet if your shoes are not waterproof. Quite a steep incline through parts of it, others are very flat.
Took us 1.5 hours in and about 1.75 hours on the way back, with a half hour stop for lunch by the river. We were hiking at a very fast pace, chasing the sunlight.
There are places to rest in the shade. It’s worth getting all the way down there!

8 days ago

We walked the whole thing, which clocked in at more like 15 miles at the end of the day with all the lookout points and whatnot. It’s not hiking; it’s walking at a well-marked and often paved path. Stunning views. Can do all of it or any portions you want with the free shuttle situation.

started around noon and not nearly as busy (or hot) as expected especially once past ooh ah point. most of the trail is sand covered stairs, winding down the canyon wall at the start and then extending out into the middle of the canyon, which can be slippery in sections and is the only reason for not being 5 stars. views are incomparable!

One of the most amazing places I have been in my life do the back land hike if your tour guide offers

My husband and I are in our 60s and avid walkers. We did this trail round trip in an hour and 40 minutes. Goes without saying the views are magnificent. Words of advice; go as early in the day as possible, take plenty of water/salty snacks, sunscreen and pace yourself. Coming up takes twice as long. We went at 1:30 in September and were in the sun 3/4 of the time. If I could do it over I’d go first thing in the am. Also can be a little nerve wracking when you slide on sand or loose gravel as the edges are not far away and it’s a long way down!

I loved every moment of the trip. People were amazing and helpful, we started to hike around 0430 hours reached there at 1030 hours. It won’t take long if you have a day pack. But it’s not a place for day hike, you have to carry tents and all other gears to stay there. There are mule carriers that you can use to get your luggage transported to campgrounds. Beautiful places, water feels soothing, of course after that long hike you need it. Overall my experience was really awesome. Try to start as early possible in both ways to avoid heat.

10 days ago

This is a beautiful trail. I went with my mom on my birthday and there was a lot of people hiking and waiting to take pictures on the trail but it was well worth it.

It was AWESOME. The views were breathtaking. I have never hiked in this kind of altitude before and did fine. The way up took my breath away for sure...had to stop every so often to catch my breath but was fine. It took us about an hour to go down (mainly because we took. A billion photos) and only 45 to go up. Bring LOTS of water (2-3 liters) and some salty snacks. Have fun! I can’t wait to come back!

Well marked trail with beautiful vistas

Def. One of the hardest hikes of the trip! It’s not moderate! It’s hard. Once you’re on the top it requires lots of climbing to get to the top views. Is it worth it? 100%!!! The views are amazing !

Take water and snacks because you’ll def need it !

We did tour with a guide because you can’t do it without a guide. I wouldn’t call this a hike. It’s pretty time consuming due to the amount of people in group tour and picture taking time. But if your in the area this is a MUST SEE! It will take about 1.5-2 hours tour time. But it’s 100% worth it!

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