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Hiking is a misnomer for this trail as rock climbing is pretty much the theme for a long stretch of the trail. The trail started out deceptively easy and lulled you thinking it's not so difficult then after an hour into it you are suddenly facing a terrian in its most primitive form with very steep incline. bring enough water and two snacks. gloves are highly recommended

no shade
7 hours ago

Toddler alert: be prepared to carry your toddler and pass them up and down rocks near the top of the trail but totally doable with two adults.

first time on this hike and it was very fulfilling. a group of boy scouts went up around the same time and managed very well. we arrived at 6:30, park opens at 6. bring plenty of water, a flashlight for early morning, small snacks, and gloves for rock climbing. the trails are marked very lightly with either blue or white. plenty of shade for early risers. definitely going back!

Beautiful hike with views of Cathedral Rock. We were alone for most of the hike.

It’s worth going to the lookout towards Sedona. Breathtaking!

16 hours ago

Did not find it worth the hype, but pretty. water crossings mid-calve deep. Feet are swollen and angry from being soaked, in morning chilly temps.

Great hike and 360 views, a little more crowded than I’d like but great mix of scenery and views! Took our dog all the way to the top and just had to make a few big jumps!

Great trail. Heavily trafficked on a Saturday morning. Nice shade along the way. Great view at the top. Had dogs along with no problem.

18 hours ago

Beautiful views, trail is easy to follow.

This was one of the most satisfying hikes I have ever done. Start early, as it is a long one if you want to go all the way up to Flat Iron. Bring lots of water. We wish we had brought both camelbacks. Some of my best hiking pictures came from this hike. You can see at kels_marin on Instagram. We also had a helicopter fly below us when we were sitting at the top. It's not for people afraid of heights. There was a woman at the top crying because she was terrified to climb down.

1 day ago

Great hike and incredible scenery. First mile is the hardest.

1 day ago

It’s 2.2 miles from the trail head to the thumb. 4.4 miles total round trip. Great hike. The first 1.5 miles is a steep climb, but a great work out. This area has a very unquie terrain and visual look. A lot of wildflowers out today.

Great trail, definitely would recommend going from west to east for an easier walk. We came from Devil’s Bridge.

1 day ago

Sunny, few clouds, Friday 1pm 60°, medium traffic. This trail was not easy for me, had to stop on the way up (which I try not to) but a good one. Heart rate for up to 160 and legs got worked for the first 1.4 up then easier along the top also leg got negative workout on the way down. Had to use my walking stick on this one. Great views and flowers blooming with the desert landscape and big boulders. #newhikefriday #rjpathseakers

Not a difficult trail, lots of shade along the way. Beauty of a sight at the top!

Amazing trail with incredible views. Can get tricky in some spots and having shoes without grip does not help. It’s definitely doable for all ages, and easier to get down if you use your butt! Regardless, worth it for the views and exercise!

great hike, good I brought my hiking poles they really helped mostly on my way down.

Great hike! Definitely not for beginners and please don't bring your dog(s) if you plan on going all the way to the summit. Stick to the left on the way up. Views were amazing.

This was a beautiful hike. HOWEVER, before reaching the devils bridge there’s a very steep climb on rocks. VERY SCARY! I did it but I wouldn’t do it again.

Amazing view. Mentally and physically challenging but definitely worth it!!

Pretty easy hike to see something that I have only seen in many photos. Very beautiful.

Nice hike! A good leg stretch without too much drama in terms of ups and downs.

fun not too hard

3 days ago

The trail has great views of the Sedona red rocks but also of many residential structures, the City of Sedona and Hwy 89A (which can also be heard for a good stretch). It starts fairly open and halfway in it drops down to Oak Creek, where it is more wooded and nestled in Oak Creek Canyon. Couldn't cross Oak Creek due to a recent heavy rain so caught the rest of the trail from the Midgely Bridge side (where you can also start the hike, assuming Oak Creek is traversible). Would give it 5 stars if not for the street noise and urban sights.

3 days ago

AllTrails should probably update their rating system and include expert level, because this one would definitely be that. I didn’t feel this was so much a hiking trail as it was a rock climbing trail. You were using all fours for a good majority of the last mile. That being said I’m from the Midwest and am an average hiker at best and I did feel overmatched by this trail but a more experienced hiker may feel right at home. Be sure to pack water and maybe a snack or two. Also the notion that dogs are allowed on the trail is absurd. A dog can maybe handle the first mile and a half but after that it’s impossible for a dog to go on this trail.

4 days ago

This trail was so amazing. I’m new to hiking and towards the top got pretty difficult but I pushed through and the view was just stunning!

The view is amazing !

It’s so beautiful here . Different view all around you . My favorite one !

Beautiful view ! Start early to beat the crowd and watch the sunrise .

The guides kinda just rush you through. The canyon is gorgeous but I didn't get to really take it in.

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