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Awesome views and trail!

23 hours ago

Nice fairly easy hike with some uphill, this hike is mostly shaded but not completely so bring a hat and sunscreen. If you are wanting to go to the Arches keep an eye out for a trial that will ver off to the right, it is not marked and VERY EASY TO MISS!

Remember to respect the environment and leave no trace.

1 day ago

11/10/2018 Trail was nice, however, if you follow the All Trail map the path turns on a foot path that is not maintained. This was not mentioned in the reviews . Very doable easy to moderate trail and we would do it again

Easy, pretty trail! Sandy path most of the way, with few narrow spots. We didn't see any wildlife, but saw plenty of tracks!

Great hike but parking options are limited. Parking lot was full before 9am on Sunday.

A favorite spot of mine, very beautiful and lots of wildlife

3 days ago

Love this hike as well. Chicken point is amazing

Very beautiful, lots of shade and seen lots of Blue Jays

I love Boynton Canyon - beautiful red rocks and amazing positive energy throughout!

This is NOT an easy trail for mountain biking. There are a few sections that are very difficult to ride (especially when going up to Chicken Point) but it’s not that hard to walk your bike through these sections, and it’s worth it!

When you get up to Chicken Point, hang out awhile and enjoy the amazing views. You might be lucky enough to se someone riding “The White Line”. You can continue riding around back to “the Hogs” or go back down and make your first left and rip down Llama. It’s a fun trail that you can ride fast.

4 days ago

Beautiful vista at the end but this trail is much more of a moderate than an easy. There are stretches where you go up rocks on the path that could be hazardous if your footing is not good. A lot of bikes on the narrow parts of the trail make for tough going in some parts. Bring water! Budget more time than you think. Also be sure to wear a hat, as there is little shade.

6 days ago

loved this trail, though there is a lot of noise from the resort and some of the rocky areas make it more moderate than easy. great sunrise photos of color on the red rocks

Great trail! The first couple of miles are somewhat generic, but once you make it down to the creek it’s really nice.
The trail gets confusing towards the end but keep going as the waterfall all the way at the end makes it worth the trek!

It's one of the tuffer trails of fossil creek. Waterfalls are beautiful but not easily accessible. Be prepared for this one because the road is very rocky and it can hurt the legs.

Things to must have.
1. Good trekking shoes
2. Water
3. Power bars

8 days ago

Sweet trail. Good scrambles and lots of hoping around lol. Ran some, climbed some and walked most. A good wholesome trail!

Great trail! Lots of mountain bikers but we didn’t have problem and there was 4 humans and 2 dogs.

Did the loop in 2 hours, with my family. Managed a little scramble up the Bell Rock :)
Started at 1PM and still was a pleasant hike. Got lucky!
Fantastic vistas of Sedona, all the way.
Will do this again next season.

10 days ago

Pretty hike. We also did the loop around the mountain from Soldiers Pass over to the Brins Mesa trail to get more scenery. Tip: We went clockwise around and it was less steep of a climb than if we would have went counter clockwise. Parking lot at Soldiers Pass only holds 14 cars and fills up early in the AM. We had to park maybe 1/2 mile down the road away from the houses because you will get towed if you park in the neighborhood by the trail head. Brins Mesa trailhead which connects to Soldiers Pass had a bigger parking lot (we saw it as we hiked by it).
No restroom facilities at Soldiers Pass parking lot. You hike in mostly sun on these 2 trails.

This was a great trail -- just the right amount of moderate.

Just on the edge of the city - some houses visible but does not spoil the view.

Easy start -- steep uphill that affords amazing views --- southern exposure tho' - lots of sun.

I went up soldier trail -- then back by Brin and Cieoga (spellings are off in each) -- got another nice little second uphill before returning to soldiers pass parking.

Favorite in Sedona

12 days ago

I love this trail. Great birding and it’s easy to follow with enough friendly foot traffic and cell service so I don’t mind doing it alone.

Trail is not well marked on portions of the loop and I would consider those portions moderate not easy. I reached the apex of the loop but could not locate the downward path so I simply made my way back to Margs.

13 days ago

Very nice different mountain, little confusing for direction, but we make it up to the scenic view, moderate cloning, definitely worth it!

Very nice trail. We chose to make the loop from Soldier Pass Trailhead, across the Jordan Trail to the Brin's Trail, up to its intersection with Soldier Pass Trail, then back down to Soldier Pass Trailhead. Nice trails. Even saw a small herd of a dozen deer.

Easy hike with beautiful views!!

A good, easy trail that can be done in an hour with pretty views.

trail running
18 days ago

Fantastic trail and not very busy.

Great hike. the trail starts by a resort which is loud. once you're past it, the trail is beautiful.

22 days ago

Actually 9 miles including trail head. Don't do it if you aren't ready! Waterfall is fabulous. I can't wait to do it again.

on Soldier Pass Trail

22 days ago

Amazing views!

The hike is moderate/moderate.

Bring extra water, and do watch out for rattle snakes.

22 days ago

Parking info: Soldier Pass Rd. vs. Jordan Rd.
Very limited parking on Soldier Pass Rd. It was filled at 8:30 AM so we decided to go to the Jordan Rd. area which is a drive back over by uptown Sedona. What I didnt realize is that if you do that, it adds an additional 2 mile each way. From Jordan Rd. parking There are 2-3 trails that you must take first to get to Soldiers Pass trail. One is a short cut we hadnt noticed in advance. I recommend sticking with arriving early enough at the Soldiers Pass Rd. parking to get a spot. Otherwise, we liked the Brins Mesa hike best from Jordan Rd. A lot a steps tho.

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