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Good trail but no river or horses on this trail so the pictures for this trail seem misleading. Went to store for pass but pulling into trail area there was a sign that passes sold there with no further signs or anyone that sold them. The trailhead was not clearly marked so that took a while then once on trail the directional posts were either blank or did not clearly show which way to go. Lastly the trail is not being maintained so that made parts even more confusing due to the many places that were overgrown, I hope the money paid for the pass is being used appropriately. As a result of the poorly marked trail we ended up going over 3 miles versus 2.4 miles. I hope improvements can be made as I would visit this trail again.

Nice quiet trail with breath taking views of the Salt River valley and the Superstition Mountains. This is a long trail and you will need to plan to take lots of water and maybe a snack. This trail is not well marked so a GPS would be handy if you have not hiked it before. There is a fee per car to enter the park.

3 days ago

Hiked this trail today. Waterfall was nothing but a trickle. I will have to come back after a rain. Total distance to the falls from the parking area was 5.9 miles.

Beginner hiker and I made it half way in to the start of the incline. The start was easy after you get going. The desert was very peaceful and overall a pleasant hike in and out. Has some rocky points and washes to cross. Not much wildlife. Lots of cholla along the trail. A few black ant hills. Saw maybe 10 total hikers on the trail.

Great trail! We went counter-clock-wise, and were really glad we did. There are several (short) steep rocky portions that I would rather go up than come down. Great views! As others have said, there is no shade, and it is 7.7 miles. Very gradual ascent and descent, if it weren't for the length, I'd rate this as easy. Def. recommend.

nice trail for this beautiful weather! had trouble finding some of the markers, but the horse poop lead the way. ;)

Love the horses in the water staying cool

This was a 7.7 mile trail from the trailhead. I would start right and end from the left. I started to the left and it was a very easy start with a hard ending. Tons of rocks on the end of the trail.

trail running
11 days ago

I can’t imagine running it in the summer, but in November this was absolutely incredible. Not well marked, but once you look at the map closely and pay attention to where other trails intersect and divert, it’s pretty straightforward. If I would have had more time I would have done it twice. Pretty rocky in multiple spots so it makes running it difficult, but plenty of runable space. Loved this trail!

Great 7.7 Mile Hike Yesterday! The views were amazing starting Left onto Trail. If you want more of an incline workout I’m told to start Right on to Trail. $7.00 fee/bathrooms at Trailhead. Loved it!!!

Hiked this trail today. Desert was beautiful. Trail is rocky at times.

Trail is very easy and pretty well marked. Missing a few markers at the half way point which leads to some confusion. Didn’t see horses but was a great walk either way.

Good distance, not much of a challenge elevation/incline wise. The path can get a little confusing at times but is pretty easy to follow if you have your phone.

Beautiful hike. First half is easy, just stay alert to all the jumping cholla lining the trail. Second half kicks it up to a solid moderate. Good workout! Waterfall still had a trickle yesterday. A great reward of a cool, shaded area at the end. We clocked in at 6.5 miles and took us 3 1/2 hrs to complete with a 20 min rest. Dessert was gorgeously green following the wettest October on record.

Better than my last visit. Didn’t have a bunch of trash thrown and left behind by people who don’t care.
Water level was very low. Kayakers were having to get out and walk their kayaks over rocks and sand bars.

23 days ago

I’m a 60 yr old woman who works in an office all week and comes home to sit on the couch more days than not. I usually keep my hiking refrained until weekends. I hiked this trail for the first time today. I was definitely not prepared!! It was much tougher than I had anticipated (those people who say it’s easy lied!) Seriously though, this is a great hike if you want a good workout. It’s long (over 5 miles) with small areas with a bit of climbing over rocks. On my way out, I got too close to some jumping cholla. I didn’t have a stick, so I walked with them stuck in my leg for a bit until I came across another hiker with a stick. He knocked it off and is my new hero. Even though I started early, I was slow, so when the sun was out in full force, I felt it! You need sunscreen; sunglasses; a hat; and PLENTY of water!! I thought I had enough water but was “rationing” it by the time I neared the end of the Trail. Not gonna lie....this trail kicked my lazy butt!! But I just may do it again, but with a partner next time. Solo was no bueno.

Very beautiful after some rain fall.

Loved this hike and the little waterfall was cool and refreshing!

Trail needs some work. Actually 7.7 miles.

With all the zig zagging that goes on , on this Trail and when you count your steps and measure it out it's more like 11 miles rather than just six.

Incredible hike! One of the best in this area!!
It is, however, a looong 7 miles. Go up the west side first to the saddle. It tends to be a bit boring until you start up toward the saddle. The ascent is not nearly as steep as people portray it to be. The saddle is, surprisingly, rather flat at the top. Great place for a picnic or break.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to go up the west side first because the back side of the mountain has some of the most beautiful views I have seen in a long time! There are no houses or buildings in the valley there, and you will be “awed” most of the way as you encircle a great portion of the mountain from high up. The only thing you need to be careful of is that there is lots of gravel. Take a stick or pole, and of course plenty of water and a snack.
Save the best for last by going up to the saddle first and come down on the back side.

Waterfall looked nice. Not a ton of water but definitely enough to get wet!

Last whoa before hiking Grand Canyon R 2 R next weekend. Hiked both directions. .....awesome for distance!

great for extreme mountain trail riding. The optional wild horses makes it so much better.

Went there yesterday and the waterfall was flowing! It was so wonderful!

Very easy no great views of the river

This was absolutely breathe taking. Got to hike an see all the wild life up close. The the adventure we were able to make.

Pretty cool hike! The terrain was a bit rough for someone clumsy as I am haha but it was true to its moderate rating. As long as you wear good shoes you should be fine

Depending on your fitness I would rate this between easy and moderate. A few areas maybe a bit challenging to those that may be out of shape or do not maneuver well over rocky terrain. The views of the Superstitions are surreal, coming from someone who has a view of them every day. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen as most of the hike is in the direct sunlight. Take your time and enjoy the scenery. You wont be disappointed.

This is right between easy and moderate. Also, I'd give this trail 3.5 stars (if I could). Great view of the backside of The Flatiron, but the highlight is the very end of the trail. The end of the canyon is cool and green. I will definitely return after the next rain.

As an aside please read into the historical angle to this trail. There was definitely a twinge of sadness for the bitter demise of the Peralta family at the end of the trail.

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