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great views for not that much effort. enjoyable to walk around the entire summit.

7 hours ago

There is one part where it's bad, but it's the only place that it is that bad. Otherwise I was not scrambling.

This trail gets 5 stars because the views along the way and the view at the top is totally worth it - but it is definitely a difficult trail. I would consider it more rock-climbing as there are multiple places where I was crawling on my hands/knees. I took my 60 pound boxer and had to lift him up/down in a couple spots. Even if you're in shape, the elevation changes so quickly it gets hard to breathe - my suggestion is take a couple breaks along on the way up and enjoy the views!

Awesome hike up...views along the way are fantastic. We came in via Yavapai trail head and hiked Slim Shady to Templeton to get to bottom of Cathedral Rock Trail. We didn't do the Templeton loop and just backtracked so round trip it was 11km for the whole trip. Slim Shady and Templeton were easy and very few people.

2 days ago

Fantastic trail. Wife thought because distance was short it would be easy. Be prepared!

used to hike this trail in college all the time. it's one of my favorites in AZ.

3 days ago

Nice wee stroll

Hiked Granite Mtn to Little Granite Mtn this morning/afternoon with a friend and our dogs. The trail was well maintained (clean, free of waste and garbage) but difficult to find at times... The washes look very similar and we wound up getting lost a few times. It should have been about 6.5 miles round-trip, we finished at 9.3. Beautiful hike regardless through barren rocky landscape and forest. No wildlife and no other hikers seen today. The weather was beautiful and skies were clear. Remember to pack sun screen and plenty of water!

Quick easy walk with beautiful scenery...

We went 2 days ago, and it is definitely a hard trail. Some spots we were using all fours to climb. So worth it at the top. Windy and somewhat cold so bring that extra layer, hat, and gloves to keep warm.

on Cathedral Rock Trail

4 days ago

This is amazing, it took me about 1 hour to climb the view was AMAZING I really enjoyed this and I want to do this again!

5 days ago

Clearly marked trail with great views from the top. Highly recommend it!

A fun, short, but steep hike! Beautiful views at the top, my favorite vortex in Sedona!

5 days ago

Pleasantly surprised as we continued to climb. Some switchbacks but a gradual climb until the last .2. But it is an amazing hike. Once at the top, so many awesome views that are breathtaking. Once on the Mesa, it can be difficult to follow a trail since they are unmaintained. Pay close attention to where the trail ended at the top for you will need to know where to go to find your way back down. Can be difficult to find the trail going back down but so worth the climb. Tough on the knees going down.

5 days ago

Nice and easy trail. Great for all levels and a great warm-up trail before a harder hike. Amazing views going out and coming back. If you can, make sure to climb the unmaintained trail at the end to get some amazing pictures over the tree line.

Great little hike with my kiddos ! A couple hours is plenty to enjoy. I recommend.

7 days ago

Moderate hike. Awesome view. We caught sunset up there and it was beautiful!!

8 days ago

So rad! Bring some cardio to this one. Try not stopping and climbing with no hands! We did it! So can you! lol

8 days ago

Favorite trail in Sedona! Especially from the Baldwin connection.

This trail is at some places tricky, but at the end, it is breathtaking!!! Hope I can do it again!

Hard but a must see! I lost my sunglasses on the way up, when coming back it was sitting on trail rock piers! Many thanks to hike mates!

A hike with great views and too many people. Its short, but I was rushing and taking too many leaps over people that my old ankle gave out. A lesson in sprained ankle therapy.

Well designed and maintained trail. It is quite moderate in elevation gain but to a nice viewpoint at Apache Vista. For an easy but enjoyable hike try this area.


A quick hike that is worth the trip!

My favorite hike in Sedona! I’ve lived here for over 6 years and Cathedral Rock is my favorite!

Did this hike a few days ago. Beautiful views when you reach the top. Pretty exposed most of the time so try to go earlier or later in the day to avoid the sun directly beating down on you.

Really fun to scramble up and down the rock faces. Definitely recommend good, grippy hiking shoes. Beautiful views at the top.

If you don’t mind an extra three miles (~1.5 out and back) and want to avoid the crowds at the Cathedral Rock parking lot, start at the Baldwin trailhead and take Baldwin to Templeton to Cathedral Rock.

I would definitely go back without my dog. He is a tall Doberman mix and couldn’t make it up the mountain, and if you do continue once it gets steep, expect to use all 4 limbs to climb up Cathedral Rock trail. The part of the trail where it splits off into 2 different trails, still had great views though. There ended up being an easier trail we were able to take our dog on called “Easy Breezy Trail” ...this one seemed more for the mountain bikers, but it is easy for anyone not really wanting to do a steep hike. Parking was very limited. We had to wait about 10 minutes before one opened.

Nice hike through different terrains. Even got to experience a little autumn. I wouldn't qualify this hike as hard at all. Trail is well kept and easy to follow. Not too many people on a Sunday....saw maybe 10 others on the way down. I'd say around the 2 to 3 mile marker while summiting was the toughest part, which wasn't bad at all. The last 1.5 miles is kinda boring without much elevation gain but the views in the end are worth it....kinda looks like Zion. Trail at some parts is rocky so bring proper footwear. Even saw some wildlife: tarantulas and white tailed deer. If you include the Sedona lookout and Wilson Canyon lookout, it's a little over 12 miles round trip. Parking is super limited, get there early.

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