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SPECTACULAR. Great workout and phenomenal views. You gotta do it!!

1 day ago

WOW, lovely and impressive natural stone arch. Careful going up the last two stone stairways at the top, the steps are covered in dust making the slippery in places...have your hands free in case you start to fall. Don't forget the little side trail that heads back down under the Devil's Bridge, while maybe it is not as cool from below as seen from on top of it, it is worth checking out.

I really enjoyed this trail. I guess that it is too short and too little elevation gain to be rated as "hard", but I have to say that there are a few sections that are full on scrambling.....you are for sure using your hands and feet to climb up steep bedrock. (Definitely not "just" a hike.) I got to the top of the trail at sunset, which is an especially lovely time of day to view the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

Great hike, worth the long walk to trail head, took about 2 hours total

on Devils Bridge Trail

1 day ago

Started this hike from the small Mescal TH parking lot. It’s a 30 min easy hike to the Devils Bridge TH and then another 20-30 mins to the top. I started at 7am and got back to my car at 9am. That includes time at the top taking pictures and soaking it all in. I also jogged back to my car most of the way. It’s not a hard hike at all but there are parts closer to the top where it’s steep. But if you’re nervous just go slow and pay attention to where your feet are.

One of my favorites! Short and sweet if you don’t have much time but want a good workout with amazing views fast. You must climb up a portion of the trail. It’s easier than it looks. Going down is a bit harder. Just go back down on your rear end and it’s much easier. Wear shoes with excellent traction and be prepared to get your hands dirty climbing up! It can get crowded so go early.

There are a few options. If you’re not a climber, or are afraid of heights, you can stay on the first level and hike around the base. It’s very pretty and a nice hike in and of itself.

Great hike. Great view.

Worth the work! Be sure to spend time up at the top!!!

Great view!

Beautiful view, but overcrowded and totally full of trash and tour buses

Awesome hike, amazing views. Definitely worth it.

I wouldn’t recommend it for people not in good shape and comfortable climbing. And please leave you 1 year old and your dog at home. Not appropriate for canines and babies.

Breathtaking. Fun for the entire family.

Incredibly beautiful views! Tons of people were hiking this trail, some folks were on bikes, some on horseback. As you get closer to the actual bridge, you will be hiking with a lot of other people. There was a huge line and a thirty minute wait just to walk over the bridge. Also dog owners beware. I saw a lot of dogs suffering from heat exhaustion. I would not bring my dogs on this trail. And if you must, bring lotssss of water for them to drink, and to wet them down.

A bit steep for us- but even 3/4 if the way up is quite a view. I’d choose Templeton over this just because the scramble is too treacherous for me!

5 days ago

Beautiful park and trail. Agree with Hard rating, mostly boulder climbing. Make sure you have good hiking shoes and bring water and snacks.

Spectacular opportunities to hike and climb and explore in a breathtaking environment. These golden boulders invite to explore off track. Even saw a bobcat crossing my path at 10m distance. Lucky he/she was just as surprised as I was.

My favorite hike in Sedona!! Well marked trail. Breathtaking views when you arrive at the top. Can be challenging for some in a few spots.

Very pretty, but I went on a Tuesday and it was still crowded as all get out

Only thing we would do differently is go in via Chuckwagon trail instead of the road. Much of the road is dusty and traveled by jeeps and 4 wheelers. The bridge is definitely worth hiking to even though the last quarter of a mile is fairly steep and requires a little scrambling.

It was beautiful, a pretty easy walk/hike. Don't bring your dog unless you know they can handle it. There were a lot of people carrying small dogs.

8 days ago

Relatively short and for the most part easy. There's one section getting near the top where you have to scramble up the rocks. There's also a side trail where you can view the arch from underneath which as worth the extra little walk. The trail was quite crowded so if I went again I would go during the week and even earlier in the morning

on Cathedral Rock Trail

8 days ago


8 days ago

A great way to get up high quickly. The trail is pretty easy going, but currently suffers from an abundance of icy snow making things slippy!

Make sure you take a right when you get to the fork on the trail. Left for spring (top of waterfall) right for dam (bottom). Took about 7 hours pacing myself and spending time at the waterfall. Hiked in mid April and water was great!

8 days ago

I went at the end of February. Beautiful hike. Being a beginner I will say pace yourself. The way to the falls was easy but the uphill back out was rough. I was with experienced hikers though and was trying to keep up. I can't imagine doing this hike in the summer. I brought more water than I thought I'd need and almost ran out. Definitely need sturdy shoes, I wore trail runners and my toes got beat up pretty bad.

Very accessible trail that’s short. Super crowded, but it’s a nice stop if you’re in the area with great views. Probably don’t need more than 30 minutes here.

Havasu, Mooney And Beaver are all beautiful!
Definitely worth the hike.

Check out my videos of the hike and the camp ground.

Youtube account: Melissa DC Gomez

10 days ago

Easy hike, scenic views, popular spot. About 3-4 miles round trip from parking.

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